• Wizard101 Four Dungeons November 2014

    Learn about everything in the Wizard101 Four Dungeons update here! (November 2014, Darkmoor update)

    Wizard101 Four Dungeons November 2014
  • Wizard101 Fishing Guide

    Learn how to Fish in Wizard101. From fishing basics, to the more advanced techniques!

    Wizard101 Fishing Guide
  • Wizard101 – Khrysalis Part Two Master Guide

    The wait is over: Khrysalis Part Two is HERE!!! Find all the details about the Moon Magic Spells, Shadow Creatures, new Pets, May Cast Weapons, Crafted Gear and more right here!

    Wizard101 – Khrysalis Part Two Master Guide
  • Introducing: Duelist101 Community!

    Duelist101 Community is a place where our users can create their own blogs and much more! Ever wanted to post your own guide or chronicle? Now is your chance!

    Introducing: Duelist101 Community!
  • Duelist101: Your Portal to Pirate101 PvP

    The Duelist101 crew is thrilled to be aboard as an official fansite for Pirate101. Read more to learn about this development, the Pirate101 February newsletter, and a new Pirate101 feature – Frogfather Fridays!

    Duelist101: Your Portal to Pirate101 PvP

Pirate 101 Marleybone Part 2: Beachhead


Eric takes us through Part 2 of Marleybone – into the depths of Beachhead!

Pirate 101 Ranked PvP: Top 5 Farmable …

terror p101

Eric goes over the best farmable powers to obtain as the meta in Pirate101 starts to form for Ranked PvP!

Max Level PvP: Is the barrier to entry …

insane bolt kevin

Eric explores the barriers to entry for Max Level PvP in Wizard101 and offers some interesting suggestions to reduce them.

What If #6 – Morganthe


Morganthe is the topic of converstaion in What If #6!

Wizard101 PvP Tactics: Card Cycling


Ever wonder how the pro PvPers win? Learn a few tips to launch overwhelming 1-2-3 combination strikes in PVP.

Pirate 101: New Secret Trainers

Picture 2015-07-16 21-35-29-657

Test Realm also introduces new Secret Trainers, who can teach your pirate new Powers and Talents!