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Good news! I just bought this:

Next to it is what I was using up to now, so you can see it’s an improvement XD

My tourney experience has been okay. I lost count already of how many I’ve done, but I’m slowly gaining a bit of bravery. The first few, I just passed in every fight. After that, I sometimes tested myself by casting a blade or something; never with the intention of actually hitting. The blades were just a way of getting used to the fact that I actually may have to do something some day.

I am also proud to announce I HAVE killed some people in tourneys! Mostly because they were just SO incredibly nooby that I couldn’t resist, lol. When faced with the noobiest of noobs, it’s just impossible to sit there and do nothing. I don’t generally enjoy uneven matches where there’s no challenge, but no way I’m going to pass my way through those.

Nathan and I also did a 2v2 where we did nothing but taunt the opponents, both with TCs and menu chat XD It was hilarious, I laugh sooooo hard. In addition, a comment from a spectator was golden: “typical mistheads” XD. Nathan’s last name is also Misthead namely. Next time, I might try subdueing my opponents, because those taunt TCs are EXPENSIVE lol.

All in all, things are going pretty great! Not in ranked though, I’ve been losing even more! Hopefully this ring will make a tiny bit of difference.

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  1. Me: Wins tourney with 10 health
    Spectators: “tryhard”
    That’s my name of the day :)

    Do you have the Duelist’s Fatal Razor yet? I heard it’s a really good athame. Especially with that may cast aura…that I still don’t have.

    Maybe if 1v1 isn’t helping much, 2v2?

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