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It’s been a really bad week for me emotionally and relationshiply (that’s totally a word). Like, horrible. It’s been the worst. Worse than that even. You get the point. But it’s also been a good week because I’ve gotten a lot of things done in Wizzy! There’s nothing like terrible terrible moods and situations to keep you motivated! The worse I feel, the more I get done, apparently. I have to distract myself somehow, you know.

So here’s an update on what I’ve been doing!

Here’s two (tamed) ravens who’ve quested all the way from the beginning of Grizzleheim to (almost) the end of Wintertusk (I got bored so I quit there)! These two are going to quest with my Storm (who finished Dragonspyre this week as well!) and my Myth (who’s just impatiently been waiting around). Their goal is to get to level 60, do Waterworks and then PvP.

Then there’s these 4. They have quested as well and are now finally Grandmasters, woohoo! They’ve also been doing tourney after tourney after tourney to be able to afford their matching robes. Their wands have been stitched to the Dragonclaw Blade now, so they look kind of cute. For some reason I’ve gotten attached to the hats, so they’re keeping those xD

Balance (on the right) finally got a good pet, Myth (second in line) is getting closer, Death (third) has a good one already and Fire (last but not least) is finally making some progress (why is getting Infallible on a Fire pet so hard?? (also, why am I putting so many things between brackets? (stop questioning yourself, Misthead))). These 4 have many more tourneys in their future because they still need the Duelist’s hat, boots, ring and athame (they are DUELISTS you know, they HAVE to have gear with “Duelist” in its name (no, just kidding, that’s just a coincidence (I just really like the gear’s stats))).


I also spent some centuries torturing Loremaster and got a lot of useless spells. Myth did get Keeper of the Flame and Balance (FINALLY!) got Loremaster, so I’m pretty happy. Lore is fairly relaxing, so it’s not a bad way to spend time. It’s just that it takes a LOT of time to get the right spells.


Also this week: after about 40 runs, baby Fire got Burning Rampage! That was pure torture! After a while I did get my two round kill to perfection, but ugh! Not something I enjoyed. I hope I will enjoy the end result though! All 4 of these chars now have the spell, but I doubt Storm and Ice will do much with it xD

Not pictured (but also nice!) but I met some awesome people this week! And started talking more with people I didn’t really talk to. Usually the periods when I don’t PvP are quiet and lonely, because I pick up most of my friends through PvP. These few new people have stuck with me even though I’m not PvPing right now, which is nice (and unusual)!

What’s next? Well… I’d really like to PvP. I feel kind of useless if I’m not PvPing. I kinda of feel useless all the time, but PvP makes everything feel better. Hoewever, I need tickets first for my Grandmaster Myth and/or level my other Myth to Legendary. So either I will be questing OR I will be doing tourneys. I have decided Myth is the way to go when I start PvPing again, but I don’t really care WHICH Myth it is. They’re both cutiepies (:eye <3 :myth, as we would say in game now ;) if you get what I mean…)

These few past days I’ve been pondering about trash talking in the Arena. Why do trash talkers have friends? Who puts up with their behavior and why?

Personally, I rarely meet salty opponents. It probably has something to do with me being a female? Are people just nicer to females? Or is it just my positive attitude in PvP that crushes the bad spirits? I honestly don’t know. I have a good way of dealing with trash talkers, but I rarely even need to use it. People are generally nice around me.

I’ve been forced to think about this topic because one of my newest friends seems to surround himself with trash talkers. He himself seems really nice and positive, but his cheerleaders are… not nice. Far from nice.

I asked my friend why he puts up with it, but I’m not completely satisfied with the answer I got. He basically is too nice to tell them to stop. He doesn’t want to be mean. I guess he gets to see a different side of the bullies in private – something besides the incessant trash talking? At least I hope he does. Otherwise I can’t see why he indulges them.

So he can’t delete these friends, I get that. But why doesn’t he call them out on their behavior? If he wants to be so nice, then why does he let himself be known as “the guy with the trash talking friends”? Doesn’t it bother him to be part of this toxicity?

