Expansion Teaser #2- Missing Opossum Eggs?

Kingsisle has released a new trailer for the upcoming Spring 2017 update. What does Wizard 101 have in store?

Pirate101: Puppet Plays Slay

What information has been hidden in Pirate 101’s puppet shows? Let’s find out!

Community Duels #3: Angel Duels and Equinox

Community Duels features duel videos from our Community. This time, Angel Duels duels a Grand Balance, while Gavin of Equinox continues his Road to Warlord.

Wizard101 Castle Darkmoor Graveyard Solo

Patrick successfully solo runs the Wizard101 Darkmoor Graveyard, complete with videos, gear, decks, and strategy.

Community Duels #1: Angel Duels (Ice vs Ice 1v1)

Community Duels highlights PvP match videos submitted by our Community members. Today, Angel of Angel Duels takes on a Grandmaster Ice Warlord.

Pirate101 PvP Commentaries #4: Swashbuckler Throwdown!

In today’s episode of Pirate101 PvP Commentaries, Technomage throws down in Swash vs Swash against Merciless Jeremy Nichols.

Wizard101 Birthday Tournament Final Rounds

The Woodwalker (a.k.a. theonlyone522 or Gorman Legendstone) played in the Top Level Birthday Tournament. Watch the matches here!

Pirate101 PvP Commentaries #3: Doctor Visits with Chidz Hustle

Merciless Jean Percy shows us a live commentary of his Witchdoctor taking on fearsome Swashbuckler Juan.

Duelist101 and the Ice Bucket Challenge! (Wizard101)

Duelist101’s Heather Shadowslinger and Kevin the Noob were both tagged for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Check out their fun videos, see how they hold up and then learn more about ALS!

Pirate101 PvP Commentaries #2: Summer Laddering with Technomage Pt 2!

Pirate101 PvP’er Technomage is taking on the P101C Summer Ladder. Today, a Musketeer vs Buccaneer live commentary!