Exalted+ Life Team PvP Healer Set-Up

So instead of focusing on my Death Wizard I’ll PvP on my main wizard, my Life.

I came up with a set-up that should work in 2v2s (and 3v3s and 4v4s, but those matches aren’t as common anyway). I based it off healers from other MMOs- lot’s of healing but also lots of crowd control.

So before I show my pictures, here’s a disclaimer. My set-up is far from perfect. I’m not max level so I don’t have the best spells for it yet, and I don’t have the best gear yet due to not having a membership at the moment. I will tell you better replacements than what I have, however.

So here are my stats. I feel like the only 2 weaknesses of this build are the low power pip chance and lack of resistance. I don’t have jewels in yet, but when I do it should increase both of these.  High outgoing healing is a must, but you can’t focus on just that. That was a mistake I first made and I had an outgoing of around 125%, but no other stats.

So now my gear. I don’t have jewels in yet.

For my hat I have the Darkmoor hat. I don’t think I have to go in depth on this.

While trying to get Pigsie (in which I did not succeed), I got this. Very defensive robe, and gives me more outgoing as well.

Until I get new boots, I’m sticking with these. It increases my accuracy and outgoing healing.

I love this wand. 25% outgoing healing! This wand is a must!

Don’t use this. I’m close to getting the Cosmic Kris, and I’ll be using that instead.

Until I get the exalted amulet, the normal one will have to do. This amulet is where I get my crowd control. I’ll explain more about how to use it when I get to my deck.

I got this for the outgoing healing, but the other stats don’t hurt.

I use this mount because it’s the only mount with stats that I have (and I’m not going to farm/buy another mount with real money just for a 2% boost). The best mount to use is the Mammoth Mini, but it’s not necessary.

I use this deck obviously for the extra pip.

And when I PvP I like to use a transformation because it hides what mastery amulet I’m wearing.

Why didn’t I show my pet? Because it’s not finished, and it’s not worth showing an unfinished pet. I have bought a lot of areas with crowns, an Mirror Lake happens to be one of them, so I’ll try to finish sooner than later.

So onto my deck:

So the point of my deck is to a lot of healing, but also being able to stun and weaken my opponents. I can also deal a little bit of damage if I need to.

So only being level 104, I don’t have radical and epic. If you have these, replace Primordial and Colossal with them.

Due to not being lucky, I don’t have Pigsie, but if you do, replace 3 unicorns with Pigsie and put the rest of your Pigsies in.

With a Myth mastery, I can stun (Medusa and Myth Banshee) and remove charms/wards (Earthquake, Aftershock, and Shatter). I also have 2 Time of Legends if I need to replace a bubble and Sanctuary is either not showing or shouldn’t be used.

I have Minor Blessings in their to get off dispels and weaknesses, and 2 Greenoaks if I’m going to hit and want to debuff the enemy.

So there is my set-up. It’s nowhere near perfect, but with the limited amounts of things I can do to upgrade it, it works very well.

School of Reflection Spells

These are the spells of the school I created a couple posts back. I only have main trainer and quest reward spells so far.

1: Glass Hammer- 65-105 r damage [trainable]

Enrollment: Illusion- stun target for 1 rd.

5: Pack of Shards- 160-200 r damage [trainable]

7: Reflect- reflect 25% of next incoming damage spell back to caster (self only)

8: Intercept- caster intercepts 25% of target’s next incoming damage spell [trainable]

10: Mirror Gremlin- 245-305 r damage [trainable]

End of Wizard City: Prism- convert any school’s damage into opposite (reflection damage converts to death, and balance damage converts into either life, myth, or death)

12: Reflection Blade- +30% to next outgoing r damage spell

16: Reflection Trap- +30% to next incoming r damage spell [trainable]

End of Krokosphinx: No Spell Earned

18: Mirror Image- summon minion of reflection (duplicate)

End of Krokotopia: Mirror Shield- -35% to next incoming damage spell, -45% accuracy to whoever breaks the shield

22: Battle Angel- 350-400 r damage [trainable]

26: Light Field- -20% incoming damage (global) [trainable]

28: Repel- reflect 50% of next incoming damage spell back to caster (self only)

End of Marleybone: Refract- reflect 25% of next incoming healing spell back to caster

33: Glass Owl- 440-500 r damage [trainable]

35: Gemini- x2 -35% to next incoming damage spell, -45% accuracy to whoever breaks the shield

38: Light-Speed- 330 r damage to all enemies, steal 1 positive ward from any opponent [trainable in Arcanum only]

42: Mirror Man- 520-600 r damage [trainable]

48: Blood(y) Mary- 630-695 r damage + reflect 25% of next incoming damage spell back to caster (to all allies) [trainable in Arcanum only]

55: Mirage- +1,000 healing, in 3 rounds the amount of healing received is removed.

58: Hourglass- 550-610 r damage to all enemies+ all positive wards or all positive charms removed to all enemies

68: Wormhole- 780-830 r damage + caster absorbs all damage for 1 rd.

72: Smoke and Mirrors- -30% accuracy to all enemies + reflect 25% of next incoming damage spell back to caster (to all allies)

75: Energized Repel- reflect 90% of next incoming damage spell back to caster (self only)

88: Reflectosaurus- 980-1,190 r damage + stun enemy for 1 rd.