He said it’s futile to tell one of the trash talkers to stop and I get that. Mean people will be mean, no matter what you say. And he’s a nice guy. He can’t do what I would do in a similar situation. I’d totally threaten my friends to delete them if they don’t stop. Three warnings and then on ignore they’d go! I want to enjoy my matches. I don’t need the negativity. I don’t put up with bullies, I will not let them poison MY Arena.

Does that make ME a bad person? Am I mean for not indulging toxic behavior?

Here’s a trick for when your opponent starts insulting you: agree with everything they say! Add happy smileys to your answer as well, for that extra punch.

“You’re such a spammer”

“I know right :D”

“You’re bad”

“Yeah! I totally need lessons :)”

“You just got lucky”

“I know right, haha! Hopefully you get lucky too next time. :)”

Most likely, they will grudgingly like you and add you. Surely there is SOMETHING they did right in the match? Tell them about it! Let them know you enjoyed the match. Admit you were scared. Act like a human being with fears and desires and let the negativity go. And if your friends are trash talkers, please let them know it’s not okay. Please? Let’s make PvP great again? :p

What does it take to succeed in PvP?

My road to warlord on my Grandmaster Myth has been rocky. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always been fun! It’s all about the journey for me, about enjoying the matches I’m in and meeting nice people. Still, in the beginning I sure got a lot of losses. As a Grandmaster in the sub-private regions (below 500 rank), I faced a lot of Magus warlords. And those guys can be tough if you don’t handle them the right way!

Right now, I’m at 1300 rank, so I’m far from the sub-private regions I used to dwell in. The fact that I used to be stuck down there makes me thoughtful though. How many other potentionally good players are stuck in the sub-privates? How can we get them out of that hole? What do they need in order to succeed in PvP? I’ve been pondering these questions for a while now, and here is my take on it.

To succeed in PvP, you need four big things: gear, experience, perseverance and luck.

1. Gear

Gear matters. Sometimes I wish it didn’t, but it clearly does. Just look at the following image. The first half of this image is a representation of my wins and losses before I got geared up. As you can see, it’s riddled with losses. The lower half is what happened after I got gear. There’s a clear change, isn’t there? For me, all that was needed in order to start winning more was a gear change.

Make your gear and strategy match

If there’s anything I’ve learned during my recently adventures in Myth PvP, it’s that your gear and your strategy have to match. Right now, for me, they do. My new gear is focused on damage and pierce, which fits with my kill-or-be-killed style of PvPing. In my old gear I was trying to play aggressively without an aggressive set-up, so that didn’t work.

I’ve wondered if I could have prevented those losses I suffered in the beginning by playing differently. Would someone else have succeeded with no problems in my original gear? Would another person have made it work? That’s a skill too: being able to adjust your play style to your gear. A skill I haven’t acquired so far, I suppose.

The impact gear has made for me has made me insecure about my abilities. People often dismiss my wins these days with a “well yeah, with that gear”. Am I just a bad player in good gear now? Am I winning because ANYONE would win in my current “op” gear? Or is there some skill involved? I don’t know how to tell. I FEEL like I know what I’m doing, but I felt like that when I kept losing as well, so feelings aren’t very reliable lol.


2. Experience

I could have called this part “skills” as well, but I decided to go with “experience” instead. Skills come through experience after all. PvP is not something you can be natually good at for most of us. It’s something you learn through practice. I’ve had lots of practice, because I’ve been PvPing and watching PvP for years. If you haven’t, you might not succeed in PvP despite the best of gear. Here’s some skills you will develop through experience:

Skill #1: know what to discard

Discarding stuff can be hard, because you want to hang on to your cards. However, in order to pull off a win, you will need to find the right cards, and that won’t happen if you have 3 Satyrs clogging up your hand for 7 rounds. This is a skill that takes time to develop, because it’s very situational. You will want to discard different things against certain schools, against certain opponents, in the beginning of a match vs near the end of a match and depending on what spells your opponent has been casting.

