Yaargh Matey Contest Winner’s Announcement!

The winners of our Yaargh Matey Friendship Festival Contest have been decided. Come take a look at the Winning Entries!

Wizard 101: One Time Use Spell Ideas

Wizard 101 asked for some one time use spell ideas on their latest Feedback Friday. Come take a look at my ideas for this unique mechanic!

{CLOSED} Friendship Festival Contest

Come see how you can participate in this year’s Friendship Festival contest and possibly have a chance at different rewards.

Updates to Water Elemental(Storm)

The Storm Minion has received a number of upgrades in the latest W101 update. Come read about them here!

Picking the Locks – Ra

Shall we take a look at yet another skeleton key boss? Let’s take a trip to Krokotopia this time and discover Ra, a wooden skeleton key boss!

Priority: A Potential Fix to the Turn System

Does the turn system in Wizard 101 have you frothing at the mouth? Come read this idea for a more competitive turn system in Ranked PvP!

Picking the Locks – Ixcax CursedWing

Have you had a chance to check out Ixcax CursedWing yet? Check out this guide to be prepared for what you might face and what rewards lie in store!

Ways to Increase Spell Variety – Wizard101

Let’s take a look at some general ideas that might possibly introduce more spell variety and give Wizard101’s gameplay a twist!

Melee Musketeer Series Part 2: Game Plan and Match Breakdown

In part two of this Melee Musketeer series, Wolfy looks at the game plan and match breakdown for his set-up in pirate101 PvP.

Castle Magic – Homes are Wizards Too (Part 1)

Isaiah Walker from the Death’s Door community site brings us a guide on housing magic, in which he explains the basics of what is possible with housing magic.