The Spiral Notebook, Entry One: Mellori

October 9, 2017 in Most Recent

Greetings, everyone! James Earthwalker here. This is the start of a brand-new series I’m calling “The Spiral Notebook.” These entries will serve mainly as opinion pieces, discussions of notable things within this fantastical world we call the Spiral. I hope you enjoy!

(For the record, this is actually an article I wrote over a week ago. I just edited the preface so I can build off of it in my next piece. 🙂 )

To kick this series off, I’d like to discuss perhaps one of the most controversial characters of the third arc. Yep, I’m talking about Mellori.



Mellori is perhaps one of the most relatable NPCs in any game I have come across. Yes, that includes Sans from Undertale. Yes, that includes Elizabeth from Bioshock. As a writer, I can say that she is written so darn well compared to all the people you ever come across throughout your adventures in the Spiral. The thing is, though, a lot of people don’t feel the same way; in fact, there’s actually quite a lot of animosity surrounding her. Allow me to talk through what it is about her I love so much, and why, although I respect your negative opinion of her, I would say you’ve got her all wrong.


Article #1: Her Story Arc(anum)

-Insert Frozen reference here-

When you first meet Mellori, she’s lived a relatively sheltered life. Raised by Baba Yaga, she’s quite excited to meet a new face and decides to aid you on your quest to right the wrongs of the Spiral. While incredibly frustrated that Baba Yaga won’t let her go to the Arcanum, after saving Polaris from the Rat she finds solace in learning at Ravenwood, where she quickly becomes a close ally of Merle Ambrose – an ally that, according to him, is also “quite talented.” After bringing to light (heh) information about the Cabal and its shady (double heh) dealings with Grandfather Spider, Mellori jumps at the opportunity to go adventuring with you again, accompanying you to right the Sands of Time and eventually confront Grandfather Spider himself. And then, things get… interesting.

-Insert DBZ reference here-

So, you ordered a plot twist? Here ya go, fresh off the storytelling grill – Mellori is actually Grandmother Raven’s daughter! When she realizes that you don’t have it in you to put down Spider for good, she rushes in, hoping to end things once and for all… and subsequently gets her rear handed to her. You end Mirage with Grandfather Spider abducting Mellori, the former overjoyed at finally “finding the key to his Heart” (implied the Chaos Heart, read this article for more info on the lore). With that, as you finally reclaim the Eye of History, you feel a sense of relief that you’ve kept time flowing normally, but also… “a profound sadness.”


Article #2: Why is Mellori So Divisive?

To summarize some widely held sentiments in roughly ten words: Mellori comes off as a bit of a brat sometimes. She’s constantly trying to crack jokes, act all smug, and even tells the Wizard at points how much she enjoys hanging out with him/her. Also, when put on the spot, as was the case in Mirage, she’ll rush into things headfirst without much regard for a plan… or thinking things through, for that matter. Also… that expression. What is up with that expression. Like, seriously, Kingsisle, do you not know what a shocked expression is?





Article #3: Why I Love Mellori

When I first started playing this game back in 2009, I was probably the most ignorant, hard-headed wizard out there. For the first 50 levels of the game (the first 2-3 years of playing it, if I’m gonna be honest) I didn’t know squat about squat. I mean, I would farm the Bazaar to get the gear with the absolute highest HP boosts possible. …Yeah, you heard me right; I didn’t need resist, damage, or any of that crud, Health Points was where it was AT! Also… I may or may not have also had some… questionable fashion choices.

Yeah. These are my default robes. I’m a mother-lovin’ pumpkin. I have to live with these for the rest of my life.



Article #4: Why I REALLY Love Mellori

*Ahem* Sorry, got off on a bit of a tangent there… anyway, what was I saying? Oh, right! Why I love Mellori. I’ll just… get back to that…

“I remember when you first set out for Unicorn Way, bright-eyed and brimming with potential. Seems like just yesterday.” – Merle Ambrose




Mellori to me is a perfect representation of the Wizard you once were when you first started this journey. She doesn’t have the (literal) worlds of experience you’ve earned, nor the magical prowess you’ve honed over the course of your adventure. She’s cocky, but rightfully so; after all, she is just a rookie. How perfect it is that you find her right after graduating from Ravenwood, then, don’t you think? She’s a reminder of your roots, both as a Wizard and as a player – she relishes in exploring the Spiral, wide-eyed and eager to make memories, but she also knows she has you to thank for it. Call me crazy, but she makes escort missions feel worth it.






In the end, Wizard101 is not just a game. It’s an experience. Throughout my time in the Spiral, I’ve learned that these experiences are best shared with friends; I’m glad to consider Mellori as one.

…Also, “Mellori” roughly translates to “Little Raven” in Latin. So… yeah. Mind blown.

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  1. I love Mellori too 🙂 Her attitude is great!

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