Personally, I think I’m not bad at discarding. However, I can get a bit reckless and then regret it later when I’ve discarded the perfect tool for the situation that plays out in front of me. Sometimes you just have to take that risk. But it needs to be a calculated risk, and the only way you can get there is through experience. Keep practicing!

Skill #2: predict your opponent’s moves

In the beginning, you will have no idea what to expect from certain schools or specific opponents. With practice, you will learn how a Life or a Storm plays and be able to adjust your play style to theirs. Against a Life, you can play slower, while against a Storm, for me it’s generally smarter to just ignore my health and kill them before they kill me. This also means learning, for example, how many pips a Fire wizard needs to Efreet you, so you can protect yourself in time.

This skill takes extra time to develop. I’ve been PvPing for quite a while, but I still don’t know what to expect from Balances. Their kill solutions keep surprising me. Yesterday, I also totally forgot Ices can use Lord of Winter, so I got one hit killed because I neglected to shield.

I watched one match where, in the course of 20 minutes, the person going second predicted perfectly when his opponent was going to doom five times. FIVE TIMES where the person going first would cast Doom, and the person going second changed the bubble back in the exact same round. Those were some mad predicting skills, or magic, idk. Some people can predict a Rampage and throw it back to the caster with Shift from second at exactly the right moment. I could never do that. Luckily, I’ve always gone first against Fires with Rampage so far.

A Magus Myth girl I met the other day is AWESOME at predicting people’s moves. I practice PvPed her three times so she could practice her strategy against a Grandmaster. After that, she watched some of my matches and predicted my moves perfectly, lol. That’s a great skill to have! Especially if you can do it for someone like ME, the most random and confusing PvPer you’ve ever met xD

Skill #3: estimate how much damage hits will do

I lack this skill completely, hooray! I have absolutely no idea how much damage spells will approximately do. It’s useful to know though! Your decision to attack or wait an extra round so you can do a stronger attack should be based on some logic. You should pay attention to how much damage your hits do. Learn to take into account how many blades you have on and whether infall or a bubble is up.

Imagine your opponent is close to death, you have 4 pips and have a Humongofrog in your hand. You could also wait one extra round for that 5th pip and cast a Minotaur. If you are aware of how much damage your frog will approximately do, you can make an informed decision to either attack or wait. Don’t be like me and randomly cast whatever attack shows up in your hand. It works for me, but I don’t recommend it.

The same counts for your opponent’s attacks. Personally, I have a really hard time trying to decide if an over-time tick is worth Shifting back to the caster. With absolutely no clue of the amount damage the tick will do, you can never know if it’s worth doing. I’m jealous of all you naturally mathy people who just “know”, or even know how to calculate it lol.


3. Perseverance

It’s important to keep trying despite losing matches. Don’t lose hope! Certainly don’t expect to win every one of your matches. In fact, I recommend expecting to lose every single match, that way you get pleasantly surprised all the time!

Forget about silly things like win-loss ratios. I had a friend get upset at me for giving him “his tenth loss”. He had a record of 40-9 and I killed him, thus giving him his tenth loss. He made way too big of a deal out of it, if you ask me. But then again, I spent ages in the subprivate regions, so it’s not like I have a ratio to protect anymore. And people do judge you based on your ratio, like it or not.

Being perseverant is related to both the previous and the next item in this list. When you persist, you will get the experience you need. Subsequentially, when you get experience, you will acquire skills and these skills will help you win more. You should also persist despite bouts of bad luck, which I will talk about next.


4. Luck

RNG is very much present in wizard101. You have to get lucky with your pips, your cards, your pet’s activity level, your opponent’s level/rank/school, going first etc etc. Luck matters. So let’s just accept it: we are going to lose matches because of bad luck. And it’s probably going to be streaky aka your bad luck is going to accumulate. Everyone else’s luck is going to be bad sometimes too. Except me, possibly!

