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Lenora Lighthead:
Lost in Alliteration #3


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Having conversations with Lenora is weird now. Her replies are puzzling and bizarre. It all sounds pretty cool and mysterious, in a dark kind of way, but honestly it gives me a headache. Half of the time I feel she’s quoting some obscure writer of depressing poetry. Here are some actual things she has said to me:

“Could be worse. Not sure how, but it could be.”

“Don’t worry about me. Go and enjoy yourself. I’ll stay here and be miserable.”

“Be like snow: silent and cold.”

“I know everything happens for a reason, but sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was.”

I have tried getting her to tell me what exactly is wrong, but all I get is cryptic answers and I don’t know how to decode them. You can’t force a person to tell you what the matter is, I guess. I asked Oran and he said that I should give her space, if she doesn’t come to me. I should be there for her, but not push her. Maybe I’ll make her anxiety worse if I demand answers. Which is reasonable and all, but I don’t want to be reasonable! I just want to resolve this situation.

I have tried cheering her up and distracting her. It was clearly a bad idea to take her mind off things by taking her to the Floating Land. I tried to get her out of the library for other things, but no go. She’s cooped up in there, reading who knows what, and getting more anti-social by the day.

I had a little more success when I got her a new pet. I saw this grimoire in the Pet Pavilion and it was too good of an opportunity to miss. A book pet for a bookworm, perfect! Lenora did like that gift, I think. At least she didn’t start arguing about it like with the Efreet treasure card. She has been feeding Madame Sheba so many pet snacks he’s turning into a book with more pages every day. He keeps her company in the library, which perhaps helps a little with Lenora’s mood.

Since she won’t tell me what’s wrong, I think I’ll talk to some people she is somewhat close to. I guess it’s no surprise that those people are mostly librarians. The silly bookworm sees a trip to Zafaria as an opportunity to check the library there, rather than as an adventure to save the Spiral.

So off to the library I go, in an attempt to save a Lighthead from whatever is bothering her! It’s not quite as exciting as saving the Spiral, but Lenora is my friend. If she won’t talk to me, I will find out some other way. I’m not just letting her disappear.


Chapter 4

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