Picking the Locks – Captain Hockins

Meet Captain Hockins! One of the newest skeleton key bosses soon to be released in Wizard101. Read more about this interesting fella.

Picking the Locks – Verboten Mimic

Find out what is the mystery behind the new gold skeleton key boss, Mimic, and discover what rewards lie in store for you!

Spring 2017 Test Realm – New Aquila Fish

New fish are heading their way into the spiral soon – check out the new Aquila Fish in the test realm!

Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault – Spring Update

Spring brings new updates to Wizard101, and among them are the Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault. Learn more on what you can do with them!

March Test Realm- Monstrology Introductory Guide

Duelist101’s Monstrology Introduction. Learn the basics of Monstrology as we explain Wizard101’s newest hobby introduced in March 2017.

Wizard101 Teaser: Aquila Fishing

Wizard 101 has released another trailer, this time for Fishing. Come take a look!

Wizard101 Lifehacks – Part 2

In this article you can find a set of tips and tricks aka lifehacks, that can make your wizarding life much better.

How to create your own House Glitch

Want to learn more about how to decorate your castle in Wizard101? Look no further, a house glitch is the natural next step!

St. Patrick’s Day Boss Drops

Learn more about who you can farm during the popular week of St. Patrick’s Day in Wizard101, to get your favorite holiday themed items!

Dropped Mounts in the Spiral – Wizard101

Learn more about the various dropped mounts available in the Spiral in Wizard101 and help give your wizard a speed boost!