I’m very lucky. I admit it. It’s very rare that I have to deal with white pip disease for example. The one time I caught it, I infected my opponent as well, thus canceling out the bad luck. If we both have bad pips, it’s still fair! I go second about the same amount as I go first and it’s rarely in long streaks. So I’m not particularly lucky in that, but not unlucky either. I have trouble getting the right spells at the right time, but I blame my deck building skills for that rather than my luck. If I had a better deck, it wouldn’t fail as much. My pet is pretty active with infallible, but then again, the casting rate for auras is high.

Part of me thinks my luck is equally good/bad as anyone else’s. People just tend to see patterns easily, and it’s common to focus on the negative. Hence, everyone seems to think they’re really unlucky, while they’re just average. Me on the other hand, I don’t see these pattern. I have been blessed with a Misthead memory. It’s hard to find patterns when you can’t really remember who your previous opponent was, whether you went first or second and even whether you won or not. I guess that’s what makes me so good at enjoying the PvP journey rather than the winning. I will remember that I’ve had fun, even if the details are fuzzy. I won’t remember whether I won or not. Hence I take screenshots of every match result, so I can document it for posts like this!




The four things I decided to bring forward in this post were gear, experience, perseverance and luck. I’m sure there are other things that are important, but these four have been on my mind lately. Of these, only the fourth – luck – is something you can’t improve much. So let’s improve what we can! Me, I will improve/adjust my gear when I start losing more, because there’s no way I can keep winning endlessly with my low resist! It has worked up to now though.

What do you think is important to be successful in PvP? Let me know in the comments!

I’m currently leveling up a bunch of wizards, and of course they need a badge! Only which one should I take this time? There are SO many options these days, and many of them are really cool.

Usually I have each wizard “pick” their own badge. My wizards have personalities for me, so they “pick” their outfits, colors and badges themselves. I’ve nearly always gone with what fits their personality. As such, my Grandmaster Fire wears high heals and pink clothes despite my dislike of that look. She also wants the commander robe (in pink and white!), but she’ll have to wait a bit for that. Meanwhile, my max level Death is a “Spider Squisher”, because she had the tendency of adopting pet spiders while I was questing her. She kept getting them as drops everywhere, it was crazy! My Legendary Ice is a “Grumpy Warlord” because she was my first warlord and she was really grumpy, duh!

Wizards that don’t clearly show their personality usually get the all-time classic “Giant Hunter”, because you can’t go wrong with that badge. Regardless, when I made my Grandmasters, I ended up giving them all the same badge. All my Grandmasters are “Spell-Checkers”. While these Grandmasters clearly have their own personality, they bonded over questing together, so they wanted to stick to one badge.

Right now, I’m leveling some wizards to Legendary. As such, at level 30, it’s time to start thinking how I will handle the badge issue this time around. I kind of like the way my Grandmasters decided to solve it, so maybe my Legendaries should do the same. So far, they haven’t expressed a strong need to have their own unique badge, so why not! Only, which badge to pick?

The four I’m leveling right now are all called Molly Misthead, so a badge which continues the alliteration could be fun. These are the alliteration options available to them:

  • Machine Master (defeat Stoker)
  • Meow Master (defeat 400 cats)
  • Master of the Masterless (defeat Takanobu the Masterless)


On the other hand, the one that is currently Legendary already is a “Grumpy Warlord” and is quite attached to her badge. Maybe these newbies should join her in the realm of warlordly grumpiness? Other badges I’ve found amazing for a while are:

  • Gone Fishin’ (catch 1 fish)
  • Unconstrictable (defeat 100 boas)
  • Inspectors’ Nightmare (defeat 250 penguins)
  • Napoleon Complex (defeat 250 goblins)
  • Weed Whacker (defeat 250 plants)
  • White Elephant (defeat 250 elephants)
  • Bird is the Word (defeat 200 ravens)
  • Unbearable (defeat 200 bears)


I’m not sure what would fit them best yet. I will have to wait and see how they develop as they level up. Their preferences in clothes are already becoming clear, that’s for certain! Who knows, maybe they will rebel and don’t want to have a badge in common! Time will tell :)

Power leveling

I’ve been conducting an interesting little experiment this last week. I needed a distraction, and boy, did I find one! xD I decided to power level a wizard from level 1 to however far is possible without doing my main quests!

