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Somewhere Around the Spiral… (Computer, Death House)

Happy Martin Luther King Day, fellow Duelists!

It is your host Isaiah Walker here in my house, spending the holiday learning how to make Death’s Door a bit cooler to look at for you all.

Right now, BEN is trying his best to help me make a pretty neat banner to replace the one that’s on Death’s Door. I even invited the Jabberwock to help…but he won’t leave his cave. I’m actually glad he didn’t show up.

I’m still learning, but soon Death’s Door’s banner will look amazing. After I have a lot of banners made, I’ll let Death’s Door rotate which one shows. It’ll be a banner party! The new banner should be up and ready to go very soon. When it does pop up on the site, let me know how you all like it 🙂

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, I have already posted two parts to a story I’m writing on Nightside Stories, my other blog. It’s about the arena; go check it out!

Lastly, I was thinking. What if Wizard101 put in a cool system where you can duel different people you’ve already beaten again in the arena? There would be a new pedestal where you can pick someone that isn’t a player (like Diego, Ambrose, Mindy Pixiecrown…) and duel them in a non-ranked 1v1. That would be pretty awesome, we’d finally know what school Diego and Merle Ambrose are (and why he can’t defeat Morganthe himself)!

Or they could add in more animations, like sitting down animations, cooking animations, more idle animations…

Well… That’s what your host is doing today, just relaxing with BEN really.

Have a nice Monday!


Good Afternoon mystical Duelists!

It is your host Isaiah Walker back with part 2 of this Castle Magic guide. In this part, I will be explaining some things about the Magic Computer, Computer Spells, as well as giving an example of how they work.

Before we kick things off with Castle Magic once again, I want to duel my Death House. That’s one thing you can’t do with Castle Magic… Think about it, that fire breathing furnace in the Death House basement, what if you could use Castle Magic to make some sort of dueling circle specifically for PvI (Player vs Items)? I’d be dueling my pets all day long 😀 Let me know what you think about that idea.

With that being said, let’s get technical with computers…

The Magic Computer is an orange square invisible to your guests and visitors. It is used to complete complex actions with Castle Magic using signals. There are only 2 signals in the game as of now.

These signals are spells that can be bought from Babbage Bassett under the “Computer Spells” tab. There are three types of signal spells available for purchase: Toggle, Remove, and Add. Without the Magic Computer, these computer spells will do nothing, and you are not able to use them if you aren’t using a Magic Computer.

The “toggle” signal spells are used to activate a Castle Magic item (except for orbs) that already has a signal spell on them. For the Magic Computer, toggle signal spells are similar to levers and buttons.

The “remove” signal spells are used to take away the signal a Castle Magic Item has. This is useful if you want an item to stop transmitting a signal to the Magic Computer (also handy if you’re making some sort of turn based game using Castle Magic).

The “add” signal spells are used to give a Castle Magic item a signal that can be used with the Magic Computer. If an item has no signal to transmit to the Magic Computer, the toggle and remove spells will do nothing, and neither will the Magic Computer, so these add signal spells are very important, so don’t loose them!

The Magic Computer has six triggers that may be very hard to tell apart because of their names. These are the triggers:

  • When Signal 1 AND 2
  • When Signal 1 OR 2
  • When Signal 1 XOR 2
  • NOT Signal 1
  • NOT Signal 2
  • NOT Signal 1 AND Signal 2

The first trigger “When Signal 1 AND 2” is used to activate a Castle Magic item when both signal spells are transmitted to the Magic Computer. If only signal 2 is transmitted, nothing will happen, unless you set a spell in the “When Signal 1 OR 2” trigger.

The second trigger “When Signal 1 OR 2” is used to activate a Castle Magic item when either signals are transmitted to the Magic Computer. This will also work if both signals are transmitted.

The third trigger “When Signal 1 XOR 2” is used to activate a Castle Magic item when either signals are transmitted to the Magic Computer, however it will not work if both signals are transmitted to the Magic Computer.

The fourth trigger is “NOT Signal 1”, and is used to activate a Castle Magic item when any signal other than signal 1 is transmitted to the Magic Computer.

