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Good news! I just bought this:

Next to it is what I was using up to now, so you can see it’s an improvement XD

My tourney experience has been okay. I lost count already of how many I’ve done, but I’m slowly gaining a bit of bravery. The first few, I just passed in every fight. After that, I sometimes tested myself by casting a blade or something; never with the intention of actually hitting. The blades were just a way of getting used to the fact that I actually may have to do something some day.

I am also proud to announce I HAVE killed some people in tourneys! Mostly because they were just SO incredibly nooby that I couldn’t resist, lol. When faced with the noobiest of noobs, it’s just impossible to sit there and do nothing. I don’t generally enjoy uneven matches where there’s no challenge, but no way I’m going to pass my way through those.

Nathan and I also did a 2v2 where we did nothing but taunt the opponents, both with TCs and menu chat XD It was hilarious, I laugh sooooo hard. In addition, a comment from a spectator was golden: “typical mistheads” XD. Nathan’s last name is also Misthead namely. Next time, I might try subdueing my opponents, because those taunt TCs are EXPENSIVE lol.

All in all, things are going pretty great! Not in ranked though, I’ve been losing even more! Hopefully this ring will make a tiny bit of difference.

Okay, so! I know I’m late to the party (fashionably late perhaps?), but I think I need to do tourneys XD

Pffft, don’t laugh, I know you’ve all been telling me this since day one :p

Maybe my unwillingness to do tourneys is silly or strange to you. So let me explain it: there’s something about being FORCED to do 4 matches IN A ROW that makes me really anxious. True, I’ve been doing 4 matches in a row all the time in ranked PvP these last few days, but that’s different. That’s when I CHOOSE to do 4 in a row. I can take a break in between if I want to. There’s no timer, no external pressure that’s making me do a new one right away.

Today I got 500 tickets for doing nothing. Which feels wrong. I’m not okay with going offline and just collecting the tickets afterwards. It feels like an exploit. As of yet, Kingsisle has not reacted to it, but they COULD. Bartleby knows they’ve banned people for smaller things. Besides, whether they allow it or not, it also just feels wrong to me, and that’s enough of a reason.

As a result, I need to really DO tourneys. However, I will start small. I will start with just passing every round. That’s already enough anxiety for me at the moment. Maybe later I can actually start trying to participate or win. First I need to get used to being forced to do 4 matches. No need to tell me that I’m making a big deal out of nothing. I know I am. But this is my wizzy life and I will do it my way.

So I’ve done 50 matches now. I won’t tell you my record because it’s starting to embarrass me. I mostly face lower level warlords, or geared up people with low ranks. Because I keep facing the same people, they’re starting to get bored of me XD I’m starting to get bored of me as well, honestly.

Here’s a list of the people I keep facing:

  • Dakota (Ice, Corporal, geared up): loss – loss – loss
  • James (Ice, Commander, geared up): loss – win – win – win – win
  • Wolf Silver (Balance, 1000+ rank): loss – loss – loss – win
  • Danielle (Life, warlord, geared up): win – loss – loss – loss – loss – loss
  • Blake Legend (Fire, 1000+ rank): loss – win – win – loss
  • Patrick Star (Myth, Commander, geared up): loss – loss – loss
  • Angus Spiritgiver (Life, sub-private): win – win – win



Of the people I’ve faced only once or twice, I’ve mostly won against those without gear and lost from the warlords. It’s not hopeless. There are just way too many lower level warlords around. I can’t keep up with them. I guess I’ll blame THAT! However, I have been meeting some nice people! Surprising how nice people are to you when they beat you again and again and again ;)

I haven’t really been giving Medusa and Basilisk a try, because I face all these experienced people and they know to stun block, of course. Orthrus has been useful, as well as infallible. The pet I’m working on is halfway to epic now with no infallible yet.

Not sure what else to say about all this. It’s hard not to get discouraged.

So, guess what! I stink at PvP now! XD

On most of my chars, I’ve been lucky enough to make it to 30-ish before getting my first loss. This time is different though. I’m currently sporting a record of 8-8. I’ve been trying to pinpoint what EXACTLY is different, but I can’t figure it out. I’ve done Myth PvP at Master and at Legendary with great success, but somehow Grandmaster is different.


So is it my gear? Or my pet? My deck? Or my luck? My strategy? I don’t know!


The thing I’m missing the most is may cast infallible. I doubt THAT’s the full cause of my lack of success, but it’s something I’ve always taken for granted. Now that I don’t have a pet with may cast infallible, I miss it more than words can tell. I’m working on fixing this, but you know how it is with pet hatching. I’m hoping the pet Blaze and I hatched will turn out okay.