I went into this experiment with a rather negative opinion of power leveling. I didn’t really approve of it. In my opinion, it’s not how wizard101 is supposed to be played. You’re supposed to do your quests and advance that way! However, many people do power level a few levels when they’re tired of questing. For this experiment, I decided to put aside my prejudice and see first hand how easy or difficult power leveling is.


Power Leveling versus Power Questing

Firstly, let’s look at what I mean by power leveling. For me, power leveling and power questing are two separate things. They should not be confused. Both of them rely on a higher level wizard helping you through the game.

Power questing is when you do your main quests, but have a high level wizard do all the attacking for you. That way, battles rarely last longer than one or two rounds.This is very effective, and this is actually the way I usually quest.

Power leveling, on the other hand, means having a high level wizard help you through higher level dungeons without questing. That’s what I embarked on in this project.


The Rules

For this experiment, I decided no Lost Souls should be killed. The poor things get beaten up so badly all the time, this has to stop! Thus, I didn’t quest through Wizard City or any of the other worlds. After all, everything starts with that single battle with the Lost Souls in Unicorn Way.

I did not bother with side quests in Wizard City. Theoretically, those could have given me xp, but I just couldn’t be bothered. Instead, I focused on dungeons and gauntlets as my main source of xp.

Each dungeon was done exactly two times. This is due to the restriction of xp KI has set to repeating dungeons. Namely, the first time you do a dungeon, you will get full xp and the second time around, you only get half of the xp. Every consecutive run after that will gain you zero xp. As such, it makes sense to do dungeons twice, but not thrice.

There’s another restriction that’s important to note. You won’t be able to get more xp than ONE single level. This means that if I’m level 1 and do a dungeon that gives 44,000 xp, I will NOT GET 44,000 xp. Due to this, the order in which you do these dungeons matters. It would make no sense to start with Mirage dungeons and then work your way down, because you’d be wasting massive amounts of xp. As such, it makes sense to start from the lowest level dungeon you can find and working your way up from there.


The Dungeons

I’m listing the dungeons in the order that seems more or less the most optimal. Note that I didn’t do them in exactly this order! I didn’t research this project properly in advance, so there were moments where I realized I forgot to do a certain dungeon and then went back to it. This is unfortunate, because it meant losing some precious xp.

– Clockwork Tower (gauntlet)*
– Spiral Cup (gauntlet)*
– Frostholm (GH)
– Midnight Sun Pagoda (gauntlet)*
– Winterbane Hall (gauntlet)*
– Sunken City (WC)
– Throne Room of Fire (KR)
– Vault of Ice (KR)
– Emperor’s Retreat (KR)
– Tomb of the Beguiler (KR)
– Ironworks (MB)
– Katzenstein’s Lab (MB)
– Counterweight East (MB)
– Counterweight West (MB)
Big Ben (MB) (no xp)
– Crimson Fields (MS)
– Shirataki Temple (MS)
– Tree of Life (MS)
– Kembaalung Village
– The Grand Chasm Past (DS)
– Labyrinth (DS)
The Great Spyre (DS) (no xp)
– The Stellarium (CL)
– The Portico (CL)
– The Chancel (CL)
– Trial of the Spheres (CL)
– Mount Olympus (WC)**
– Loremaster (DS)
– Barkingham Palace (MB)
– Nastrond (WT)
– Keep of Ganelon (AV)**
– Deepest Mines (AZ)
– Pyramid of Mother Moon (AZ)
– The quest Basstille Redemption (PL)***
– Four Points, Aggrobah (MI)


Housing Gauntlets*

The housing gauntlets are useful for this project. You can find them through Castle Tours if you don’t own them yourself. Just keep visiting random houses until you find one.

I learned around level 40 that I could have gotten more xp from these by redoing them! I didn’t know each tier of these gauntlets is considered a different dungeon! As such, they give you xp again once you get to the appropriate level for the next tier! Tier 1 is for wizards level 1-19, tier 2 for level 20-39 and tier 3 for level 40-59. There are higher tiers too, but I doubt you can get to these when you’re not doing main quests.

