Critical Decay – What Is It?

Take a look at the critical decay system – and learn all about it!

Spell Changes to Improve Class Balance!

My attempt to bring some balance to the Top Level PvP Meta while also helping schools in PvE. Come check out a comprehensive article on spell changes that I feel could benefit the game!

Aegis and Indemnity in PvE – Wizard101

Let’s take a look back at the astral spells Aegis and Indemnity, to discover some of their potential uses and possible impacts on PvE.

Lvl 118 Spells: Mirage

Mirage’s lvl 118 spells are here! Come check them out!

Wizard101 Immortal’s Lore Pack

Wizard101 Immortal’s Lore Pack has arrived with three brand new spells and many other goodies! Find out here what you can expect from it!

Wizard 101: New Dropped Spells

Three New Dropped Spells are available at Loremaster and Grady in W101’s Test Realm. Get your farming gear and reagents ready Wizards!

Shadow Creatures: New Mechanics

In the Test realm a quiet change has come to Shadow Creatures. A change that could make them viable in Max Level PvP!

Wizard101: New level 110 Astral Spells

9 New spells, come check them out!

2nd Gen Shadow Enhanced Spells Review: 1v1 PvP and PvE

Eric Stormbringer weighs the new shadow enhanced spells in 1v1 PvP and PvE.

Shifting Shadows: A Crash Course on the Shadow Infused Spells

Mismagically gives us a crash course on the W101 Shadow Spells and their use in PvP!