Krampus Gold Key Challenge – Wiza…

Ready for a new challenge? Head over to fight Krampus, the new Christmas themed boss for some interesting rewards for your wizard!

12 Days of the Spiral 2016 Day 1!

It’s time for the 12 Days of the Spiral 2016! On day one, we get a free brand new permanent mount in Pirate101 and a new boss to defeat in Wizard101!

Mooshu Fishing Quest Guide – Wiza…

Having trouble with the Mooshu fishing quests? Check out this guide to learn some tricks to help complete the quest faster!

Mirage Main Quest Line Guide

In our Mirage main quest line guide you will find a list of all the quests in Mirage! You can use it to see your progress while questing.

Aegis and Indemnity in PvE – Wiza…

Let’s take a look back at the astral spells Aegis and Indemnity, to discover some of their potential uses and possible impacts on PvE.

Meretz: A New Way to Earn FREE Crowns!

Meretz is a new way to earn crowns! By excercising and meeting your daily goals, you can get the crowns you crave! Neat deal!