Mount Olympus and Keep of Ganelon**

Both Mount Olympus and Keep of Ganelon have ONE specific area that you can teleport into. The beginning of these dungeons are no-port.

For Mount Olympus: if your high level goes to the room where Gladiator Dimachaerus resides, your no-quester can teleport in. I was interested to learn that, even if you’re level 30, you can’t get the quest for Mount Olympus!

For Keep of Ganelon: your high level needs to do most of the dungeon up until they get to the battle with the two dragons. This is the very last battle in the instance. This room can be teleported into and from there, your no-quester can continue curing King Artorius and celebrating the round table.

The quest Basstille Redemption (PL)***

Thanks to Alex Shadow (Alec Johnson) for pointing me in the direction of this one! In the Basstille, there’s an NPC that has a quest noobs can also pick up, yay! It requires you to kill a mob and then do a mini side quest dungeon (mob + boss). Do it twice, you can gain three levels in there :)


The Result: level 55!

My no-quester made it to level 55 in three days! I’m sure by doing these dungeons in the optimal order, you could easily get to 56 or 57. There’s also the possibility that I missed some obvious sources of xp. Let me know in the comments if that is the case! My quest book still doesn’t contain any other quest than the one that requires to kill Lost Souls.

Power Leveling

My opinion on power leveling has slightly shifted. While I still think (power) questing is just better, I can see now that power leveling is not “just something lazy people do”. It requires some work too! Redoing every dungeon twice got old REALLY fast.

Anyhow, I don’t recommend going through the game doing ONLY dungeons. My no-quester is now a level 52 necromancer that doesn’t have the following spells:

  • Death Trap (reward for completing Unicorn Way)
  • Sacrifice (reward for completing Wizard City)
  • Poison (reward for completing Krokosphinx)
  • Beguile (reward for completing Krokotopia)
  • Plague (reward for completing Marleybone)



Basically I now have a Grandmaster Death and I can’t even PvP because I miss vital spells xD It has been an interesting week though!

Tell me in the comments if you power level!

Time to take a look at the jewel blossom plants and decide which, if any, are worth gardening for me at this point! I only list the drops that are half-interesting or interesting to me. As such, this is not a complete guide and you might want to check the wiki for more information!

Star Jewel Blossom

YES: Star Jewels are worth it for me, at the moment. While I already have quite a few pain and proof jewels, the need for those doesn’t just disappear. I might as well stockpile these jewels. The dropped reagents are interesting too. Lastly, socket wrenches are also useful for me at the moment. According to the wiki, this jewel blossom is the only one that drops every level’s socket wrenches, so it makes sense to plant these instead of one of the others.

  • Socket Wrenches: Adept, Artisan, Expert, Master, Novice
  • Reagents: Brass, Draconium, Lead, Silver, Steel, Tin, Titanium
  • Pet Snacks
  • Jewels: Pain, Proof, Defy etc (pet)


Square Jewel Blossom

NO: Square jewels don’t drop healing or stun resistant jewels according to the wiki, but I’m not sure if that’s just because the wiki is incomplete. If not, these jewels are pretty useless for me.

  • Socket Wrenches: Artisan
  • Treasure Cards: blades, bubbles and mass converts
  • Reagents: Bronze, Cobalt, Copper, Draconium, Iron, Mithril, Nickel, Orichacum, Pyrite, Tungsten
  • Jewels: block, resist



Triangle Jewel Blossom

MAYBE: I might garden these just a little while longer, to get more accuracy jewels and stock up on the reagents. Long-term, these are pretty useless to me as well. If I get a few socket wrenches in the process, that’s nice of course as well.

  • Socket Wrenches: Adept, Artisan, Expert, Master
  • Treasure Cards: blades, bubbles and mass converts
  • Reagents: Bronze, Cobalt, Copper, Draconium, Iron, Mithril, Nickel, Orichacum, Pyrite, Tungsten
  • Jewels: blades, accuracy


Circle Jewel Blossom

MAYBE: Some of my accounts are pretty low on pierce jewels, so I will continue to garden these for a little bit.