Beginning of Khrysalis: King Artorious- 725 r damage + -15% incoming damage (global) +10 glass piercing

Darkmoor: Mirror Monster- 970-1,100 r damage + dispel next outgoing spell

108: Glass Cannon- 1,000 r damage + 100 r damage per different positive ward on + removes all positive wards on caster

118: Luster Bunnies- 990 r damage divided to all enemies

School of Reflection

I decided to create another primary school for Wizard101. It’s called the School of Reflection. Here is some background on the class:

Since Light Magic is too powerful for most wizards, Reflection Magic was created as the closest thing to it. Practitioners of Reflection Magic, known as Luxamancers, are clever and deceitful, yet friendly and seem familiar. They believe that their opponents’ strength can also be a weakness, and learn to use their power against them. However, just like glass, Luxamancers are fragile, and if someone gets through their defenses it is easy to defeat them. Their colors are a translucent blue and silver, and their gemstone is silver.

Reflection Magic lies next to Life between Fire and Storm, as Reflections are simply copies of life.

The Reflection School will train it’s students to ‘reflect’ their opponent’s spells back at them, as well as create reflections of themselves, which can help them in battle.

Reflection Spells will be the next post on this topic!


Ending of Book 16 (Gavin’s Arc 2)

If you haven’t read the other posts on my Arc 2, I suggest you do before reading this post.

When you are around level 79 (if you just do the main quests), the penguin rebels you are helping finally found out that a sketchy Napoleguin is planning to meet with a mysterious figure in the Waterloo Vortex. Before you go, they unlock a vault that has been a curiosity for your pirate for most of the book. In the vault is a decommissioned Deacon, Rooke, and Bishop. The rebels say to bring one of them to Mycroft in Marleybone so you can make it an ally.

You go to Mycroft, and he says he needs a special battery found in a location specific to the Armada Elite you chose:

  • Deacon’s is in Cool Ranch, near the Motherlode Mine.
  • Rooke’s is in Marleybone, near The Trafalgar Vortex.
  • Bishop’s is in Marleybone, near Beachhead.

You go over to the place, and you find it in the skyway near it. You press X to grab it, and then you get pulled into a battle on your ship. You were ambushed by the Armada Queen!

After you destroy her, you go back to Marleybone, where Mycroft fixes the Elite you chose. You gain the elite as a companion:

  • Deacon (Armada Spymaster): Comes with Overwatch, The Big Guns, and Musketeer’s Mettle.
  • Rooke (Armada General): Comes with Turn the Tide (Rank 2), Rookochet [A power version of the cheat, deflects all ranged attacks for 2 rounds], and Castle [A power version of the cheat, gives him and all adjacent allies increased armor for 5 rounds].
  • Bishop (Armada Mad Tinkerer): Comes with Witch Hunter, Summon Armada Device, and Mojo Storm.

You then go to the Waterloo Vortex and board Napoleguin’s Ship. You get there just in time see Napoleguin talking to the Duck of Death! Napoleguin made a deal to help him restore Kane’s map to El Dorado. He helped them, but English Bill isn’t doing his part of the deal. They see you and start talking to you, saying how you should have quit while you were ahead. Then Phule appears, tells you how much fun he’ll have at El Dorado, and teleports himself and English Bill away. Napoleguin says he can’t risk you telling others what happened here, and you start the battle.

It’s you, three of your companions, and six penguin rebels versus Napoleguin and his unending army. The only way you can win is to defeat the Napoleguin.

After you defeat him, you thank the penguins and head back to Skull Island. You ask Avery if there is someone smart enough to make another map to El Dorado. Avery says he may know just the person…


Level 71-80 Companion Promotions (Gavin’s Arc 2)

If you haven’t read the other posts on my Arc 2, I suggest you do before reading this post.

These are the companions that can be promoted in levels 71-80:

Level 73:

  • Monkey King: Upon promotion obtains 1 additional epic talent and gains Black Fog.

Level 74:

  • Barnabus: Upon promotion obtains an additional epic, Brutal Charge is upgraded to Vicious Charge, and Triton’s Song is upgraded to Kraken’s Lament.
  • Sarah Steele:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic, Shadowdance is upgraded to Grand Shadowdance, and gains Dance of Steel.
  • Emmet:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic and Regroup is upgraded to Reinforce.
  • Louis Le Bisque:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic, Rain of Mortarshells is upgraded to Hail of Cannonballs, Bear Trap is upgraded to Scatter Spike, and gains Powdered Monkey’s Palisade.
  • Mormo:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic, Crow’s Song is upgraded to Raven’s Cry, Mojo Blade is upgraded to Mojo Reaver, and gains Chain Lightning.

 Level 75:

  • Hawkules:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic.
  • Froggo Villa:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic.
  • Beastmaster Companions:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic.
  • El Toro:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic and gains Focus Fire.

