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I can remember a time when the square trees in Avalon made me smile as I ran down the grassy hill through Caliburn with the mighty castle on the horizon urging me to quest further and achieve my dreams as long as those dreams consisted solely of experience and gold combined with Monty Python jokes which were hidden all over for me to find and chuckle at like they were all that mattered in the world filled with friends like Angel who would occasionally port in and help me with Agnes the blue witch without me asking him to or with the Jabberwock which we defeated in our noob gear with our noob decks filled to the brim with noob spells and with no strategy to speak of because we didn’t know any better but we managed because that’s what you do when you’re in love with a game but too much of a noob to know anything about strategies and unaware of the many great sources there probably were online in those days already but which we didn’t discover until much later when I was questing with yet another Angel who in one battle against a Balance boss told his two best friends to teleport in to help us while forgetting that his friends were Balances as well and there we were, four Balances with badly made decks and with huge smiles on our faces and bellies painful from all the laughing.

I can remember. I can never go back, but I can always remember.


  1. I had no clue what wordles were until now. It turns out that if I break my period key, I can still write things of value!

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