Pirate101: MooShu Trivia by Lydia Ashburn

August 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

1. Who won’t bargain a pearl with the Monkey King? Answer: Karasu Correct!
2. Where might one find a lost Imperial Jade Statue? Answer: Hamamitsu Correct!
3. What kind of weapon do Buccaneer’s get for finshing the quest Turnabout Answer: Odachi Correct!
4. What means did Dr. Noh use to take Egg Foo Yung’s Map piece? Answer: Hired a ninja Correct!
5. What does Monkey King say you should ask for from the Dragon King? Answer: The Challenge Correct!
6. Who is a Celestial Ogre? Answer: Friar Sand Correct!
7. What best describes Yuji? Answer: Yak Correct!
8. What kind of pollen could be slipped into some tea to make someone fall asleep? Answer: Moon Pollen Correct!
9. Which one isn’t a relic stolen from the Dragon Prince’s Father? Answer: Gong of Serenity Correct!
10. Which one knows how to make a fake signature? Answer: Chosuke Correct!
11. Where can you find Shunzang the Wise? Answer: Temple of Eternal Serentiy Correct!
12. Where does Governer Umeboshi say you can find the Scroll of Secrets? Answer: Library of Contemplation Correct!

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