Updates to Water Elemental(Storm)

The Storm Minion has received a number of upgrades in the latest W101 update. Come read about them here!

Priority: A Potential Fix to the Turn System

Does the turn system in Wizard 101 have you frothing at the mouth? Come read this idea for a more competitive turn system in Ranked PvP!

Spell Changes to Improve Class Balance!

My attempt to bring some balance to the Top Level PvP Meta while also helping schools in PvE. Come check out a comprehensive article on spell changes that I feel could benefit the game!

Reshuffle Changes – RIP Jade Juju

Wizard 101’s Test Realm is here and with it, a fundamental change to Reshuffle! Is the death of Jade Juju here and how will this affect the rest of the meta?

Wizard101 – The State of PvP

While it seems PvP is never without problems, some of them have fairly easy fixes! Let’s take a look at them together!

Angels: A Guide to defeating the Angel Strategy in Ranked 1v1 PvP

Ever wonder how to defeat Angels in Ranked PvP? Duelist 101 has your complete guide to beating this hard to crack strategy.

Wizard101: Summer 2016 Update – PVP Changes

Come see what is in store for PVP!

Ice Age – The Return of Ice to Top Level PvP

Ice has risen back into the fronthold – read why, and how to fight this tricky school!

Third Arc PvP – What is the Stat Ceiling?

Duelist Author Seffus takes a look into the future, and looks at the looming crisis of PvP in the Third Arc.

Pirate 101 Ranked PvP: Top 5 Farmable Powers

Eric goes over the best farmable powers to obtain as the meta in Pirate101 starts to form for Ranked PvP!