I probably can’t blame the pet for much, because — as SEVERAL of my opponents have pointed out TODAY — I should be warlord with a pet like mine. Instead, I’m still a private XD There’s more to PvP than a pet, apparently. Who’d have thunk!?


Jeremy has been trying to convince me to do a few tourneys to get tickets to buy gear. But I think you all know I’m stubborn, so we will see XD It would help with my gear, which is mediocre at best at the moment.

Alex (and, today, a random Angel I met) have been trying to convince me to put all my principles aside. By that I mean they think I should do the BORING thing and use Medusa and Basilisk. I’m against using high level TCs because they’re high level for a reason. They’re too powerful. Also, OHKOs are boring. I’d rather see health go up and down, have some excitement! In addition, I don’t have a Life mastery, so if I don’t keep the pressure up with attacks, I’m afraid I’ll die pretty quickly. However, for the sake of not being a conservative noob unprepared to step out of her comfort zone, I might give their BORING way a try tomorrow.

What do you think? Medusa yay or nay? XD

Around Christmas it’s always a good idea to go visit Loremaster for a while. While the amount of spells you’ll get is unpredictable, there seems to be a a big improvement in the drop rate around this period. I farmed her for a couple of hours yesterday as well as a couple of hours the day before.


Here’s what my babies have gotten:

  • Big Balance got Deer Knight! I’ve never had Deer Knight on any of my wizards before, so I consider this a miracle. Big Balance can’t actually USE Deer Knight, but that’s okay. I still find myself blessed for getting it.
  • My Legendary Ice got Lord of Knight. Again, nothing she can use, but she has quite many spells already, so it’s not all that bad. Still waiting for her to get Winter Moon.
  • Baby Fire did get Winter Moon! Legendary Ice wasn’t farming at that moment, so it didn’t feel too bad. Baby Fire now also has Haepestus (or whtvr) and Krampus, so she doesn’t have to farm anymore now.
  • Baby Life got Krampus as well, which according to rumors is the spell that drops the most easily around this period. While this would make sense, I think the drop rate of all spells improves around Christmas.



I haven’t set any goals for myself as to what spells I want to be dropped. It’s too frustrating to farm for a CERTAIN spell. As such, I prefer just going in there and seeing what I get. It takes the stress away and keeps the experience positive.

Things I want to do:

– farm for EMPs in Mirage
– farm for glass slivers to craft the tapestry
– get some more wooden/stone keys
– do my crafting quests on my babies
– quest on my Life in Khrysalis
– get Cody’s help to do DM on one of my wizzies…
– decide who to PvP on when my xmas break starts
– farm Krampus for a while when he comes
– decide what talents I want on my Gobblerball pet

Here’s what my lvl 50 babies look like right now:


I’ve been working on getting them some of the spells that can be farmed for. Catch of the Day and Burning Rampage are mine already. Baby Fire got Burning Rampage on the 13th try and Stormy got Catch of the Day on the 8th try. I was pretty lucky with that, because I was expected to be farming for many more hours.


It seems I used up all my luck farming for those though, because I’ve been farming Koto for Ninja Pigs with no success. I did 115 runs yesterday. Luckily he’s easy to farm, so I don’t have to actually pay attention. Still, I’m kind of fed up with that battle now. I will continue when I can be bothered.


I suppose I could find my way to Loremaster next, but farming her is frankly a waste of time. I took the time to actually look at how many spells each of the chars I’ve farmed on have gotten. It looks pretty bleak. It’s not a difficult battle. I can kill in round 2. Many people can kill in round 1, but I can’t really achieve that. While farming, the drop rate doesn’t seem that bad, because it’s 4 chars in there, so there is usually a spell every 5-10 hours. However, when looking objectively at one character at a time, it hardly seems worth it. They have so few spells when I consider how long they’ve actually spent in that room.

Maybe I should make my babies crafters. This would make sense PvP-wise as well, because these wizards could craft gargantuan for PvP. Doing the quests just requires so much running back and forth. It seems a lot of trouble to go through. I do have many of the reagents piled up here and there, but I’m hesitant to USE them. Typical hoarder? XD


I’ve also been building my babies’ PvP decks a little bit. It feels difficult to do so. It would be best to just jump into the Arena and start. That way, I would notice clearly what spells I am missing. However, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t really had the energy to do that right now. I asked my best friend for Myth PvP advice and had to smile at his suggestions. I love how different we are. My strategies can get me to 1.3k easily on the schools I’ve tried, but that’s where it would end for me. I don’t think my setups would work higher up. Meanwhile, my friend has 2.6k and 3k rank (without boosting), so his strategies can get you up to the stars. I just don’t have the patience he has for PvP, so I doubt I would succeed using his deck setup. It was still nice to have him help me though!