The fifth trigger is “NOT Signal 2” , and is used to activate a Castle Magic item when any signal other than signal 2 is transmitted to the Magic Computer.

The last trigger is “NOT Signal 1 AND Signal 2”. I like to call this trigger The Nullifier. The Nullifier is used to activate a Castle Magic item when neither signal 1 nor signal 2 is transmitted to the Magic Computer. Nothing will happen if any are present.

Do you have them all down? Great! Let’s move on to the example.

If Not...

If you do not understand what’s above or have any questions, let me know and I will try my best to help you understand it a bit more 🙂

Brazier Example

Now that we have went over the mysteries of the Magic Computer, I’m going to explain a little more how to use it with this very basic brazier puzzle, set up at Suri’s Puzzle Pyramid (because again, I can’t afford these 🙁 ), so big thanks to Suri for the pictures (again). I’ll also explain how it works.

Here are the items used:

  • 2 Magic Braziers
  • 1 Magic Computer
  • 1 Castle Brick Large Wall
  • 1 Add Signal 1 (Computer Spell)
  • 1 Add Signal 2 (Computer Spell)
  • 1 Make Invisible (Action Spell)
  • 1 Make Visible (Action Spell)
  • 3 Remove Signal 1 (Computer Spell)
  • 3 Remove Signal 2 (Computer Spell)


  • 1 Magic Player Detector
  • 1 Pixie (Effect Spell)
  • 1 Pet Bread Crumb (optional)

Side Note

Suri used a Castle Brick wall piece, however the target can be anything you wish.

The objective of this puzzle is to advance to the other room by figuring out which combination of brazier flames will make the wall disappear.

For this puzzle it will be the storm flames.

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up the braziers. After that is done, place a Magic Computer down near the braziers. Open the Castle Magic interface/menu for one brazier and go to the “When Storm Brazier” toggle. Put an “Add Signal 1” spell in it.

Next, for all the other triggers, put a “Remove Signal 1” spell in them. For the output, make the Magic Computer the output.

Do the same thing for the second brazier, but instead of signal 1, use signal 2. This links the braziers to the Magic Computer.

After you’re done, open the Magic Computer interface/menu and go to the “When Signal 1 AND 2” trigger. Put a “Make Invisible” spell there. For the output, make sure you target your desired item. For this example, it’s the Castle Brick Wall.

Go to the “When Signal 1 OR 2” trigger and put a “Make Visable” spell in it. If you do not do this, when both braziers are storm, the wall will stay visable until reset manually via Housing Menu.

Lastly, decorate a bit! This room is decorated to help solve the puzzle. Things like hidden Storm Plaques, Storm Sarcophagus’ surrounded by balance items, and even a hidden “Magic of Storm” book are great ways to help with the puzzle.

You can always wildly guess…but that’s no fun.

This is the puzzle solved; the wall vanished and you can now enter

You’re done! When the braziers are both storm, the wall will disappear, allowing you to enter. Any other combination of flames will not work.

As a bonus, you can set up a pixie trigger by placing down a Magic Player Detector, then adding a summon Pixie spell to it. Make the output something small, I recommend a Pet Bread Crumb, as it’s invisible like Castle Magic.

This Player Detector is right by the door so that way anyone who goes through it will be greeted by a fairy 🙂

That concludes the Castle Magic – Houses are Wizards Too guide. It took a while but it was worth it 🙂 Part 1 is a Duelist101 Community highlight, that just gave me more motivation to complete this part, and write more 😀

What is your favorite thing about Castle Magic? I am eager to see your creations!

Time for a small break… I’ve been so focused on Castle Magic that I completely forgot I recently made another site, Nightside Stories, so that’s what I’ll be up to for the next couple of days.

I will frequently check Death’s Door and post updates on my progress on Nightside Stories. After the first story is done, your host will be back!

Until then, see you Around the Spiral.


Good Morning Duelists of all kinds!

