A Kingsisle PvP Guide to Strategy: Aggr…

Ever wonder about the basic elements of strategy in both Wizard101 and Pirate 101? Orange explains the main types of strategies present in the Arena in both Pirate 101 and Wizard 101 and which classes specialize in which strategy.

Mirage: Coming Soon to Wizard 101

A new world is coming soon to Wizard 101. Check out the latest Kingsisle Live and the first Teaser Image for the upcoming world here!

Shinobi Bundle Wizard101

Did someone say ninja turtle?! Check out the newest, ninja-tastic bundle, the Shinobi Bundle!

Happy 4th Birthday Pirate101!

Happy Birthday Pirate101! Read on to learn about this year’s celebration! Yar!

Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack (Wizard101)

Wizard101 just released yet again another Halloween theme packed this time filled with cool werewolf, new wands and a pet with a new spell item card!

Lost Stories of the Spiral Contest: Hal…

The Lost Stories of the Spiral Contest has returned along with some Great Prizes! Can you tell us some of the spooky stories lost in the depths of the Spiral?