Monstrology Bugs – Let’s find them all!

Let’s find all the remaining monstrology bugs left in the game and present them to Kingsisle, so that we can complete our tome.

Most Successful Schools in 3rd Age PvP

What schools are the most prevalent on the leaderboard at the end of the 3rd age? Which levels are the most popular? How many of them have reached their rank legitimately? Jeremy takes a look at the numbers!

Test Realm – Avalon Fishing

Avalon Fishing hits the spiral – come take a look at the 13 new fish!

Wizard101 Test Realm Summer 2017 – PvP Changes, Avalon Fishing, Chat Improvements, and More!

Test realm has hit for the summer! Come take a look at new chat improvements, new pvp changes, Avalon fishing, and much more!

Duelist101 Birthday Summer Clash 2017

Summer is out and what better way to start things off than with some fun wizard101 PvP! Here at Duelist, the heat has really gotten to our heads. We want to cool off to the excitement of RNG and some PvP of course. Duelist101 will host a PvP event and everyone is invited!

EverClicker – An In-Depth Look at KingsIsle’s Newest Game!

EverClicker has launched worldwide – read on for our in-depth guide to get you started!

Monstrology for PvPers?

Can the Monstrology system be safely integrated with PvP? Come read my ideas on how KI can make Monstrology for PvPers a reality!

Throwback Thursday – April Fools’ Items

Yet another Throwback Thursday has hit the Crown Shop, and this time it brought all sorts of cool April Fools’ Items for your wizards!

Monstrology Creatures List #3 – Wizard101

Monstrology creatures list #3 will show you the last 5 sections of creatures you can get with Monstrology. Will you find them all?

Monstrology Creatures List #2 – Celestia to Khrysalis

Monstrology creatures list #2 will show you all monsters from Celestia to Khrysalis. Find out which creatures can be used with Monstrology!