Exalted+ Life Team PvP Healer Set-Up

So instead of focusing on my Death Wizard I’ll PvP on my main wizard, my Life.

I came up with a set-up that should work in 2v2s (and 3v3s and 4v4s, but those matches aren’t as common anyway). I based it off healers from other MMOs- lot’s of healing but also lots of crowd control.

So before I show my pictures, here’s a disclaimer. My set-up is far from perfect. I’m not max level so I don’t have the best spells for it yet, and I don’t have the best gear yet due to not having a membership at the moment. I will tell you better replacements than what I have, however.

So here are my stats. I feel like the only 2 weaknesses of this build are the low power pip chance and lack of resistance. I don’t have jewels in yet, but when I do it should increase both of these.  High outgoing healing is a must, but you can’t focus on just that. That was a mistake I first made and I had an outgoing of around 125%, but no other stats.

So now my gear. I don’t have jewels in yet.

For my hat I have the Darkmoor hat. I don’t think I have to go in depth on this.

While trying to get Pigsie (in which I did not succeed), I got this. Very defensive robe, and gives me more outgoing as well.

Until I get new boots, I’m sticking with these. It increases my accuracy and outgoing healing.

I love this wand. 25% outgoing healing! This wand is a must!

Don’t use this. I’m close to getting the Cosmic Kris, and I’ll be using that instead.

Until I get the exalted amulet, the normal one will have to do. This amulet is where I get my crowd control. I’ll explain more about how to use it when I get to my deck.

I got this for the outgoing healing, but the other stats don’t hurt.

I use this mount because it’s the only mount with stats that I have (and I’m not going to farm/buy another mount with real money just for a 2% boost). The best mount to use is the Mammoth Mini, but it’s not necessary.

I use this deck obviously for the extra pip.

And when I PvP I like to use a transformation because it hides what mastery amulet I’m wearing.

Why didn’t I show my pet? Because it’s not finished, and it’s not worth showing an unfinished pet. I have bought a lot of areas with crowns, an Mirror Lake happens to be one of them, so I’ll try to finish sooner than later.

So onto my deck:

So the point of my deck is to a lot of healing, but also being able to stun and weaken my opponents. I can also deal a little bit of damage if I need to.

So only being level 104, I don’t have radical and epic. If you have these, replace Primordial and Colossal with them.

Due to not being lucky, I don’t have Pigsie, but if you do, replace 3 unicorns with Pigsie and put the rest of your Pigsies in.

With a Myth mastery, I can stun (Medusa and Myth Banshee) and remove charms/wards (Earthquake, Aftershock, and Shatter). I also have 2 Time of Legends if I need to replace a bubble and Sanctuary is either not showing or shouldn’t be used.

I have Minor Blessings in their to get off dispels and weaknesses, and 2 Greenoaks if I’m going to hit and want to debuff the enemy.

So there is my set-up. It’s nowhere near perfect, but with the limited amounts of things I can do to upgrade it, it works very well.

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