ideas # 29

November 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

a nevv superboss is here health 2500 rank 18 life 45% pierce 60% damage starts off vvith 4 povver pips


if a male vvizard on the sun spot he takes a 35% vveakness every time he uses a heal or pet heals

if a female vvizard is on the eye spot she vvill be beguiled every 4 turns

if a male vvizard is on the moon spot he vvill get life fuel

this battle is different every hit including dots does 1 damage adding a blade or trap does 3 more damage

if a female vvizard is on the star spot this boss vvill use leafstorm every turn

this boss vvill never use absorbs or heal

this boss vvill use a 20% amplify at the start of the tenth round

this boss vvill use giant spider if someone uses a life spell

this boss vvill has a natural attack that does 400 damage per pip and puts 60% vveaknesses



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