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The personalities behind the guides.

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At Duelist, everyone is an author, and most of us wear a few extra hats to keep the wheels churning. Here are just some of these sweet hats.


the crew jon shadowwalkerNick – Head Administrator

A four time Tournament winner, former Tournament Master for Wizard101Central, and a long-time guide writer for Wizard101 PvP. Nick can be found most often on his Fire wizard, or on his Witchdoctor in Pirate101. Currently working on a few new surprises.

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The Editing Team

The Crew azoresAzoresgirl – Co-Head Editor

Enjoys mid-level and high-level PvP, mostly on Death and Balance. Even though she crafts, gardens and raises PvP pets (when needed), she often jumps in a PvP match with “whatever’s in my backpack, just to see how it goes”. She is fascinated by wizardly spell mechanics and Pirate weapons. She can sometimes be found in Pirate101, berating her crew for “poor performance and shameful lack of moxy!” Oy.

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The Crew PsylentPsylent Night – Co-Head Editor

A guy who enjoys the arena and writing about it. Psylent is also an avid writer of stories. Psylent spends most of his Wizard101 time coming up with articles for the site. When you do find him in game, he’ll be spectating matches in the arena, questing with Heather Shadowslinger and Jewel Shadowcaster, and forgetting to garden or pet train.

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the crew heatherHeather Shadowslinger – Editor and Video Queen

Wizard101 player since ~April 2009 and avid PvP’er. Currently leveling my final Wizards in Khrysalis. I also have an Adept Balance Warlord and a Magus Ice Warlord. Pirate101 player since Beta. (Currently abandoned for Khrysalis) I also enjoy writing and making videos about my adventures and finds in both games. I am a huge fan of Kevin the Noob.

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the crew kenzieKenzie Rain – Editor and Duelist101 Radio Admin

I love Ice and Fire Magus and Adept in Wizard101. Currently leveling in Khrysalis. Gave Pirate101 a rest currently until I can get some of my girls leveled in Wizard101. Currently hosting Duelist101 Radio, a little break though until after the new year (2013) Jack (Jill) of all trades type girl.  I have a love for PvP and doing team Tournaments. (The Venerations).

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