Wysteria Main Quest Line Guide

This guide will help you through Wysteria! It is a really short world though, so you most probably won’t need it to keep you motivated!

Beginner Grandmaster Myth PvP Guide (1v1)

This Beginner Grandmaster Myth PvP Guide should help you if you’re just starting out, or have worked yourself into the depths of sub-privacy. Give Myth a try!

St. Patrick’s Day Boss Drops

Learn more about who you can farm during the popular week of St. Patrick’s Day in Wizard101, to get your favorite holiday themed items!

Best Energy Gear at Level 50 & 60 (Wizard101)

What’s the best energy gear at level 50 & 60? Maybe you’ve wondered due to the abundance of seeds due to membership benefits and the lack of max level wizards? Let’s take a look at your options!

Wintertusk Main Quest Line Guide (Wizard101)

Follow your progress while questing with this Wintertusk main quest line guide! Good luck questing, young wizards!

Grizzleheim Main Quest Line Guide

In this Grizzleheim Main Quest Line Guide you can find a list of every quest in Grizzleheim, organized by area. Have fun questing!

Avalon Tapestry Training Point Quest

Here’s yet another training point guide to help you reach your optimal potential! Let’s find the Tapestries in Avalon and then enjoy the story of King Artorius!

Castle Magic – Homes are Wizards Too (Part 2)

In part two of this series, Isaiah Walker looks at a more advanced portion of housing magic: magic computers! You can make your own puzzles with braziers for visitors to complete!

Avalon Training Point Quest: The Way of the Wyrd

Interested in an extra Training Point? Look no further with Misthead’s guide to one of Avalon’s hidden treasures!

Castle Magic – Homes are Wizards Too (Part 1)

Isaiah Walker from the Death’s Door community site brings us a guide on housing magic, in which he explains the basics of what is possible with housing magic.