Turn Based PvP Feedback

Calling all testers. Duelist101 is curious about your thoughts on the new turn based system currently in test realm. Chime in for your chance to win an awesome prize!

Duelist101 Birthday Summer Clash 2017

Summer is out and what better way to start things off than with some fun wizard101 PvP! Here at Duelist, the heat has really gotten to our heads. We want to cool off to the excitement of RNG and some PvP of course. Duelist101 will host a PvP event and everyone is invited!

New PvP Changes on The Horizon!

Some awesome PvP changes are coming to Wizard 101 soon! Curious? Read on to find out more!

Wizard101 – Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle

A brand new bundle just emerged in Wizard101, the Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle. Come check out what mysteries lie within this majestic bundle!

Monstrology Creatures List #1- Wizard City to Dragonspyre

Monstrology creatures list #1 will show you all monsters from Wizard City to Dragonspyre. Find out which creatures can be used with Monstrology!

New Professor’s Hoard Pack – Wizard101

Check out the brand new Professor’s Hoard Pack in the Crown Shop, and learn what hidden treasures lie in store for your wizards!

Picking the Locks – Verboten Mimic

Find out what is the mystery behind the new gold skeleton key boss, Mimic, and discover what rewards lie in store for you!

Spring Update Notes 2017 – Wizard101

Come check out what will soon hit the live realm for Wizard101 this Spring, with Monstrology, new school pets, new skeleton key bosses and more!

KI Live – Monstrology Sneak Peek

Read more about Monstrology and what it consists of before it hits the test realm very soon along with other neat updates!

Expansion Teaser #2- Missing Opossum Eggs?

Kingsisle has released a new trailer for the upcoming Spring 2017 update. What does Wizard 101 have in store?