Barkingham Palace Rooftop solo

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This is a dungeon i kinda never really noticed. It wasnt there as i quested my ice/fire, and i never stopped there on my storm and death. Now passing through on my lvl 42 balance, i saw it dropped a ring with 5 damage, and some overall pretty nice gear for offensive stats, so i spent a while farming it and got some pretty nice stuff. i decided to wonder if a solo was possible.  (It’s no Darkmoor solo, and anyone lvl 60+ could probably beat it in a few minutes, but i’m only level 42 and had a kinda trash pet)

First Boss- Margherita Vizzini

This boss absolutely loves damage. Her cheats are a pain. She uses a variety of myth buffs and spells, but also prisms and storm spells when she cheats. She casts a triton whenever we heal, or one of her minions are damaged, which took out more than half of my health in one shot in many cases. I went for a fast kill approach, using the best damage gear i could find, and saving for a judgement with double feint fast.

Gear and stats

im not going to post a picture of every single piece of gear, but ill post one of final stats.

Gear i used was:

Royal Conical of accord

Zeus’ robe of judgement

Yeoman’s walkers of unity

Polar cat with Defy, Fairy, and Balance-dealer

Sky Iron Hasta


Monks Charm of aplomb

Antique barkingham ring

Deck Setup

With monstrous in side deck

Overall, the fight went well, finished it on my first try with about 200 health remaining. Spammed shields until i had enough pips then double feint and judge on the boss, followed by another judge on the minions


Second boss-Mister Poole and Mister Utterson

These 2 were quite a bit tougher than the last boss. Trusted with guarding the cargo bay in their master, Dr. Jackall’s airship, We have to fight our way past these 2 to save the queen. Mr. Utterson loves to stun, shield, and do all kinds of annoying things, and Mister Poole copies everything he does, in a way.

Gear setup

I went for an approach with ice and fire resist using the Mt. Olympus Senator gear for my hat, robe and boots, and the same wand ring athame and pet as last time.

Deck setup

Making use of my heals here, and elemental shields are a 2-in-1 shield to both bosses. Really not too much difference to the last fight, same monstrous tc in side deck.

Had pretty bad luck to start off lol, they decided to legion and tower in the same round, so i wasted a lot of time shuffling and searching for a wand hit. My goal was to keep a helping hands up at all times to try keep most of the damage down, and to take the fight slowly. Mister Utterson decided to stun and shield a lot more than i usually see him, but i got through in the end, taking down their health bit by bit with judges.


Last boss- Dr Jackall.

One word- minions

The minions in this fight were the worst. they constantly spammed wild bolt and the end outcome was pretty much luck, counting that not too many landed 1000 damage. The aim is to kill the minions as fast as possible before worrying about the boss. I love how the cheats of Dr. Jackall tie into the storyline, him becoming a hound and all.

I used the same gear setup as the last fight, due to the resistance being needed for fire ice and storm

Deck setup

Very similar again to the last fight, except for the boost to heals and shields and the sandstorms for killing minions. Side deck was mainly monstrous again

i killed the minions pretty much as fast as possible, using sandstorm twice in a row, first with double blades, second with one blade(He casts a legion shield after each hit). i got pretty lucky with shielding, i let one max wild bolt through, no other big hit. i preferred to hit under the fire polymorph, because i already had a lot of shields up from the ice morph, and attacking the ice version leaves me with a legion shield. did this fight first try, however a lot of luck came in the form of pet heals and getting sandstorms on time.


And with all that finished, i finally got my robe! 🙂

Thanks if you made it this far lol, this is my first post and i was playing around with the settings to see how it worked, i hope it comes out ok



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