Pet-wise Myth and Fire have okay pets. Both lack a pet with Infallible, but they have pets that would work for them. Ice has okay talents on a terrible pet. Death basically has many fails. I haven’t been really motivated to hatch and train new pets lately, because so many of the ones I did hatch failed horrendously. It’s so frustrating…

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to! What about you? :)

I’ve been in the process of leveling a new bunch of wizards to level 50 and I finished today! So now I have a brand new grandmaster Death, Myth, Ice and Fire.


Level 1

In Wizard City


This completes my collection of level 50s, since I already have a Life, Storm and Balance. It’s nice to have all the schools. Maybe I will get back into PvP! That would be exciting :) In fact, I will HAVE to for Fire, for reasons you will read about really soon.



In Krokotopia


The funny thing about me and questing is that my wizzies really develop a personality of their own in the process. I have the tendency to look critically at which drops my wizards get, right from Wizard City all the way to where I quit questing. On their journey, I start seeing patterns in what they’re getting as drops.

Certain wizards will get more crowns drops for example; which makes them seem like they really care about what they’re wearing, or are spoiled. Other wizards will get stuck with the noobiest gear items you can imagine. In that case, they seem like they aren’t really all that smart, or just particularly lazy.

For me, a wizard can be vain, depressed, self-confident, loud or shy — all based on what drops they get during their questing journey. This current batch of wizards is no exception. They’ve developed personalities of their own. Sometimes the personalities clash with my own personality, but that’s fine. They’re my babies, not my clones. They can be themselves.



In Marleybone


Fire, for example, is a really girly girl. She loves pink gear and she like high heals. I bet she’d love to prance around in the commander robe (white and pink) on the dainty high healed shoes. So that’s the look she will get. Nevermind that I hate high heals and dislike the color pink. If that’s what she wants, that’s what she’ll get. She seems to be the type to go with a hairstyle. She will have to be satisfied with whatever hairstyles I have gotten up to this point, as I’m not going to farm for those. I will have to dig through my gear vault.



In Mooshu


Ice on the other hand loves gear with school symbols on it. She hasn’t always been lucky enough to get the gear for her actual school, but the amount of school specific gear she has gotten is staggering. For hats, she prefers nooby gear, especially the kind that hides her hair. I don’t know why she’s so self-conscious about her hair. I love it. However, if she wants to hide it, fine, then she will get to hide it.

She already has an Ice symbol robes, so she will keep using that one. Oakheart’s Ice boots would go great with that, but I will have to farm for them. As a hat, she can keep the one she’s currently wearing, or perhaps get Old Smokey’s Hat or Youkai’s Rational Hat.



In Grizzleheim



Myth and Death are both lazy beans. They don’t care one bit about looking presentable. Myth likes colors that clash: blue robes, a bright yellow hat and pink boots sound great to her. She’s also not afraid to wear ridiculous stuff. I’m considering getting her an outfit that’s unusual, with many colors. I will have to go through some options before I settle on something that she would like.

Death just walks around in different shades of grey and beige most of the time. He’s the wizard that gets a lot of bland and boring drops. Not much black! That was surprising to me, for a Death wizard. I will still have to see what effects that will have on his final gear, because I can’t think of an outfit that would be both bland enough for him, and interesting enough for me. He also likes to hide his hair. Since he’s so lazy, I will probably be lazy as well and just pick something he happens to have in his backpack.




I will get back to you once they have their “final” outfit!

I have been farming Morganthe for a little bit on most days this week. It’s fairly fast, so I don’t mind doing it all that much. Sometimes it’s a fast 4 round kill, while sometimes it drags out to 6 rounds (because of stuns and fizzles). Nothing all that bad.

I’ve been getting a lot of stuff! Today has been the only bad day, so maybe the drop rate dropped or something. Or it’s just bad luck, who knows…

I like lists, so here’s a list of the things they got for their own schools:

Storm has gotten:

  • Athame: Blade of the Shadow Palace
  • Ring: Band of the Shadow Web


Balance has gotten:

  • Amulet: Morganthe’s Shadow of Amber (3x)
  • Ring: Loop of the Umbra Legion


Fire has gotten:

  • Amulet: Morganthe’s Dark Charm
  • Ring: Seal of the Shadow Palace (3x)


Ice has gotten:

  • Amulet: Gem of the Grand Prophecy
  • Athame: Shadow Spider’s Sting (3x)
  • Ring: Geometry of Shadows


Death has gotten:

  • Ring: Insignia of the Dark Woman


Not bad, I think :) Funny how good things come in threes so often XD

I did Darkmoor! It wasn’t pleasant, but I did it!

