• These are the spells of the school I created a couple posts back. I only have main trainer and quest reward spells so far.

    1: Glass Hammer- 65-105 r damage [trainable]

    Enrollment: Illusion- stun target for 1 […]

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  • Gavin Quick wrote a new post, He’s Back!, on the site Equinox 2 weeks ago

    Duelist101’s crime fighting vigilante is back! Check out the new Krokomummy post!

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    One of my favorite spells to use in Magus Death PvP is Death Bat. For only 1 pip I am able to remove three shields. Shield stackers are more common than I thought in the arena, and this helps get the job […]

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  • This a very short concise post meant to be notes for ideas that I might forget. These ideas aren’t perfect, so it will be awesome if other people read these spells and critic it. I didn’t add damage into the ideas […]

    • Interesting ideas! I have a few comments-

      Leafstorm: I don’t feel like there is any need to make this spell no-pvp. I also feel like Unicorn Way is too low of a place to be able to farm this. Can you imaging a level 5 wizard having this spell? Somewhere in mooshu would be better.

      Monster Mash: I know you said the damage would be nerfed, but it would need to be SERIOUSLY nerfed.

      Myth Imp: This spell is the bane of my existence (I main a life wizard), but I love the idea where you can buy it with a lot of arena tickets.

      Mithraya’s Blessing: I don’t feel like you need to punish the caster. The 6 pips requirement more than enough balances the cleanse, especially when it doesn’t cleanse dispels.

      I still love the ideas. I can’t wait to see what else you create in the future!

      • I overnerfed a lot of my ideas on purpose because I feared of them being too op. I seen spells like loremaster, death knight, and burning rampage completely change schools abilities in Pvp or PvE(death knight in PvE)…
        Leafstorm: I feared kingsisle had reasons they never put in a life aoe hit into the game so I put a no pvp marking (I updated my post on my thoughts about it ^^^). Probably because they thought unicorn would be a substitute for it. Eh… the only reason I put unicorn way on that list was because it fit that life school vibe. Your completely right on that… I was being super biased on the area.
        Monster Mash: Yep damage has to be completely nerfed… pretty straight forward here
        Myth Imp: considering dropped versions of the spell have 100 lower damage than the gear/pet/jewel version … its very low damage for a myth spell for 5 pips. I can understand why you feel that way though. I only started considering this because Kingsisle is considering to nerf dispel spamming with dispel shields. If dispel shields won’t happen, I won’t consider this spell at all.
        Mithraya’s Blessing: I overnerfed this because I wanted this spell to be situational for team pvp usage. I rather not have this spell used frequently because even spells like earthquake have cons… but yeah getting rid of the consequences on the caster still makes it viable.

  • I decided to create another primary school for Wizard101. It’s called the School of Reflection. Here is some background on the class:

    Since Light Magic is too powerful for most wizards, Reflection Magic was […]

  • If you haven’t read the other posts on my Arc 2, I suggest you do before reading this post.

    When you are around level 79 (if you just do the main quests), the penguin rebels you are helping finally found out t […]

  • If you haven’t read the other posts on my Arc 2, I suggest you do before reading this post.

    These are the companions that can be promoted in levels 71-80:

    Level 73:

    Monkey King: Upon promotion obtains 1 […]

  • If you haven’t read the other posts on my Arc 2, I suggest you do before reading this post.

    Polaris will have one skyway named the Kataba Skyway. It consists of three islands, one stormgate, one vortex, one […]

  • If you haven’t read the other posts on this topic, I suggest you should.

    These are the new companons pirates will get in Polaris.

    All Classes:

    All Classes will receive a musketeer companion named Chris K […]

  • If you haven’t read the other two posts, I suggest you should.

    With all new level cap expansions there are new abilities. Here are the abilities each class learns from the Book 16 update (levels 7 […]

  • After Phule takes Kane’s map, your Pirate has to go to Polaris to find out why Phule wants to go to El Dorado.

    There will be 3 Chapters
    The level cap will be raised to level 80
    Each class gets new a […]

  • Here is my idea:

    After the defeat of Kane, Phule takes the opportunity to take Kane’s map to El Dorado. The plot of the Arc is to find Phule, and learn how to get to El Dorado.

    But that’s not all… […]

  • Honorary Mention: Outer Yard (Avalon) [Because of the Practice Arena it has]

    10. Cyclops Lane (Wizard City)

    9. Hrundle Fjord (Grizzleheim/Wintertusk)

    8. Ravenwood (Wizard City)

    7. Garden of Hes […]

  • At one point I was dumb enough to try and manage four blogs at once! All this content and future content that is/will be on this blog will be moved over to my main blog Equinox in the following days.

    Have a nice day!

  • If you have no idea what this is, check out the first post on the Shaman concept class:  http://www.duelist101.com/community/equinox/shaman-class-overview-repost/

    Bison Shaman (Tier B)

    How could I r […]

  • Gavin Quick wrote a new post, It’s Finally Here!, on the site Equinox 3 weeks ago

    I finally did my first magus death pvp match! Check out my new site: http://www.duelist101.com/community/krokomummypvp/.

    When I get a game recording software I’ll put out Krokomummy videos!

    As for content […]

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