Wizard101 Test Realm Summer 2017 – PvP Changes, Avalon Fishing, Chat Improvements, and More!

Test realm has hit for the summer! Come take a look at new chat improvements, new pvp changes, Avalon fishing, and much more!

New PvP Changes on The Horizon!

Some awesome PvP changes are coming to Wizard 101 soon! Curious? Read on to find out more!

Miscellaneous Updates – Spring 2017

Let’s take a look at some of the various and more interesting miscellaneous updates from the 2017 Spring update of Wizard101.

Picking the Locks – Verboten Mimic

Find out what is the mystery behind the new gold skeleton key boss, Mimic, and discover what rewards lie in store for you!

Spring 2017 Test Realm – New Aquila Fish

New fish are heading their way into the spiral soon – check out the new Aquila Fish in the test realm!

Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault – Spring Update

Spring brings new updates to Wizard101, and among them are the Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault. Learn more on what you can do with them!

Spring Update Skeleton Key Bosses 2017

With the Spring 2017 update for Wizard101 come new bosses. Read more about who are these bosses and where you can find them!

Spring Update Notes 2017 – Wizard101

Come check out what will soon hit the live realm for Wizard101 this Spring, with Monstrology, new school pets, new skeleton key bosses and more!

KI Live – Monstrology Sneak Peek

Read more about Monstrology and what it consists of before it hits the test realm very soon along with other neat updates!

Expansion Teaser #2- Missing Opossum Eggs?

Kingsisle has released a new trailer for the upcoming Spring 2017 update. What does Wizard 101 have in store?