Easter Eggs in Cool Ranch – Pirate101

Interested in reading about some Pirate101 Easter Eggs? In this article you can find some Easter Eggs from Cool Ranch.

12 Days of the Spiral 2016 Day 1!

It’s time for the 12 Days of the Spiral 2016! On day one, we get a free brand new permanent mount in Pirate101 and a new boss to defeat in Wizard101!

Pirate101: Puppet Plays Slay

What information has been hidden in Pirate 101’s puppet shows? Let’s find out!

Happy 4th Birthday Pirate101!

Happy Birthday Pirate101! Read on to learn about this year’s celebration! Yar!

Mid-Level Pirate101 PvP: Potential Problems and Proposals

LeahC discusses the potential issues for mid level Pirate101 PvP, and some possible solutions

Pirate101 Mechanics Quiz

Are Ye’ a Landlubber or a Salty Dog? Take this Pirate101 Quiz on Mechanics to find out!

Dog Run: Moo Manchu Tower Floor 10 Strategy

Leah does some additional testing on the Moo Manchu Tower’s top floor, and finds an even better companion than Ratbeard….Gracie Conrad?

Happy Birthday Pirate101

Jewel and the Duelist Crew wish Pirate101 a very happy second birthday!

Moo Manchu Tower Farming Event (October 17th)

On October 17th, Duelist101 invites you to farm Moo Manchu’s Tower with us! Read inside for details!

Let’s Play Favorites

Do you have a favorite school/class? See if you can pick just one of each in both Pirate and Wizard!