It is your host Isaiah Walker here with magical castles for all of you! I’m just kidding, I’m sure all of your homes are very magical, I meant Castle Magic for you all, a type of Magic that is very similar to an electrical circuit of some kind and offers a vast amount of creativity to users of it.

Before I begin the overview on Castle Magic and how it works, I hope you all had a good 2016 (and Christmas), I know I did 🙂 Also, I thank Suri for providing me with the pictures I’m using 🙂 (I couldn’t afford any of these colorful shapes XD)

This is part one out of two. Part two will go over the Magic Computer and a small puzzle example for you all.

Let’s be magical, shall we?

To begin your castle Magic adventures, you will first speak with Babbage Basset, a dog gentleman near the Royal Museum in Regent’s Square, Marleybone. He will give you a quest to travel to your own home so he can show you the basics of Castle Magic.

The basics will go over how to use a Magic Lever to make a statue disappear and reappear. All of the items you need (for the tutorial) are given to you to keep during and after the tutorial/quest.

After the quest is finished, you are given a book explaining all of the tools and items Castle Magic offers, then you are free to create. If you lose it, you can buy another at Babbage Basset for 100 gold.

Speaking of buying things, Basset doesn’t just sell help tomes. He sells all of the castle Magic furniture as well as some Castle Magic treasure cards/spells. These treasure cards are different from normal ones. They can only be used in your house with Castle Magic furniture, and they do not go away forever after one use, however they are consumable.

These are the treasure cards/Castle Magic spells Basset has to offer:

Action Spells

Make Invisible
Make Visible
Restore Object
Teleport To Me
Move To Me
Turn Like Me
Turn Towards Me
Move Forward
Move Backward
Move Towards Me
Move Up 250 (units)
Move Up 100 (units)
Move Up 50 (units)
Move Down 250 (units)
Move Down 100 (units)
Move Down 50 (units)

Move North 250 (units)
Move North 100 (units)
Move North 50 (units)
Move South 250 (units)
Move South 100 (units)
Move South 50 (units)
Move East 250 (units)
Move East 100 (units)
Move East 50 (units)
Move West 250 (units)
Move West 100 (units)
Move West 50 (units)

Turn Right 90 Degrees
Turn Right 45 Degrees
Turn Right 15 Degrees
Turn Left 90 Degrees
Turn Left 45 Degrees
Turn Left 15 Degrees

Make Larger
Make Smaller

Effect Spells

Fire Cat Attack
Frost Beetle Attack
Storm Snake Attack
Ghost Attack
Leprechaun Attack
Fire Elf Attack
Sunbird Attack
Summon Meteor Strike
Snow Serphent Attack
Evil Snowman Attack
Summon Blizzard
Lightning Bats Attack
Storm Shark Attack
Lightning Bolt Attack
Scarab Attack
Scorpion Attack
Locust Swarm Attack
Summon Sandstorm
Imp Attack
Summon Sprite
Summon Pixie
Dark Sprite Attack
Ghoul Attack
Banshee Attack
Blood Bat Attack
Troll Attack
Cyclops Attack
Fly Swatter
Sun Beam
Musical Notes
Wolf Howl
Laughing Gobbler

Utility Spells

Start Timer
Stop Timer
Activate Reflector
Play Music Scroll

Computer Spells

Add Signal 1
Add Signal 2
Remove Signal 1
Remove Signal 2
Toggle Signal 1
Toggle Signal 2

A ton of spells, right? Let’s go over the tools and items, starting things off with the Magic Button.

The Magic Button is a star shaped wall hanging that you press “X” to use/activate.

In the Castle Magic menu you can set what the button will do when it is pressed by using any Castle Magic spells you have (or bought), and the target, what the effect will happen on (the target can be anything placed down in your home). This is called a “trigger”.

The Magic Button has only one trigger, “When Button Pressed Cast Spell”. All Castle Magic items except for Orbs have the same output, “On Target Item”.

