A Complete Guide to Training Points (TPS)

Duelist 101 provides a Complete, Updated List of all the Training Points available in game and how you can get them. Prepare yourself for the upcoming meta shift today!

Wintertusk Main Quest Line Guide (Wizard101)

Follow your progress while questing with this Wintertusk main quest line guide! Good luck questing, young wizards!

Grizzleheim Main Quest Line Guide

In this Grizzleheim Main Quest Line Guide you can find a list of every quest in Grizzleheim, organized by area. Have fun questing!

Avalon Tapestry Training Point Quest

Here’s yet another training point guide to help you reach your optimal potential! Let’s find the Tapestries in Avalon and then enjoy the story of King Artorius!

All the Zeke and Eloise quests

Have you done all the Zeke and Eloise quests in the Spiral? There happen to be quite a few! Get all your training points to train some fancy new spells!

Sands of Doom: A guide to defeating Grandfather Spider

Community Leader Vanessa Mythdust provides us with a 5 Round plan to defeat Grandfather Spider. Come take a look!

Avalon Zeke Training Point Quest: The Crows

The Avalon Zeke Training Point Quest will require you to find 9 cute little black crows which are nearly invisible due to their color and size. Good luck!

Mirage: Cavern of the Wyrm Guide (Morse Code Puzzle)

There’s this interesting morse code puzzle in the Caterwaul Canyons in Mirage, which you have to complete to make a cheating boss spawn. Let’s learn more about that, shall we?

Mirage Main Quest Line Guide

In our Mirage main quest line guide you will find a list of all the quests in Mirage! You can use it to see your progress while questing.

Wintertusk Zeke Training Point Quest: The Troggs

The Wintertusk Zeke Training Point Quest is one of the easier ones. The only trogg that requires entering a dungeon is the final one in Nastrond. Good luck!