Community Project: Meowiarty Archmage Gear Guide

Time for a long overdue community project where you might even win a mystery prize. Help us complete our Meowiarty Archmage Gear Guide!

Wizard101 – Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle

A brand new bundle just emerged in Wizard101, the Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle. Come check out what mysteries lie within this majestic bundle!

Introducing the Pet Talent Calculator

Introducing a brand new feature, the Pet Talent Calculator! Come learn more about this tool to start using it right away.

Member Benefit – Double Monstrology Animus

A brand new member benefit just hit the Spiral. Come read all about Double Monstrology Animus and what you can do to get the best rewards.

Picking the Locks – Sapoti

Check out the latest addition to the world of Krokotopia. Sapoti needs saving, will you help him? There are interesting rewards in it for you.

Monstrology Tips – The Germ Ghosts

Struggling to reach the highest monstrology rank possible? Look no further! The Germ Ghosts are the creatures you’re looking for.

High level Outgoing Gear Options – Wizard101

Learn about various outgoing gear options you can use for your high level wizards in Wizard101 in order to maximize your healing.

Throwback Thursday – April Fools’ Items

Yet another Throwback Thursday has hit the Crown Shop, and this time it brought all sorts of cool April Fools’ Items for your wizards!

Monstrology Creatures List #3 – Wizard101

Monstrology creatures list #3 will show you the last 5 sections of creatures you can get with Monstrology. Will you find them all?

Monstrology Creatures List #2 – Celestia to Khrysalis

Monstrology creatures list #2 will show you all monsters from Celestia to Khrysalis. Find out which creatures can be used with Monstrology!