Hades Gear Drops

August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

After much frequent Tartarus farming, these are the Hades-specific gear drops I’ve gotten. I’ll be submitting these to the Duelist community project.

Picture 2013-08-20 07-57-19

Picture 2013-08-20 07-56-06

Picture 2013-08-20 09-04-00

Picture 2013-08-20 07-57-29

Picture 2013-08-20 12-24-52

Picture 2013-08-20 12-23-14

2 responses to Hades Gear Drops

  1. Thanks Kat! Pics received 🙂 We had the Blackthuder Armor already, but not the other three. Thank you!!

  2. Huh, they have lava Lord item card on storm gear.

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