You can make a magic button do a lot of things, from making objects, pets, or mounts disappear, enlarge items, summon a fire cat or even make a doorbell 🙂

Now we’ll go over the rest in a little less detail:

The Magic Brazier is an item similar to the braziers in Krokotopia. You can activate them by using the “X” button. Doing so will turn the brazier on one of it’s three flame colors (Fire, Storm, and Ice). In the Castle Magic menu you can set what each flame will do when it’s activated and what the brazier will do when turned off.

The Magic Brazier has four triggers, “When Ice Brazier”, “When Fire Brazier”, “When Storm Brazier”, and “When Brazier Off”.


The Magic Pressure Plate is an item similar to the pressure plates in Marleybone. You can activate one by stepping on top of it. Doing so will activate the plate for as long as you’re on it. In the Castle Magic menu you can set what each pressure plate will do when it’s activated and what the plate will do when turned off.

The Magic Pressure Plate has two triggers, “When Plate Pressed” and “When Plate Released”.

The Magic Reflector is an orange sphere invisible to your guests and visitors. It is used to activate up to 8 spells when “Activate Reflector” is cast on it.

The Magic Reflector has eight triggers, “When Activated Do #1 Cast Spell” through “When Activated Do #8 Cast Spell”.


Note on Reflector

Magic Reflectors are generally used when you want a different effect to happen each time you activate a lever, pressure plate, detector, etc. or when you want Castle Magic to decide who goes first. Be Creative!

The Magic Start Detector is a blue triangle invisible to your guests and visitors. It is used to activate a spell when any Castle Magic is started in that area (indoors/outdoors).

The Magic Start Detector has one trigger, “When Area Started Cast Spell”.

The Magic Text Detector is a green triangle invisible to your guests and visitors.It is used to activate a spell when someone uses menu chat and says the right phrase or word.

The Magic Text Detector has one trigger,”When Menu Chat Matches Cast Spell”. In the castle Magic menu you can adjust the distance the detector will pick up the key word, as well as making the key phrase/word yourself.

The Magic Lever is an item similar to the levers in Marleybone. You can activate one by stepping on top of it. Doing so will activate the plate for as long as you’re on it. In the castle Magic menu you can set what each pressure plate will do when it’s activated and what the plate will do when turned off.

Next is The Magic Timer. The Magic Timer is a blue square invisible to you when you’re not in the “place object” housing window. It is used to activate a spell when the timer goes off.

The Magic Timer has two triggers, “When On Timer Ends”, and “When Off Timer Ends”.

An example of the Magic Timer being used can be found on Duelist101 as well right here!

The Magic Player Detector is a green sphere invisible to your guests and visitors. It is used to activate a spell when someone runs through it.

The Magic Player Detector has two triggers, “When Player Enters”, and “When Player Leaves”.

The Magic Random Reflector is an orange square invisible to your guests and visitors. It is used to activate up to 8 random spells, in random order, when “Activate Reflector” is cast on it.

The Magic Random Reflector has eight triggers, “When Activated Random #1 Cast Spell” through “When Activated Random #8 Cast Spell”.

The Magic Jump Detector is an orange triangle invisible to your guests and visitors. It is used to activate a spell when a player jumps near the area/room it is in.

The Magic Jump Detector has one trigger, “When Player Jumps”.

Magic Orbs are spheres of fire, ice, or storm that activates when a player is near. When activated, it will appear at the top of the player’s screen as one of the elemental school symbols, depending on which orb you activated. You can only have one of each kind of orb at a time.

This orb is a fire orb. The other orbs are the same size.

Magic Orb Catchers are small mini-pedestals that are colored red, blue, and purple (the elemental schools, same as the orbs). It activates when a player delivers a matching orb to the catcher.

Magic Orb Catchers have one trigger, “When Orb Used”.

The Magic Room Detector is a blue sphere invisible to your guests and visitors. It is used to activate a spell when a player enters the area/room it is in, similar to the Jump Detector.

The Magic Room Detector has two triggers, “When Player Leaves” and “When Player Enters”.

That concludes part 1, thanks for reading! If you have any questions about any of the magic items let me know and I’ll try my best to explain it.

See you Around the Spiral!