Level 77:

  • Kobe Yojimbo:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic and gains Assassin’s Strike.
  • Subodai:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic and gains Highland Charge.
  • Egg Shen:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic, and gains Triton’s Chorus.
  • Wing Chun:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic, Call to Arms is upgraded to Esprit de Corps, Rally is upgraded to Revive, and gains Discipline. 
  • Kan Po:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic, Walk in Shadows is upgraded to Walk in DarknessRally is upgraded to Revive, and gains Assassin’s Mist.

Level 80: 

  • Eagle Archer:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic.
  • Eagle Hoplite:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic.
  • Eagle Mercenary:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic.
  • Samocules:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic.
  • Serpent Augur:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic.
  • Zeena:  Upon promotion obtains an additional epic, and gains Bounding Overwatch.

Last post of my Polaris marathon will be posted soon!

Areas in Pirate101 Polaris (Gavin’s Arc 2)

If you haven’t read the other posts on my Arc 2, I suggest you do before reading this post.

Polaris will have one skyway named the Kataba Skyway. It consists of three islands, one stormgate, one vortex, one windlane, and the Kataba Iceblock (which you can’t land on).

Kataba Skyway



  • Walruskberg Dock
  • Walruskberg
  • Urville Station
  • Forlorn Tag


  • Borealis Dock
  • Borealis Peak


  • Gobberton Dock
  • Gobbler City
  • The Great Caves

Other Stuff:

  • Kataba Iceblock
  • Stormgate to Valencia
  • Waterloo Vortex

Just 2 more posts in my Polaris marathon!


New Polaris Companions (Gavin Quick’s Arc 2)

If you haven’t read the other posts on this topic, I suggest you should.

These are the new companons pirates will get in Polaris.

All Classes:

All Classes will receive a musketeer companion named Chris Kelp (Navy Seal).

Pirates will obtain him early on before any of the other companions (around level 73) , he will start with True Grit, Sniper Shot, Seal of Approval (+25% damage for 3 rds to adjacent allies), and Guaranteed Epic Hit.




Polar Bear Sergeant (actual name randomized) is a privateer that comes with Repel Borders and Guaranteed Mega Hit .


Eugene (Penguin Rebel) is a musketeer that comes with Parting Shot and Call to Arms.


Moose warrior (actual name randomized) is a buccaneer that comes with Turn the Tide, Relentless, and Guaranteed Mega Hit.

Alexei (Polar Bear Mage) is a Witchdoctor that comes with Doomspell and Heat Metal.


Pierre (Walrus Soldier) is a Buccaneer that comes with Turn the Tide, Bladestorm, and Guranteed Mega Hit. 


Snow Treant (no actual name) is a buccaneer that comes with Turn the Tide, Vengeance Strike, and Guranteed Mega Hit.

More Content on it’s way!


Level 71-80 Abilities

If you haven’t read the other two posts, I suggest you should.

With all new level cap expansions there are new abilities. Here are the abilities each class learns from the Book 16 update (levels 71-80)


(Level): (Name)- (Effect)

72: Merciless (rank 1)- Bonus “finishing attack” vs. wounded enemies (once per round)

75: Hold Yer’ Ground- Team Epic! Turn the Tide for 10 rounds

77: Smashy Weapons (rank 4)- +18 damage when using smashy weapons

78: Feeding Frenzy (rank 1)- Regain health from defeated enemies (once per round)

80: Unstoppable- Immune to slow and knock-back effects for 3 rounds (self only)



72: Throw Glaives- Major damage, reduce movement by 50% to enemy team for 3 rounds

75: Quiet Recovery- Superior healing over 3 rounds, can only be cast while hidden (self only)

77: Stabby Weapons (rank 4)- +18 damage when using stabby weapons

78: Slippery (rank 1)- Increase dodge chance when enemy hits (once per round)

80: Beguile- x1 damage + target helps you for one round



72: Motivating Shout- x1 damage to target (4 range) + 5% critical chance to team for 5 rounds

75: Haunted House- Add will bonus to spell power for 5 rounds (caster and adjacent allies)

77: Slashy Weapons (rank 4)- +18 damage when using slashy weapons

78: Repel Borders (rank 3)- Make a bonus melee attack when enemy moves into range + reduce accuracy by 50% (3 times per round)

80: Rebirth- Superior Healing + absorb minor damage to team



72: Point Blank Shot- Move and shoot, guaranteed critical strike

75: Avalanche!- Summon Bombs, which roll 2 squares forward every turn (6 range)

77: Shooty Weapons (rank 4)- +18 damage when using shooty weapons

78: Eagle Eyes (rank 1)- Allies within 1 square get +1 range

80: Hunter’s Mark- Target can be targeted when hidden for 5 rounds



72: Mojo Rising (rank 2)- Make a bonus magic attack when you critical or defeat an enemy (3 times per round)

75: Flocks’ Inspiration- In a 3×3 square, +haste, +First Strike/Quick Draw, +Riposte/Return Fire, and +Bladestorm/Double Tap for 5 rounds (6 range)

77: Staffy Weapons- +18 damage when using staffy weapons

78: Animate (rank 1)- Increase abilities of minions (Bone Chant, Cadaver’s Chanty, Wyvren’s Song, and Stygian Chorus)

80: Terrorize- Target runs away in fear for 2 rounds