• This is just sso that I can hopefully make a couple people laugh (and possibly some cringe) at my amazing puns.


    Some people really need to just chill

    My strategy is just too cool for this […]

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  • Hello everyone! Today is a very special day. In honor of 20 whole chapters of Spiraling into Shadow, I’m doing something a little different: a Q&A! To kick things off, I asked my buddy and Duelist e […]

    • Oh, #5 is such a misthead question :p

      On a curious note, who’s your favorite character you’ve added? Whether it’s their attitude or skill set, what attracts you to them? Are there characters you’ve based on yourself or friends?

      • My favorite character? Yeah, that goes to Grandfather Spider. As for why… look forward to that soon. 😉

        Like I said in the article, yes, James is based off of me. Paige was the avatar my older sister used during her brief time with the games years and years ago. Travis was a short attempt at starting a Myth account, but eventually I just stopped playing as him. I dunno, I guess I just really wasn’t into the game at the time.
        Katie was based off an old (online) friend of mine, one I would play the game with for hours on end. She really was one of my closest friends growing up, even though I didn’t even know her real name. I’m pretty sure she’s deleted her account by now, though. 🙁

        Also, Isaac Jadebreeze in Chapter 12 was based off my old friend’s avatar. He was the one who got me into the game in the first place; although he doesn’t play anymore, he still deserved a shoutout.

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          Only after commenting on your article I realized my blindness: James is your protagonist, named after your Life wizard. I hoped this would go unnoticed, but oh well.

          Great job drawing on characters from your past, did you give them a personality of their own -unique to the character- or did you draw from your friends?

          • Paige’s personality is indeed based off my older sister’s. Even more so as the story unfolds, as you’ll soon see… eventually. No spoilers.

            Regarding James, the “happy” personality he supposedly had prior to Katie’s murder is taken directly from my time in the Spiral. Regardless of who I’m talking to, I always try to put smiles on people’s faces, whether it be through heals, wittiness, or just general warmth. Katie was the same way, which was one of the reasons why we got along so well for so many years. While frustration and cynicism bogged me down more times than I can count, it also allowed me to grow as a person… I plan on continuing to reflect that maturity as James continues to grow throughout the story.

            Travis was initially just going to be the happy-go-lucky optimist, a foil to James’s hardened cynicism. However, as James moved on and got back into his sassy groove, Travis grew to be a little wiser himself, as is evident in these past few chapters. You’ll definitely see more of his wisdom later on.

    • Similar to Dawny’s question actually.. I get that James is you, but who are Travis and Paige? Are they based on anyone?

      • Similar to Dawny’s answer… XD

        Paige Icebreeze was the avatar my older sister used when she played Wizard101 years and years ago. Travis was an avatar I created when I opted to try out Myth, but really didn’t find my groove.

  • This wasn’t the first time Spider had visited James in his dreams.
    They could only meet here, of course; what would the Arcanum think if their newest prodigy was in contact with the enemy? The thought made th […]

  • “Ironhammer!”
    “…Hello to you too.”
    “Is this your doing?!”
    “Is what my doing?”
    “Don’t play dumb with me, Travis. Just this morning I checked my book reserves and found all the titles of the Song of Creatio […]

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  • “Well, if it isn’t Travis Ironhammer. What brings you here today?”
    “Good evening, Mr. Drake. I actually came on an errand from Baba Yaga.”
    “Oh, really? Pray tell, what might she want?”
    “Well, first she wan […]

  • The Thamaturge sat in the plush red armchair, taking in her surroundings. The house was small, but it was quaint—a humble abode for a humble woman. Paige smiled; she could definitely see herself living in a p […]

    TIME: ???
    JAMES EARTHWALKER and MELLORI enter the North Time Dunes. They take note of a shadowy hooded figure leaning on his cane in the distance—GRANDFATHER SPIDER. He watches th […]

  • As you may know, the annual Wizard101 friendship festival has just passed us by. Recently I posted a throwback link to “How to Vent in PvP (Without Hurthing Yourself or Others)” on my Twitter and I was surprised […]

    • What an awesome and thorough article! I love your sense of humor 🙂

    • This was a fantastic article. I hope more Wizards take what you have to say to heart. <3

    • @nerdenthusiast Thank you! 🙂 Same here- I’ve been playing for a long time and I feel like the atmosphere in the arena has gotten worse. [Sometimes I take loooooong breaks from pvp because I really can only take so much bad sportsmanship aka verbal grossness (on both sides).] Truly my wish is that people would learn to relax, have fun, and just be nicer to each other!

    • I like you chatting about having good sportsmanship in the arena! 🙂 I’m not much of a sportsman lol. 🙂 I’m too optimistic with myself & laugh like insane guy when I keep beating them!!! 😉 Also saying ROFL after gg would also be rude!

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    “…Are we sure about all this?”
    The three wizards sat down on the murky ground, their breaths visible in the frigid air. The Hive clicked and clattered with an almost mechanical buzz, gigant […]

  • Paige didn’t quite understand why James loved Shadow so much. But then again, she kind of did.
    She vaguely remembered that when James was little, he would constantly get picked on by older kids for being di […]

  • The winds howled as two figures emerged from the Chronoverge portal. From beneath their hoods they saw the unconscious husks of 3 twisted figures: a mangled skeleton, a pitch-black dragon, and a shadowy Cyclops, […]

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  • In this guide, we will cover how I made it to the rank I am, and how I am going to achieve warlord. This guide will cost allot of money, time, and crafting. If you want, and I’d highly recommend it, buy the lvl 50 […]

  • Remember this?

    I remember when the Bazaar was first added. Pets were there. It was so cool, everyone had access to a great and cool pet, as long as they were available in the Bazaar. Discovering new pets was so […]

    • I wasn’t around yet, when pets were still in the Bazaar. I think it would be nice to at least allow untrained first generation pets to be sold in the Bazaar. That way dropped pets would be more widely available. I do understand why they removed it for trained pets though.

    • They removed the from the bazaar before they added pet training into the game. I think pets and mounts are their biggest cash cows, so I see why they removed them now.

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