Side Note

Sorry this took so long, I was having technical difficulties with writing and uploading this. Hopefully those difficulties will never come back, although I blame ghost Steve. Part 2 will be focused mainly on the Magic Computer, since it’s by far the most confusing thing about Castle Magic really, so if you don’t see it on here, that’s why.



Good New Year’s Eve Duelists, it is your host Isaiah here with a small update for you.

I closed the poll I put up around the beginning of December, and after looking at the responses you all gave me… Make a new site for stories won 🙂

I made the site (it’s called Nightside Stories) and so far there’s nothing on it besides a page about what I have planned for Nightside.

Remember the Jabberwock. Me getting “sidetracked”.

I just thought you all would like to know Nightside Stories was up and functional, so be sure to keep an eye out for new stories I’ll post there. Also, feel free to give me ideas on what to write about, I tend to get… Sidetracked.

That’s it for this mini post/update/news…

Have a good New Year!


Good Afternoon Duelists!

It is your host Isaiah Walker here with excellent news: I have reclaimed my computer back 🙂 After a very long week of virus scanning and computer restarting (and frustration), Steve is finally gone. Now that he is, I have a lot of catching up to do, being sort of inactive for a week.

My next post will be about the wonders of Castle Magic to make up for lost time, so keep an eye of for that, i’ts gonna be a pretty big post, and eventually (if the Loremaster would be cooperative) me and Suri will post about magus (level 33) death pvp…with an ancient pet 🙂

Until then, see you around the spiral!




Good morning, or night, Duelists!

It is Isaiah Walker here with a small update for you all. I am in a dilemma: my pc has a virus. 🙁

Shocking, I know.

“What? You’re not supposed to be here!” ~Potbelly, Marleybone

I’m naming this virus Steve, because of reasons unknown.


Steve has done some very bad things to the fps for Wizard101, rendering it unplayable, and my browsers unusable, which is why I am using my iPad to post this update for you all.

Because of this, you will not be hearing from me for awhile, as I will be devoting a lot of my time getting rid of Steve. I really wish Steve would have waited until next week to show itself, but it’s probably something I did to make him appear.

“I’ll have to drop-kick you into next week!” ~Potbelly, Marleybone

On the bright side, I have a lot of time to train Silver Rattlebones on Grub Guardian using my rank 3 pet snacks 😀

Before Steve visited me, I think I broke Wizard101… Everything is wrong! I’m not a Diviner, I’m not level 50, I’m completely fine with having that much health, My name is not “Character Name”, I’m very sure it isn’t 2nd Age anymore, and my life is nowhere near 925… It’s over 9000 5000!

*sigh* This will be a busy week.

All I did was push C…

Lastly, the poll I put up weeks ago will be closed after December 31.

That concludes this update…

Merry/Happy Holidays!


Good Afternoon, Duelists!

It is Isaiah Walker, your host here on Death’s Door with a little project idea I wanted to try out!

A pet expirament!

In the expirament, I will be trying to answer two questions:

  1. Can you take a random pet with no special talents or item card/high pedigree and make it into an awesome, PvP worthy, pet?
  2. How so/How long?


There are also certain rules I will also be following:

  • The pet has to be 1st Generation
  • The pet cannot have an item card
  • The pedigree of the pet cannot exceed 50
  • The pet cannot be school specific (BEN, Triton pets, Firezilla, Hummongfrog, Satyr, etc.)
  • I cannot buy any Mega Snack packs from the Crown Shop


Why those rules, you ask? Well, not everyone will have a great pet, or great resources to achieve a great pet. I decided to try my luck with a pet from scratch and see what would happen, posing as a starter player, with little resources to help. Below, I explain each rule in detail:

The first rule is pretty straightforward. Don’t use a pet that has been hatched, even once. That wouldn’t truly be starting from scratch.
The second rule is because all of the starting pets in the game have no item card, and even the 1st Generation pets that are actually pretty good (Sea Dragon) have no item card either.
Third rule is the same as the first. A high pedigree means you do not have a 1st Generation pet. If, by chance, you do have a high pedigree and you just got the pet (Seal Pup, Sea Dragon, Brainary Assistant), there is no problem with using it, but I’m going with a low pedigree for those that do not have access to a high tier 1st Gen. pet.
Fourth rule has something to do with the third. School specific pets normally have an item card, and a high pedigree, which exempts it from this expirament. Sorry Wraith.
The fifth rule is for those that do not have access to crowns, or just cannot buy Mega Snacks in the quantity needed. If you have Mega Snacks, use them! I will be getting my pet snacks from Mirror Lake, a dungeon in Zafaria that guarantees 2 Pixie Sticks (rank 8 Mega Snacks) upon completion.

