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Lenora Lighthead:
Lost in Alliteration #4


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I decided to check the library in Zafaria first. There’s something about Kiliman Copperleaf that makes you instantly trust her. Unfortunately, Lenora didn’t seem to have trusted the Zafaria librarian enough to share her feelings. Yes, Lenora had been in the library recently, but no, she hadn’t talked about anything special. The librarian had noticed that Lenora seemed a little sad, but hadn’t given it any further thought.

“We’re all a little sad sometimes, right,” she asked with an understanding smile.

There was only one more thing I could think to ask: “What books did Lenora borrow?”

“Oh, nothing in particular. Most of them were related to the Fire school. What you’d expect a Pyromancer to read, I suppose.”

I frowned disappointedly and thanked the librarian for her time. Dead end.

Next up: Hugo Chatterly. This librarian had seen Lenora last week, when she’d borrowed a book on the flames of Zolivar. He hadn’t noticed anything special in her mood or behavior, but he’d been extremely busy keeping the Wysteria students from tearing down a shelf.


The library in Avalon was a mess and I couldn’t find the librarian anywhere. Had the Wysterian students come and wrecked her place? Had she quit her job as a result? I didn’t know and I didn’t have the time to find out.


The Krokotopian librarian Zan’ne was no help either. Lenora had been there many time during the last few months, but he didn’t recall what she had borrowed exactly. “Something about Pyromancy, probably.”

He also couldn’t say if she’d been more moody than usual. The mander had trouble identifying human emotions: “You guys have way too tiny eyes and that weird little stump you call a nose doesn’t show any emotions!”


So I followed my little stump nose to the only library left I could think of: the one in Wizard City. The Wizard City Librarian, Harold Argleston, was usually swamped with work. After all, every new student at Ravenwood ended up in his library sooner or later. As such, I didn’t expect him to remember Lenora very well.

Surprisingly, out of all the librarians, he was the most aware of what Lenora had been doing in his library. “According to my archives, Lenora has mostly been researching her school, like any good Pyromancer should. She might be a little obsessive about it, but her enthousiasm is admirable.”

I’m not sure if I learned anything on this trip. Why can’t you just talk to me instead of disappearing into your own world, Lenora?



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