Wizard101 Celebratory Tournament!

Do you feel like PvPing? Join in one of our tournaments on the 30th of September! Don’t feel like PvPing but want to hang out with other Duelist101 fans? No problem! You can join us for that too!

Pirate 101: New Talents and Powers Ideas

Are you ready to help Skull Island become a legitimate Republic? Read on for some ideas for some cool powers to help us along the way…with a diplomatic twist.

Easter Eggs in Marleybone – Pirate101

Don’t you just love when wizard101 and pirate101 interact with each other in some way? There are some interesting easter eggs in Marleybone!

Community Project: Meowiarty Archmage Gear Guide

Time for a long overdue community project where you might even win a mystery prize. Help us complete our Meowiarty Archmage Gear Guide!

Yaargh Matey Contest Winner’s Announcement!

The winners of our Yaargh Matey Friendship Festival Contest have been decided. Come take a look at the Winning Entries!

Pirate101: Yaargh Matey Friendship Festival Contest (CLOSED)

It’s time for a Pirate 101 Contest with some great prizes. Read on to find out how you can win!

{CLOSED}Surprise Santa Flash Contest! 3 Random Codes!

Hurry Hurry Hurry! It’s a Duelist 101 Flash Contest with 3 Lucky Winners! Are you fast enough code ninjas?

Pirate101: Puppet Plays Slay

What information has been hidden in Pirate 101’s puppet shows? Let’s find out!

Lost Stories of The Spiral: Shadows of a Dream

The Lost Story of Old Cob’s Dreams has been revealed. Come read Avery’s winning entry in Duelist 101’s Lost Stories of The Spiral: Halloween Edition! What awaits in the Shadows of a Dream?

Lost Stories of The Spiral: Song of Lightning, Dance of Rain

Taryn Spiritsmith makes her second winning appearance on the Lost Stories of The Spiral Contest! Come read Song of Lightning, Dance of Rain, the 2nd Place Winning Entry of Duelist 101’s Lost Stories of the Spiral: Halloween Edition!