Contest: It’s House-a-Palooza! (Wizard101) {CLOSED}



House-a-Palooza is Back!

Wizard101 Celebrates Housing in August

The month of August brings House-a-Palooza back to the spiral with new goodies to give away. Duelist101 would like to thank KingsIsle for sending us more awesome prizes to share with you! Enter one of our contests for your chance to win the awesome Dragon’s Fjord House or a special Tapestry!


Win one of these 26 Teleport Tapestries!

Teleport Tapestry to the BazaarTT-Bazaar

Teleport Tapestry to the ArenaTT-Arena

Teleport Tapestry to CaliburnTT-Caliburn

Teleport Tapestry to Crystal CavesTT-CrystalCaves

Teleport Tapestry to Outer YardTT-OuterYard

Teleport Tapestry to Nameless TowerTT-Nameless

Teleport Tapestry to White Owl TowerTT-White-Owl

Teleport Tapestry to Celestia Base CampTT-CelestiaCamp

Teleport Tapestry to Dragonspyre BasilicaTT-Basilica

Teleport Tapestry to Gamma’s TowerTT-Gammas

Teleport Tapestry to NorthguardTT-Northguard

Teleport Tapestry to the OasisTT-Oasis

Teleport Tapestry to Regents SquareTT-Regents

Teleport Tapestry to Merle’s HouseTT-Merles

Teleport Tapestry to Jade PalaceTT-JadePalace

Teleport Tapestry to NightsideTT-Nightside

Teleport Tapestry to the Balance SchoolTT-BalanceS

Teleport Tapestry to the Death SchoolTT-DeathS

Teleport Tapestry to the Fire SchoolTT-FireS

Teleport Tapestry to the Ice SchoolTT-IceS

Teleport Tapestry to the Life SchoolTT-LifeS

Teleport Tapestry to the Myth SchoolTT-MythS

Teleport Tapestry to the Storm SchoolTT-StormS

Teleport Tapestry to the CommonsTT-Commons

Teleport Tapestry to the WC LibraryTT-WClibrary

Teleport Tapestry to PigswickTT-Pigswick


Contest #1

Wizard101 Vacation Home Super-Raffle!


  • August 1st


  • August 30th at 11:59PM CST


  • 4 Winners will be selected to receive a code for the Dragon’s Fjord House
  • 15 Winners will be selected to receive a code for one Random Tapestry



Contest #2

Hidden Housing Item!


  • August 1st


  • When we have 5 Winners or August 15th, whichever comes first (see Rules)!


  • There will be 5 Winners:
    • 1st Correct Guess will win a Dragon’s Fjord House plus One Tapestry
    • 2nd through 5th Correct Guesses will win One Tapestry


How to Play / Rules:

1. Leave a comment below with your guess as to which Housing Item is behind the Big Question Mark in the screenshot below.

2. Only one guess is allowed per person (multiple guesses from the same IP address will not be considered).

3. When 5 people have guessed the correct Housing Item, the contest will end and we will announce the Winners! 

4. Here’s a hint: the mystery housing item is a Wall Hanging, and it is NOT a Tapestry or a Customizable Sign.

5. You do not have to use the exact name of the housing item, but your answer needs to be descriptive enough to identify it correctly. 

6. If we do not have 5 correct guesses by August 15th, the contest will end. Prizes will be awarded to all those who guessed correctly, and a new contest will begin!



Congratulations to the 5 Winners who guessed the “Grandpa Froggy” wall hanging!

1. Sophia Emeraldblossom
2. Charles Dragon 
3. Dakota Waterdreamer 
4. Ty’Rick Lacroix
5. anthonygem 

The Raffle is still ongoing, and you can enter it once every day!


Good Luck, Everyone!


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  • Sophia EmeraldBlossom

    Is it the Grandpa Froggy painting?

    (By the way, do the houses come with elixirs?)

    • The houses come with additional castle space and brick-a-brack elixirs.

      • Jacob Dragonwhisper

        Wow, awesome!!

  • Vanessa Mythdust

    Is it the Marleybonian Pilot Painting???

    Thanks for the contests!!! 😉
    And for some reason it won’t let me sign up for your community…keeps saying I can’t have my username…is there something wrong with the username VanessaMythdust????

