Updates to Water Elemental(Storm)

The Storm Minion has received a number of upgrades in the latest W101 update. Come read about them here!

PvP Alert: Reshuffle Change {OUTDATED}

KI has confirmed that yet another suspected change to Reshuffle is in fact intended. Come read about it here!

Changes to Rasputin Encounter and Mirage

KingsIsle patched in some changes to Rasputin and the world of Mirage – come take a look!

Wizard101 – Mirage Master Guide

Check out everything you need to know about Wizard101 – Mirage update right here in this master guide that highlights the new changes.

New Ghulture’s Hoard Pack – Wizard101

Introducing the newest pack for Wizard101, the Ghulture’s Hoard pack! Come check out what wonders you might uncover inside.

An Introduction to Wizard101’s Housing Magic

Ever want to supersize your housing items? Find out how in this guide!

New Winter Wonder Pack in the Crown Shop!

The new Winter Wonder pack has arrived to the Spiral as part of the 12 days of the Spiral! It comes with a new mount as well as many other goodies!

Sands of Doom: A guide to defeating Grandfather Spider

Community Leader Vanessa Mythdust provides us with a 5 Round plan to defeat Grandfather Spider. Come take a look!

Mirage Pet Bosses: Roaming the Deserts

Are you a pet collector? Looking for a new challenge? Mirage has something different you can try.

Lvl 118 Spells: Mirage

Mirage’s lvl 118 spells are here! Come check them out!