  • Socket Wrenches: Adept, Expert, Master
  • Treasure Cards: blades, bubbles and mass converts
  • Reagents: Bronze, Cobalt, Copper, Draconium, Iron, Mithril, Nickel, Orichacum, Pyrite, Tungsten
  • Jewels: critical, damage, pierce


Tear Jewel Blossom

NO: I have already plenty of energy and health jewels. I also have all the tapestries I need so they’d just clog up my backpack.

  • Socket Wrenches: Adept, Artisan, Expert, Master, Novice
  • Housing: tapestries
  • Treasure Cards: blades, bubbles and mass converts
  • Reagents: Bronze, Cobalt, Copper, Draconium, Iron, Mithril, Nickel, Orichacum, Pyrite, Tungsten
  • Jewels: health, mana, fishing, energy


Which Jewel Blossoms plants do I need?


All in all, it seems these last months of gardening jewel blossoms have given me everything I need already. The only reason to keep gardening these is HOARDING. And as some of you already know, I’m a hoarder. As such, I will continue a while longer with all of these other than tear and square. I can’t wait for the jewel vault though!

Test realm pet training!

Whenever test realm approaches, I go crazy and hatch a couple of million times so I have pets to train in test realm. Whatever manifests in test realm will also manifest in the live realm. As such, this is a fail-safe way to find out if a pet is worth wasting snacks on or not. I don’t really have a shortage of snacks these days, but I still like to save them if it’s at all possible. Test realm means many many hours spent failing the dance game so I can feed my pets snacks.


The amount of hatched pets

So far, I have trained 61 pets in test realm. Of those:

  • 7 were only trained to teen
  • 2 were only trained to adult
  • 14 were trained up to ancient
  • 9 were trained to epic
  • 28 were trained all the way to mega
  • 1 got trained all the way to ultra, because I wasn’t paying attention :'(


The main talents

I thought I’d share some of the results. Basically it’s the same 7 talents over and over again:


  • Spell-Proof
  • Spell-Defying
  • Pain-Giver
  • School specific damage talents
  • Healing talents (fairy and healing current)
  • Charm Chopper (may cast enfeeble)
  • Incredibly Infallible (may cast infallible)




First of all, the lack of variation is totally my own fault. It stems from the fact that I pretty much only hatch with myself. Hence, my gene pool undergoes very little change over time. I have immense problems with asking for help. I’m a strong independent woman, so I don’t need help! Except that I do… kind of. My pets are such an in-bred bunch that they’d probably all be mentally challenged if this was real life.


Some of the actual pets

I tried to create a cool slide show for my pet screenshots, but sadly I can’t get it to work. I have currently 22 pets that I consider “non-fails”. Not “successes” as such, just no giant fails. Could definitely be worse! Here they are, by school!

Fire Pets

Ice Pets

Storm Pets

Balance Pets

Myth Pets

Death Pets

Life Pets

Test realm pet training

Universal Pets

Test realm pet training

Test realm pet training


As you can see, there is VERY little variation between most of these pets xD However, this test realm did have a lot less fails than the previous one, so I’m quite content for now. Now I can stop training until the next test realm comes around! ;)


I have started to love castle magic! Who’d have thought I’d turn out to be a decorator xD I don’t think I have a long carreer ahead of me in decoration. It will probably be just this one housing project. However, it’s a huge project, lol. I’m making a puzzle house. It’s like a maze in the sense that you have to find your way through it. It’s different in the sense that you need to solve puzzles to advance. So if you can’t solve the puzzle, you’re stuck! Once you get through, you can go inside to admire my tapestry collection. Only sharp and resilient people will make it to the inside of my house. I’m weeding out the unworthy ;)


It’s a challenge

It’s been fun making this house! However, I could have picked an easier house for my first project. The outside of the Darkmoor house is riddled with areas where you can’t place items unless you glitch them in place. This has made decorating a small nightmare. After all, if you glitch everything in place and then make a small mistake, you have to start all over again. I’ve spent many hours on getting things just right and — still — there are some things that aren’t 100% how they should be yet.

