Pirate101: Yaargh Matey Friendship Festival Contest (CLOSED)

It’s time for a Pirate 101 Contest with some great prizes. Read on to find out how you can win!

{CLOSED} Friendship Festival Contest

Come see how you can participate in this year’s Friendship Festival contest and possibly have a chance at different rewards.

Updates to Water Elemental(Storm)

The Storm Minion has received a number of upgrades in the latest W101 update. Come read about them here!

PvP Alert: Reshuffle Change {OUTDATED}

KI has confirmed that yet another suspected change to Reshuffle is in fact intended. Come read about it here!

Priority: A Potential Fix to the Turn System

Does the turn system in Wizard 101 have you frothing at the mouth? Come read this idea for a more competitive turn system in Ranked PvP!

Changes to Rasputin Encounter and Mirage

KingsIsle patched in some changes to Rasputin and the world of Mirage – come take a look!

Wizard101 – Mirage Master Guide

Check out everything you need to know about Wizard101 – Mirage update right here in this master guide that highlights the new changes.

New Ghulture’s Hoard Pack – Wizard101

Introducing the newest pack for Wizard101, the Ghulture’s Hoard pack! Come check out what wonders you might uncover inside.

An Introduction to Wizard101’s Housing Magic

Ever want to supersize your housing items? Find out how in this guide!

Spell Changes to Improve Class Balance!

My attempt to bring some balance to the Top Level PvP Meta while also helping schools in PvE. Come check out a comprehensive article on spell changes that I feel could benefit the game!