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It’s been a really bad week for me emotionally and relationshiply (that’s totally a word). Like, horrible. It’s been the worst. Worse than that even. You get the point. But it’s also been a good week because I’ve gotten a lot of things done in Wizzy! There’s nothing like terrible terrible moods and situations to keep you motivated! The worse I feel, the more I get done, apparently. I have to distract myself somehow, you know.

So here’s an update on what I’ve been doing!

Here’s two (tamed) ravens who’ve quested all the way from the beginning of Grizzleheim to (almost) the end of Wintertusk (I got bored so I quit there)! These two are going to quest with my Storm (who finished Dragonspyre this week as well!) and my Myth (who’s just impatiently been waiting around). Their goal is to get to level 60, do Waterworks and then PvP.

Then there’s these 4. They have quested as well and are now finally Grandmasters, woohoo! They’ve also been doing tourney after tourney after tourney to be able to afford their matching robes. Their wands have been stitched to the Dragonclaw Blade now, so they look kind of cute. For some reason I’ve gotten attached to the hats, so they’re keeping those xD

Balance (on the right) finally got a good pet, Myth (second in line) is getting closer, Death (third) has a good one already and Fire (last but not least) is finally making some progress (why is getting Infallible on a Fire pet so hard?? (also, why am I putting so many things between brackets? (stop questioning yourself, Misthead))). These 4 have many more tourneys in their future because they still need the Duelist’s hat, boots, ring and athame (they are DUELISTS you know, they HAVE to have gear with “Duelist” in its name (no, just kidding, that’s just a coincidence (I just really like the gear’s stats))).


I also spent some centuries torturing Loremaster and got a lot of useless spells. Myth did get Keeper of the Flame and Balance (FINALLY!) got Loremaster, so I’m pretty happy. Lore is fairly relaxing, so it’s not a bad way to spend time. It’s just that it takes a LOT of time to get the right spells.


Also this week: after about 40 runs, baby Fire got Burning Rampage! That was pure torture! After a while I did get my two round kill to perfection, but ugh! Not something I enjoyed. I hope I will enjoy the end result though! All 4 of these chars now have the spell, but I doubt Storm and Ice will do much with it xD

Not pictured (but also nice!) but I met some awesome people this week! And started talking more with people I didn’t really talk to. Usually the periods when I don’t PvP are quiet and lonely, because I pick up most of my friends through PvP. These few new people have stuck with me even though I’m not PvPing right now, which is nice (and unusual)!

What’s next? Well… I’d really like to PvP. I feel kind of useless if I’m not PvPing. I kinda of feel useless all the time, but PvP makes everything feel better. Hoewever, I need tickets first for my Grandmaster Myth and/or level my other Myth to Legendary. So either I will be questing OR I will be doing tourneys. I have decided Myth is the way to go when I start PvPing again, but I don’t really care WHICH Myth it is. They’re both cutiepies (:eye <3 :myth, as we would say in game now ;) if you get what I mean…)

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