Wizard101: Pet Snacks & Pet levelling

December 28, 2013 in Beginners Guide

As you train your pet two things happen. The first is that your pet’s experience increases. As the pet gains more experience, talents will appear. The second is that the strength of the talents increase as you get closer to reaching the end of the bars for each of the statistic.


Feeding your pet snacks gives you the ability to train your pet quicker and increase its experience. Every pet snack will also, increase at least one of the 5 statistics your pet has. Your baby pet has its own maximum numbers it can reach for each of  Strength, Intellect, Agility, Will and Power. When you train a pet using pet games in the pet pavilion, at the completion of each game you will be given an option to feed you pet

How do snacks help level my pet?

Each snack adds to one or more statistic. To see which statistic an individual snack increase, look at the snack itself. Just under the picture of the snack you will see some number(s). Each number has a corresponding symbol, which you can also see next to each of the statistics bar. If a snack has a 1 next to a winged foot, the snack will increase the agility bar by 1,


 Snacks and Statistics

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Are all snacks the same?

No. Different snacks increase the statistics bar differently, and each snack may affect one or more statistics.

Does it matter what snacks I feed my pet?

It can. Most snacks you feed pets will have no additional affect, other then increasing the experience and the statistics bar by the exact amount on the snack. However, bonus experience points can be given if a pet “Likes” or Loves a particular snack. One extra point of experience is added if a pet snack is liked and two if it is loved. However, there is no bonus increase for the statistics bars.

If I feed a specific snack to my pet, can I guarantee a specific talent?

No. Nothing you feed to your pet will have any affect on the talent that will appear on your pet



Where can I get snacks from?

There are many ways to get snacks.

  • They can be brought at the bazaar
  • They are dropped throughout spiral by bosses and minions
  • They are drops from plants
  • They can be found in packs
  • They can be bought with crowns in the crown shop, and finally
  • They can be bought by gold or arena tickets from pet snack vendors around the spiral


Pet Snack Vendors


Broc Connery

Pet Pavilion

Note: ***** Arena Tickets only


Dusty Shadowcloud

Pet Pavilion    

Snacks in WC


The Oasis    

Snacks in Krok


Jade Palace  

Snacks in Mooshu

Begonia Woodworth

Pigswick Academy, Wysteria Pet & Snack Shop

Snacks in Wysteria

Gordon Sumner

Regeant’s Square

melusi_blackhoof_zafaria_pet_snack vendor


Zafer Flamewielder

The Basilica  

Snacks in DS


Terrence Walpole

Survey Camp, The Promenade  

Snacks in CL


Melusi Blackhoof

Baobab Market  

melusi_blackhoof_zafaria_pet_snack vendor



Abbey Road 

Snacks in Av



The Zocalo 

Snacks in AZ

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  1. It is possible to obtain a pet snack by crafting. If, I think, your crafting badge says you are an apprentice crafter, you may craft a few types of pet snacks. The vendor is in Pet Pavilion, inside one of the buildings. I have no clue to where those locations are, but another vendor that sells crafting recipes for pet snacks is in Krokotopia, in The Oasis.

    oooh have given me an idea for a guide :) ty Cody

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