Castle magic seemed really complicated when I first started. As long as you don’t have a specific goal in mind, it’s just chaotic and confusing. As soon as I had a plan of what I wanted to achieve, things started to make sense though. Even Magic Computers weren’t as hard as I feared. I still have a certain problem with them, but it somewhat works, and I guess that’s enough for now. I’ve found other castle magic ways to work around my problem.

So what have I done so far?

I have buttons that make trees slide out of the way or up into the air. I have a tent that obstructs your way until you start jumping to turn it. There’s lever that will electrocute you on the first try, but will slide an obstacle out of the way when you gather enough courage to try again. I have braziers that need to be lighted with the right kind of flame. There’s a teleporter that takes you to a lever that you need to use in order to move a painting out of your way. You need to find two orbs in different parts of my house to make an obstacle disappear into thin air. Some grave stones move out of the way when you use an orb and then stand on a platform. You can water a tree, you can make a painting tiny by jumping and you can make some walls move. All in all, there’s a lot of interactive stuff.

What’s next?

I have some things to finish still. Cody found some areas where you can cheat your way through instead of following the path you’re supposed to go. I’m also still missing some housing items that are needed to prevent people from falling off the roof for example. There’s this one extra idea that’s still brewing in the back of my mind, but which might be too challenging for me to pull off. I also need to craft some Customizable Signs so I can instruct people to jump at certain places, because those are the parts people tend to get stuck on.

If I ever put it on housing tours, I will let you know here ;)

Good news! I just bought this:

Next to it is what I was using up to now, so you can see it’s an improvement XD

My tourney experience has been okay. I lost count already of how many I’ve done, but I’m slowly gaining a bit of bravery. The first few, I just passed in every fight. After that, I sometimes tested myself by casting a blade or something; never with the intention of actually hitting. The blades were just a way of getting used to the fact that I actually may have to do something some day.

I am also proud to announce I HAVE killed some people in tourneys! Mostly because they were just SO incredibly nooby that I couldn’t resist, lol. When faced with the noobiest of noobs, it’s just impossible to sit there and do nothing. I don’t generally enjoy uneven matches where there’s no challenge, but no way I’m going to pass my way through those.

Nathan and I also did a 2v2 where we did nothing but taunt the opponents, both with TCs and menu chat XD It was hilarious, I laugh sooooo hard. In addition, a comment from a spectator was golden: “typical mistheads” XD. Nathan’s last name is also Misthead namely. Next time, I might try subdueing my opponents, because those taunt TCs are EXPENSIVE lol.

All in all, things are going pretty great! Not in ranked though, I’ve been losing even more! Hopefully this ring will make a tiny bit of difference.

Okay, so! I know I’m late to the party (fashionably late perhaps?), but I think I need to do tourneys XD

Pffft, don’t laugh, I know you’ve all been telling me this since day one :p

Maybe my unwillingness to do tourneys is silly or strange to you. So let me explain it: there’s something about being FORCED to do 4 matches IN A ROW that makes me really anxious. True, I’ve been doing 4 matches in a row all the time in ranked PvP these last few days, but that’s different. That’s when I CHOOSE to do 4 in a row. I can take a break in between if I want to. There’s no timer, no external pressure that’s making me do a new one right away.

Today I got 500 tickets for doing nothing. Which feels wrong. I’m not okay with going offline and just collecting the tickets afterwards. It feels like an exploit. As of yet, Kingsisle has not reacted to it, but they COULD. Bartleby knows they’ve banned people for smaller things. Besides, whether they allow it or not, it also just feels wrong to me, and that’s enough of a reason.

As a result, I need to really DO tourneys. However, I will start small. I will start with just passing every round. That’s already enough anxiety for me at the moment. Maybe later I can actually start trying to participate or win. First I need to get used to being forced to do 4 matches. No need to tell me that I’m making a big deal out of nothing. I know I am. But this is my wizzy life and I will do it my way.

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