Community Duels #3: Angel Duels and Equinox

Community Duels features duel videos from our Community. This time, Angel Duels duels a Grand Balance, while Gavin of Equinox continues his Road to Warlord.

Wizard101 Castle Darkmoor Graveyard Solo

Patrick successfully solo runs the Wizard101 Darkmoor Graveyard, complete with videos, gear, decks, and strategy.

Wizard101 Birthday Tournament Final Rounds

The Woodwalker (a.k.a. theonlyone522 or Gorman Legendstone) played in the Top Level Birthday Tournament. Watch the matches here!

Wizard101 PvP Brain Stew #7

More Brain Stew! We’re back with our Adept 2v2 Fire/Balance team. This time we face opponents that are ~20 levels higher than us. Yikes!

Wizard101 PvP Brain Stew #6

Brain Stew Shadowslinger Style has returned. Check out what Heather and Oran are up to now!

Wizard101 Tymen Whiteflame

Tymen Whiteflame is a CHEATER! Read to find out what to expect during the fight and watch how I defeated him.

Wizard101 Watch Dorian Brighteyes Fly!!!

Watch Dorian Brighteyes ride the Dragonfly to destroy the hive gate. This cutscene event in Wizard101 is one of many. What is your favorite(s)?

Insanity Part Deux: Storm PvP (Insane Bolt)

My insanity continues with the first set of results. Find out what happened in my first 20 matches using Insane Bolt as my main method of attack.

Wizard101 Khrysanthemum Guide (Eloise Merryweather Quest)

Eloise Merryweather has a Training Point with your name on it!! Find the Khrysanthamums in Khrysalis and it is yours.This guide provides all 5 locations. Yippee!!

Wizard101 Khryckets Guide (Khrysalis Zeke Quest)

Gumshoes alert! This is your guide to the Khrysalis Khryckets! Zeke is at it again and cannot find the Khryckets. Luckily, he has a training point ready.