Pirate101 Grizzly Beast Booster Pack and Tower of Moo Manchu Live!


Pirate101 releases the Tower of Moo Manchu to the live realm along with a brand new pack, the Grizzly Beast Booster Pack.

Pirate101 Summer Update: Potential Impact on PvP

Summer update banner

Eric Stormbringer theorizes how the Pirate101 Summer Update changes will be shaking up PvP.

Pirate101 First Look: Tower of Moo Manchu

Tower of Moo Manchu Banner

Eric and Leah take a quick first look through the Tower of Moo Manchu, and highlight the big obstacles on your way to the top.

P101 – May 2014 Update Master Guide


Pirate101’s May 2014 update is an extensive rework of many systems and features in the game, as well as a new non-storyline content for the advanced pet system.

Beastmaster: P101 Pet PvP Guide


An introduction to Pirate101 Pet PvP. How it works, and how you can maximize your pet domination!

Pirate 101 Power Display Upgrades

numerical 1

Pirate101 introduces new Power Card display upgrades with the newest test realm, giving players lots more information about the effects of their Powers. Read about them here!

Pirate101 Doubloons: First Look

Pirate101 doubloons banner

A first look at the new Doubloon system and a peek at some of the Doubloons.

Pirate 101 Talent Updates


Pirate101 Test Realm is open and the talent interface has changed.This article will attempt to keep readers in the know when it comes to the talent updates.

Advanced Pets: First Look! (Pirate101)


Pirate101 introduces Advanced Pets, bringing an exciting and complex new feature which is sure to add depth to gameplay. Check out this first look at how your Pirate’s Pets will bring an entirely new dimension to combat!

Pirate101 Test Opens! (Advanced Pets, Companions and More!)


Test Realm opens in Pirate101 with advanced pets, companions and more! Read on for more information.