Avalon Tapestry Training Point Quest

Here’s yet another training point guide to help you reach your optimal potential! Let’s find the Tapestries in Avalon and then enjoy the story of King Artorius!

Castle Magic – Homes are Wizards Too (Part 2)

In part two of this series, Isaiah Walker looks at a more advanced portion of housing magic: magic computers! You can make your own puzzles with braziers for visitors to complete!

New Ghulture’s Hoard Pack – Wizard101

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Avalon Training Point Quest: The Way of the Wyrd

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Battle in Style – A Complete Guide to School Design Gear

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All the Zeke and Eloise quests

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Critical Decay – What Is It?

Take a look at the critical decay system – and learn all about it!

An Introduction to Wizard101’s Housing Magic

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Spell Changes to Improve Class Balance!

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Sands of Doom: A guide to defeating Grandfather Spider

Community Leader Vanessa Mythdust provides us with a 5 Round plan to defeat Grandfather Spider. Come take a look!