The pet I will be using is a 1st Generation Skeletal Knight I found in my attic with a pedigree of 48, just a little below the maximum I set.

Now let’s talk about goals. What do I want this pet to have? Well, I wasn’t really planning on making it a school specific pet. More like one of those pets that people truly despise. It will be a Universal Skeletal Knight!

Here is the list I have up with. I do not care which ones I get out of the talents I would like, but I know for sure Spell Proof must be one of them. I would also get a damage jewel, just in case I decide to switch this pet to another wizard.


Talents I would like:

  • May Cast Enfeeble
  • May Cast Sprite
  • May Cast Fairy
  • May Cast Shatter
  • May Cast Infallible
  • May Cast Fortify
  • May Cast Sprite Swarm/Queen Sprite (Sprite Queen)
  • Pain-Giver
  • Pain-Dealer
  • Spell-Proof
  • Spell-Defy
  • *A School Specific damage pet jewel
  • *A School Ward per jewel
  • An Infallible pet jewel


Talents I Would Not Like:

  • [Insert School Here]-Dealer/Giver
  • May Cast Vengence
  • May Cast Power Play
  • Balance-It
  • [Insert School Here]-Proof
  • May Cast [Insert School Here]blade

(Dragon/Balanceblade is alright)


Prince Smokey… He looks like a silver version of Rattlebones. That’s his new name. Silver Rattlebones! A pet with, most likely, all selfish talents. That’ll be fixed hopefully 🙂

Now for the hard part… Finding generous people that will help me with this project, and offer hatches… Oh boy.

The first place I will check is the Hatchery, as there is almost always someone there with the talent(s) I seek. I will then check the Commons, the Arena (let’s face it, there are a lot of really good pets in the arena), and Polaris.

Outside of game, I will ask here in the Duelist101 Community, Wizard Central, and maybe some other blogs/sites, like Mercenary For Hire/Mercenary101.

First thing is first though, getting the mini-Rattlebones to Adult. That’s his new name now. “Silver Rattlebones”. This’ll be fun…

I will also be following a pretty simple pattern when it comes to hatching. Train S. Rattlebones to adult. If he fails in any way, hatch again. Train S. Rattlebones to adult. If he fails at Ancient, hatch again with the older Generation of S. Rattlebones. Repeat until I have all the desired talents I want on Silver Rattlebones.

I will keep you all updated on the progress of Silver Rattlebones. If you’d like to help me with this, do not hesitate to tell me! All help is appreciated 🙂

How successful do you think this’ll be? I have no clue. I wasn’t a big fan of pets.

See you all in the Spiral!



Hello Duelists!

It’s your host Isaiah bringing you an update on the poll I put up a couple days ago. So far… The results are 50-50! There are also some really interesting ideas you all came up with for what the site should he called:

  • Dworgyn’s Nightstand
  • Darkened Library
  • Nightside Stories

As far as names, I will pick the most popular, but it’s pretty hard to pick if everything is 50-50…

I will be closing the poll soon, so make sure to get your vote in!

Also, as a little extra info, I know of another Walker! I haven’t met her, and I might not, but she’s still a Walker, and she’s on Pirate101.

Ok, before you say:

“Isaiah! It doesn’t count if she’s on Pirate101 and you haven’t met her!”

Hear me out, I didn’t actually make any rules as to how I know about a new Walker, and the Wizard/Pirate101 worlds do connect, and I have proof.