Sierra had offered again and again to help me with it, but it was too intimidating. It took her a lot of pushing. I guess she won in the end. Not because of her arguments, because I can think of plenty of terrible things to answer the question “what’s the worst that could happen” with. I won’t list them, because it upsets people. However, the point is that I shouldn’t let my fears win. It’s incredibly stupid to not do things simply because you’re afraid. Fears only grow bigger if you don’t deal with them. They’re not going to go away simply because you choose to ignore them.

So with Sierra’s Storm as hitter, my Storm, Death and Myth made it through Darkmoor. My memory of the whole ordeal is growing hazy already, but I’ll write down what I remember anyways. The first battle went well. That’s the one I’ve practised before, so it was familiar. In the two other battles, we ran into some trouble.

Twice, some of my wizards just ran through the enemies instead of joining the battle circle. That’s caused by lag, and has been pretty common for me since the update. It’s pretty funny actually. It’s like you’ve turned into a ghost. My wizards are on auto-run when they join the battle circle, so they just end up running into the wall behind the enemies. I would have many concussions, if such a thing hurt as much in game as it does irl. I’m speaking from experience, as I actually have had a concussion at one point because of running into a wall.

The one thing we should have done differently would have been the deck set-up. Sierra wanted to just do the first battle, then set up decks for the second battle and so on. This meant I couldn’t collect the right TC to fill the decks. I’d have had so many different blade and trap options if I’d just have filled my decks ahead of time. I suppose Sierra was either afraid I would back out, or really eager to see “Bob” (as she calls Yevgeny) again. I also could have trained elemental trap on Stormy and maybe on Myth/Death too. Thirdly, I wouldn’t have made the mistake of putting prisms in my deck instead of dispels. Ahead of time, my stress levels would have been lower and, as such, I would have been quicker and more precise while filling my decks. By doing it in between battles, the risk of me doing something stupid increased dramatically.

I had a few minor panic attacks that I got under control fairly quickly (proud of that). If you don’t know what a panic attack feels like, imagine your heart racing, being unable to breathe, losing all feeling in your hands and arms, and being afraid you’re going to faint/die soon. I also cried a fair amount, but I’m a cry baby, so that’s nothing special.

In the Malistaire battle, the minions didn’t quite want to die at first. Who can blame them? Stormy died once, because he’s so handsome he attracts unwanted attention. He doesn’t have to cast any spells to draw enemy attacks to him; enemies just naturally favor him. Ever heard that theory that minions always attack the person opposite of them in the circle, unless someone attacks or heals to draw their attention? Yeah, not true with my Storm around. I’ve always thought it’s because he’s so handsome. Of course they’re looking at him when they’re casting spells, he’s a cutie! I’m happy to announce those days may be over now, because Stormy got the ugly Malistaire hat! Now nobody can see his handsome face, woohoo! :D

In addition to the Storm hat, Myth got Mali’s robes from the chest. Sierra was totally right that they look weird on girls… I stood inside the chamber for a long time after Sierra left, thinking about how many crowns I am ready to sacrifice for this. I mean, if I’d spend enough, these wizards would never have to do Darkmoor ever again. That would be awesome! But it would also mean I wouldn’t have crowns to spend on eventually stitching that ugly hat to make my Stormy look like his handsome self again… Choices, choices! I gave up after I reach the 500 crowns mark in the chest.

So how do I feel about Darkmoor now? I still think it’s impossible for me to ever solo the second and last battle. It’s just way too confusing for me to do it alone on 4 accounts. Sierra said I did great. She’s blaming our decks for how confusing the last battle was for me. She set them up for me, which I am very grateful for. Making decks is one of my least favorite things ever. It just gets confusing when you have more than one wizard, both while building the decks and while actually in the battle. Simple battles, where I just have 3 wizards blading the 4th and trapping the boss, are easy for me. But having to think about prisms and doom and whether to do myth or storm traps gets too much for me. I’m not all that good of a multitasker to be honest.

Do I feel glad it’s over? Yes! We DID get to the end. Stormy only died once. Sierra didn’t shout at me. It didn’t take 27 hours to do it. It’s done.

Do I feel more confident now? No. It just showed me I can’t do it alone. This run didn’t take away my fears. I will be just as clueless and terrified next time, if there ever is a next time.

Do I feel grateful? YES! Sierra is awesome for many reasons, but especially because she so patiently allows me to be me. She put up with me complaining about not being able to do Darkmoor. She didn’t get mad at me for refusing to do it with her. And then she actually went in there with me. I want to somehow pay Sierra back, but nothing I can think of is good enough. Time to start worrying about that, I suppose!

Worrywart signing off ;)


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