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I’ve been farming Loremaster for a couple of days now. It’s actually fun now, because I’m getting lots of spells. The wrong spells, sure, but they’re still spells! And maybe I will need them some day for a crazy PvP setup? You never know.


Here’s what I’ve gotten so far, in three days:

  • Grandmaster Myth: Pigsie, Handsome Fomori
  • Master Myth: Lord of Night, Winter Moon
  • Champion Myth: Angry Snowpig, Hephaestus, Pigsie, Deer, Ninja Piglets
  • Legendary Myth: Ninja Piglets, Savage Paw
  • Legendary Life: Lore, Queen Calypso
  • Champion Life: Ninja Piglets, Lord of Night



I was going to start with my Deaths instead of my Myths, but since Loremaster doesn’t drop Headless right now, I figured I’ll wait. Myth is my favorite school, so I decided to start with them. It’s actually nice to farm Loremaster with four characters of the same school. You can’t get spells on the wrong character, since they’re all after the same spells. As such, it takes away some of the frustration of farming for spells. I will switch to Life when I get bored of Myth :p



I’m using Myth as a hitter. Everyone else blades or feints. If Myth crits, I can kill in one round with Frog. If she doesn’t, I use Gobbler the second round. Big Myth’s critical chance is only 47%, but we do crit quite a lot, I would say.


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  1. do you have any angry snovvpig tc i have a ninja piglet tc

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