  • Aquila being an island in Pirate101 and a world in Wizard101
  • In Polaris, you see some familiar Pirate101 faces… How did they get here?
  • In Krokotopia, there is evidence of flying ship technology, meaning Wizard101ians know how to make boats fly… Possibly from the Pirate101 spiral
  • Mortis told me.

Don’t question Mortis.

I… Also don’t have a picture of her… ~.~

ANYWAYS, her name is Wobbly Nora Walker. If it makes you feel any better, she plays Wizard101 more than Pirate, from what I’ve read. You might know her in the Duelist101 Community as Molly Misthead (A Misthead’s adventures).

“Isaiah! Misthead is not a Walk-“

Ok.. Let me stop before you judge my reasoning more… 🙂

That concludes this update, and I will see you all in the Spirals… Or is it just one Spiral.. you know what, I’m not counting Pirate101 anymore, so there. 🙂



Somewhere around the Spiral… (Loremaster, Dragonspyre)

Good Afternoon, Duelists!

It is your host Isaiah Walker here to report from the Loremaster’s Chamber… I have the Deer Knight spell! 😀 Just when I was about to go to Avalon to see how to craft it too! Deer Knight is a five pip DoT spell that can be crafted and dropped from Packs in the Crown Shop and Loremaster.

…YES! 🙂

After about a month of farming, while helping Suri get Krampus I unintentionally obtained both the Krampus spell and the Deer Knight spell! (Suri, if you’re wondering, received nothing. The non-fires with us all got the Krampus spell as well.) For me, Krampus will be…you know…useless, but Deer Knight will be absolutely awesome to use everywhere. I even revisited Jabberwock to use Deer Knight on him… Not as effective. (Death by Meteor Strike).

Completely useless unless you use a Fire Mastery… But still nice to have 🙂

For those of you who don’t know what the Loremaster is, she is a balance ghost boss in the Dragonspyre library with 7,000 health, and minions that really, really get on my nerves. Mainly the Font of Weakness (a minion that must have read up on Virulent Plague on Duelist101 :/).

The Loremaster only has the spells she drops in her deck, and her minions never attack, except the rare case when the Font of Strength cast Mana Burn..?

The rounds went pretty quick with three people on my team. Suri Walker (support), Elijah Redmask (support), and me (hitter). Suri made sure no one died by shielding, blading me once, and using an insane amount of Smokescreens on the Loremaster and her Fonts. She also carried Cleanse Charm, which is useful for when the Font of Weakness decides to be Plague Happy.

Elijah bladed me as well, and also feinted Loremaster the turn I was going to hit. He also mass stunned, which is very helpful.

It usually takes 2-4 turns to have 3 different Deathblades, a feint on Loremaster, and a Spirit Blade if possible. I attacked with Lulu or Scarecrow (before Deer), however after I received Deer Knight, I was basically spamming that every change I got.

Bring it On. Wait, my mana…
(When crop photo doesn’t work 🙂 )

That’s all for today Duelists! Did you receive any spells from Loremaster? Can someone please take out the Font of Weakness? 🙁

See you around the Spiral!



Hello mysterious Duelists!
‘Tis I, your host Isaiah Walker and I bring you my top ten picks for spells that must be in your deck while you’re questing! My apologies for the lack of posting for the last two days. I’ve been having some technical issues with everything. I tend not to leave you all without some sort of update for more than 3 days, and I shall not start now 🙂
Let’s begin!

10- Deathblade

Starting off the list we have the spell Deathblade. One of the only two blades death has excluding Sharpened Blade (the other being Spirit Blade), you can’t go wrong with this cool spell. Besides, what else are you going to use to buff up?
Pet blades don’t count… Those are the pets, not yours!

