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Myth rank

For a long time, and continuing on to today, most myths at magus/adept level in the arena use basilisk/orthrus. To me, using high level attacks is a sign you can’t win with spells on your own level, and is cheap. This is partially because a TC basilisk does a whopping 1300+ damage, and is a DOT. This is okay when your average health at your level is around 3000-4000, but when an opponent only has 1000-1500 health, I believe that this approach is lazy. Upon asking these players why they use this spell instead of spells on their own level, their responses fell into two major categories:

1: “Minotaur is for noobs”, which is an opinion, and one that I think is very false

2: “I need it to win”, which is what this post is about.

I started 2nd age PvP on my Magus Myth with the goal of proving that you DON’T need high level attacks of any kind – basilisk, orthrus, medusa,etc. – to achieve warlord. However, I ended up proving that it is not only possible to attain WARLORD status using no high level attacks, but a flawless warlord status. This guide will explain my strategy, deck, etc.


I use the following gear setup:

Hat: Cowl of Tribulation (commander hat), formerly Hat of Rising Stakes

Robe: Infernal Drape

Boots: Pads of the Proud Jaguar, formerly Striders of the Verge

Wand: Fire Serpent’s Obsidian Fang, formerly Phosphorescent Maul

Athame: Heartsteel

Amulet: Nightshade’s Choker

Ring: Band of the Brave

Pet: The Generic No-Crowns Pet (starfish w/ spell-proof & spritely)

Deck: Deck of the Lotus

Deck Setup

Main deck:

Myth Deck

Defence: Maximum towers for shielding from any school. Three Volcanic shields and two Ether shields, for shielding against their respective schools. Maximum pixies for healing.One Cleanse Ward for feints/other traps/prisms. One Stun for, well, stunning. One Vaporize to stop Shatter. Maximum weakness to take away 25% from all of any attack. Maximum Infection for preventing healing.

Reshuffles: Three.

Minions: Three Cyclops Minions for generic use. One Minotaur Minion when needed or to distract other minions.

Offence: Maximum Time of Legends to push out bubbles and give attacks a boost. Three Mythblades and two Spirit Blades to boost attacks. Maximum Humungofrogs to take out minions, and as a side attack. Three Minotaurs and two Ninja Pigs as main attacks. One Shatter for opportunistic use.

Side deck:

Myth Side

Defense: Two Satyrs for when I need a big heal fast. Two Triages to remove DoTs. One Earthquake to combat bladestackers.

Offence: Three Monstrous Humungofrogs for removing minions and as a side attack. Two Monstrous Minotaurs for when you need to pull a main attack. Six Monstrous for enchanting main deck attacks. Two Infallible for piercing resist. Two Doom for destroying your opponents healing capabilities ;P

My strategy is the generic strategy of myths who use fair spells: combo. Bring out your minion, keep your opponents’ dead. Win the bubble war, get a few blades up, and when you see an opening, combo your minotaur or ninja pigs to kill your opponent with two attacks. If they have lots of resist, infallible then double minotaur is my go-to kill combo.

Included is a pair of videos showing me using this strategy from second against a balance captain and second against a death sergeant. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!



  1. My Myth is a level 50. Record is 61-7. He made Warlord when he was level 49. I use a very simmilar set up as this. 1 Basilisk in side when i first started. I ended up taking it out. I did use it once, but did not like what it did to my pips. Left me starved. The double Mino combo is my main attack.(No trained Pigs) Mino is a beast. If you can get a full rack of pips, firing off 3 of these in a row is devastating, even when your opponant has 4000 health.I also like having Monster in the side rather than pre enchanted cards. More flexability for me.

    Great write up. Good job on that record.

  2. I’m leveling this character to 50 to try out the warlord gear, at that point I will do more pvp on him!

  3. I would like you to go even further and excel at pvp by becoming overlord! 😀 I know you can do it! 😛

  4. I prefer to put enchants in side deck on this char because it gives me more flexibility. However, pre-enchanted hits in side are great, they give you so much more space in main. On my balance, I put my hits in side.

  5. Hopefully!

  6. That’s exactly how I handle Myth at that level as well, yup yup 🙂 But I enchant my attacks in advance instead of putting the enhances in the side deck.

  7. i think you just proved that monstrous and infallible are just as effective as basilisk

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