Ways to Increase Spell Variety – Wizard101

Let’s take a look at some general ideas that might possibly introduce more spell variety and give Wizard101’s gameplay a twist!

W101 Spell Ideas: Storm- Archetype [Card Surge]

Storm rounds out the Archetype article series with it’s own unique concept. Will this Archetype help Storm surge back into the Arena? Read on to find out!

W101 Spell Ideas: Myth- Archetype [Card Petrify]

The Myth Archetype is here and puts a new spin on the myth staples of stunning and double hit. Curious? Read on to find out more!

W101 Spell Ideas: Life- Archetype [Card Invigorate]

Are you ready for some invigorating ideas Wizards? Read on to find out more about how my proposed Life Archetype will be changing up battles!

W101 Spell Ideas: Ice- Archetype [Card Freeze]

Brrrr….the Ice Archetype is here with some positively freezing effects. How will this Archetype slow down the tempo and ensure that victory does come with persistence? Read on to find out!

W101 Spell Ideas: Fire- Archetype [Card Burn]

Take a look at the Fire school’s scorching hot Archetype, focused on dealing damage and utilizing said damage as a pressure tool. Read on to find out how the Fire school is going to be turning up the heat!

W101 Spell Ideas: Death- Archetype [Card Drain]

You’ve seen the Balance school, now take a look at the Death School and it’s Archetype. Can the drain concept be pushed even further? Read on to find out!

W101 Spell Ideas: Balance- Archetype [Card Manipulation]

Come read this article for some revolutionary Wizard 101 Spell Ideas that could completely change the way you look at how to PvP in Wizard 101! First up on the list is the Balance School!

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An Introduction to Wizard101’s Housing Magic

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