9- Feint

Ah, Feint. The trap with the highest damage boost in the game. By far my favorite trap ever. You can never go wrong with Feint!
*feints The Rat twice*
Ok, unless the boss removes it.
*feints Krampus*
Or switches it around on you…
*feint fizzles*
…. 🙁
You get the point. 🙂

8- Bad Juju

Next is Bad Juju, a spell that some look over pretty quick when setting up their deck. When you get this spell at level 75, or even a treasure card version of it, you’re near unstoppable!
I love using this spell on bosses a round or two before they hit. It’s like a 3 pip Efreet…take that Fire School!
I just pass and then boom. Juju in your face. Warning: Using Juju on other players will cause rage 🙂

7- Wraith

At number seven it’s Wraith! I was really glad when I learned this spell. Nothing like a good upgrade to Vampire. This is definitely a spell that must go in every deck, it’s a solid hit, a drain, and it goes through those pesky absorbs! It was hard choosing between Wraith and scarecrow for number 7. I can’t think of any spell besides Scarecrow and number one on this list to replace it.

6- Animate

The next spell is at number six, Animate.
The main reason we’re called “necromancers” is because of this spell right here. Animate gives you a very large range of minions, from a lowly one pip Ghost to a 14 pip Death Incarnate with 1,400 health! Sometimes when I’m questing, I’d just wait until I get max pips, and let him bring chaos and death on my enemies while I just sit back and watch, and maybe eat popcorn 😉
Moving on to number 5:

5- Skeletal Pirate

This spell reminds me of The Walking Dead, the way the skeleton on the beach just looks at you then wakes up, then just slashes at you with a sword I never see coming. For five pips, this spell sure does pack a punch. Just take out the drain in Wraith and you have Skeletal Pirate!

4- Skeletal Dragon

One of my favorite DoT spells to use in the game ever, this undead Dragon has both a really cool animation and a really helpful and effective overtime. Once I accomplished the difficult task of hitting for a million using Skeletal Dragon, I’m probably never going to do that again 🙂 I believe this spell was the bare bones for the other dragon spells in the game, like Storm Dragon, Fire Dragon, and even some mounts like… All of the dragon mounts. Did Kingsisle kill one of the mounts and take it’s bones to make a new spell?

Ashen Bones, a spell more powerful than Skeletal Dragon, with a TC version that’s even more stronger. I can even argue the animation is better, just because of the flames.

The only complaint I have about this spell is that Ashen Bones, the fire equivalent of Skeletal Dragon, has a higher damage-per-second ratio than the original. Why..?

3- Virulent Plague

There are so many ways to use this spell it’s crazy! This is the death version of Balance’s Weakness spell, but it costs 3 pips and places a negative charm on all enemies. This spell is handy when you need to weaken your opponent(s) without doing something to eat your pips (looking at you, Winged Sorrow and Dr. Von). There is even a discussion about Virulent Plague in the Duelist101 Community written by Jeremy Ravenhunter (The Crazy Necromancer) right here. Check it out!

2- Mass Death Prism

Once I went through the trouble of learning this, I didn’t know I would use it as much as I did. It’s much more effective than the regular Prism unless one enemy is death and the other life. Then I would use Prism. Mass Death Prism was most used in my deck when I was in Azteca and several times in Polaris. I picked this over my other choice for number 2 (Age of Reckoning) simply because I use it more often, and you might too.

Honorable Mentions

Scarecrow (7)
Vampire (8)
Mega Pacify (9)
King Artorius (4)
Doom and Gloom/Age of Reckoning (2)
Deer Knight (1)

1- Call of Khrulhu

Lulu! Enough said.
The spell I’m infamous for using WAY too much on those poor Ghosts in Unicorn Way (and now the Jabberwock). Call of Khrulhu is the best squid-octopus demon hybrid I’ve laid my eyes on. It’s even better now that they shortened the spell.
Before… It took as long as Ra to finish. My friends would go take showers when I cast Lulu in Darkmoor. XD

I’m going to say it again.. ‘Tis the season of the Lulu!
This spell goes by so fast I can’t take a good picture of it. 🙁

Well, those are my top 10 picks for death spells that must be in your deck when outside the arena.

Have a good night, Duelists, and await my next post: Around the Spiral.
I have something rather interesting to share with you all regarding Loremaster 🙂 Since I am currently on my iPad writing this, pictures will come soon.

Again, sorry for the brief inactivity.

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