Lost Stories of the Spiral: A Wizard 10…

Are you ready for a Duelist 101 Contest with an interesting twist? Tell us some of the Lost Stories of the Spiral for a chance to win Great Prizes!

Wizard101: New Level 50 Elixir

Fast track to level 50, come take a look at this new feature!

Best Wands for Lower Level PvP

Looking to do some PvP but not sure which wand to use? Here are the best wands for lower level PvP, based on what’s actually being used in the Arena!

Test Realm: New Dropped Spells

Three New Dropped Spells are available at Loremaster in W101’s Test Realm. Get your farming gear ready Wizards!

Best Wands for Max Level PvP

What are the best wands for max level PvP? Which wands do overlords use for PvP? Let’s find out based on the wands used by 378 overlords!

Wizard101 – Brandon’s Make-…

A new Make-a-Wish quest event is in the spiral – featuring Brandon!