Craft Pigsie, Angry Snowpig and Ninja Piglets

You can now craft Pigsie, Angry Snowpigs and Ninja Piglets in test realm! The ingredients are a little problematic at this point, but we’ll keep you updated when we find out more!

Empyrea Crafting Quest: Revered Crafting

There is a new crafting quest in Empyrea! Among other things, it requires you to go fishing and do the silver chests you can find in Empyrea. Challenging to say the least!

Reagents Worth Collecting: A Hoarder’s List

Which reagents are rare? What could you start to collect for further use — or just to admire? Let’s take a look at a hoarder’s list!

Crafted Khrysalis Wands

Time for a new wand! Have you considered the Khrysalis crafted wands? Let’s take a look at their looks and crafting ingredients.

Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault – Spring Update

Spring brings new updates to Wizard101, and among them are the Monstrodome and the Jewel Vault. Learn more on what you can do with them!

New Legendary Weapons Crafted in Mirage

Come see the new Legendary crafted weapons in Wizard 101’s Mirage Test Realm!

School Specific Crafted Mounts

Here are some tips on where to get the reagents needed for the school specific crafted mounts!

Wizard101 Jewel Crafting

A sparkling overview of the new Wizard101 Jewel Crafting

Wizard101 Metal Reagent Location Guide

A guide to finding Wizard101 Metal for Jewelcrafting! Ore types and locations.

Cool Crafted Wands from Celestia

Nora Misthead and Wolf Fairyforge details some of the crafted wands from Celestia!