EverClicker – An In-Depth Look at KingsIsle’s Newest Game!

EverClicker has launched worldwide – read on for our in-depth guide to get you started!

Duelist101’s 2017 Fansite Festival PvP Bash!

We’re hosting another PvP Bash for Fansite Festival – check out the details and how to snag some cool prizes!

Spring 2017 Test Realm – New Aquila Fish

New fish are heading their way into the spiral soon – check out the new Aquila Fish in the test realm!

Changes to Rasputin Encounter and Mirage

KingsIsle patched in some changes to Rasputin and the world of Mirage – come take a look!

KingsIsle’s 2016: A Look Back

With the end of year here, KingsIsle has sure done a lot in 2016! Let’s take a look back at the year of 2016 and KingsIsle!

Critical Decay – What Is It?

Take a look at the critical decay system – and learn all about it!

MIRAGE Test Realm: Pip Conversion and more!

Mirage is here! Take a look at what the Fall Update has in store!

Celestial Carpet Mount – How to Get One!

A new carpet mount is flying into Wizard101. See how you can get your hands on this Celestial Carpet!

Shinobi Bundle Wizard101

Did someone say ninja turtle?! Check out the newest, ninja-tastic bundle, the Shinobi Bundle!

Pirate101 Test Realm – Dreadnaught Turret Boss!

A new test realm hits Pirate101 – a turret boss and more! Come take a look!