Mooshu Fishing Quest Guide – Wizard101

Having trouble with the Mooshu fishing quests? Check out this guide to learn some tricks to help complete the quest faster!

Dragonspyre Fishing!

Dragonspyre fishing has arrived! New spells, new fish, and new badges to get!

Advancements in Fishing – What’s Next?

What’s next for Fishing? With talks of Fishing in the Spring Update, Seffus takes a look at some of the possibilities!

Crafted Fishing Multi-Aquariums Guide

An informative guide to the recipes of each of the new multi-aquariums in the November update of Wizard101 and the pros and cons to using these tanks.

Wizard101 Fishing Luck

What is Fishing Luck? Does it work? How much do we need? Let’s figure it out! Join me as I lay out everything I know and ask for your input. After reading, you have a chance to add data! What have you noticed that you can add to the discussion?

Wizard101 Mystic Fishing Bundle

The Wizard101 Mystic Fishing Bundle finds its way to the Spiral. Check out this new fishing-specific bundle, with new pets, gear, and a new fish!

Fishing Plan (Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Stress)

Duelist101 fishing guide. Step-by-step instructions on how to catch the most fish efficiently, with minimal stress and energy consumption.

Wizard101 Magical Fishing: Phase 2

Do you see the six fish in this picture? I tell about my latest Fishing Expeditions and give the tips I found along the way. Do you know more than we do? Please share your tips in the comments if we have failed to mention them in any of our Magical Fishing posts.

Community Roundup: Fishing!

Today’s Community Roundup features many of the latest fishing posts from the community section. Take a look!

9-1/2 Hours of Magical Fishing in Wizard101

Heather Shadowslinger goes on a marathon Magical Fishing expedition with a little help from her YouTube friends!