    • Try using only lowercase letter for the username part.

      • Vanessa Mythdust

        That worked, thanks so much!!!! 🙂

  • tatiana shadowflame

    Is it the Ruined Painting?

  • Sophia Titanheart

    I think the wall hanging is the Marleybonian Pilot Painting.
    Good luck everyone, and thanks for the contest! 😀

  • Sophia Titanheart

    Wow. I didn’t realize someone said that before me, LOL

  • Katherine ThunderBreaker

    I think its the Night Painting. Good Luck everyone! =)

  • Diana Silverflame

    Elephant Painting 🙂

  • Emily OwlFriend

    Erm . . . is it Old Wizard?

  • Prince of Esprit

    Gonna go with Marlebonian Pilot Painting. Thanks for the contest!

  • Jacob Dragonwhisper

    Is it the portrait of selena gomez?

  • Greedy Samuel Templeton

    I would have to guess that its the Professor Drake housing item.

  • Deathheart

    I think it is the tall gorilla mask

  • Amber Firesword

    I’ll guess…. the airship photograph? XD

  • Edward RubyRunner

    I’m gonna have to say, Ornate Wall Clock. Thanks 🙂

  • Sabrina SkullBreaker

    Painting of Merle Ambrose?

  • Calixte Biker-Boy Williams

    i think its a portrait of merle ambrose…not sure why i think this it but never

  • Alex WinterShard

    Is it…. Gold Swords and Shields?

  • Gem Wizards

    Night Painting

  • Nancy

    Elephant Queen painting

  • Dylan SunThief

    I’m gonna guess… Elephant Queen Painting!

  • Charles Dragon

    Grandpa Froggy Painting

  • Cj Boyce

    (Fire) school teacher painting

  • MollyRavenflame

    Lynx Gazer 🙂

  • jewelshadowcaster

    Halston Balestrom portrait 🙂

  • Alex

    Professor Moolinda Wu wall hanging

  • Jacob deathhorn

    Cyrus Drake Portrait

  • Phoenix

    Hmm…Not sure why, but I’m going to guess it’s the Ruined Painting.

  • Bob Doone

    Merle Ambrose

  • Jason Fireflame

    I think it is the elephant queen painting o:

  • Tazcat47

    I think it is a portrait of Kevin the Noob. Why is R2D2 in the door way??

  • Jukebox

    This is not my entry I just have a question, is that the actual outline of the wall hanging or is it covering up the whole thing?

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    woah i never knew their was so many teleport tapestries. i only knew about the first three and nightside lol.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    its a picture of a frostgiant, kevin looks at it to make him think about being better in pvp.



  • berkyo

    I think it is the picture you get in the beginning of the game. The Old Wizard. And I see someone asking about the outline of the wall Hanging. i did not think of that. Good question. This is my entry anyway. Thanks for all the info and the contests and Kevin.

  • Uriel Rodriguez

    Is it the picture of dogs playing cards????

  • Kane Deathhunter

    its an elephant painting obviously!

  • Nicholas

    Tree Painting

  • tabitha darksword

    Merle Ambrose

  • coolblue891

    I believe it’s Barkford.

  • Tasha

    Dragonclaw Blade

  • Dakota Waterdreamer

    The grandpa froggy portrait

  • Roslyn Silvertalon

    Lynx Gazing

  • ali

    Marleybonian Pilot Painting

  • Duncan StormThief

    The tower – That’s the name of painting. With tower and grass on it.

  • Merle Ambrose

    Merle Ambrose

  • Lalo Campos

    I think its the commons

  • Rachel FireHeart

    Lynx Gazing

  • Firemaster657

    Self portrait of cryus drake?

  • Eric RavenBlade

    I think it is the ruined painting
    Btw had to decide from that or the night painting 😛

  • Justin Fireflame

    I think it is the ruined painting. (The painting with the scratch marks on it)

  • Menagha Mayyalgan

    Its a wand

  • Hunter DeathBlade

    It’s painting of a noob 😀

  • Menagha Mayyalgan

    Loli know its kevin the noob video. And in that its a wand

  • Joshua Wildhammer

    Guess I better start searching in Kevin the Noob videos because I have one SHOT!

    • the screen shot is not related to previous vids, it’s just a housing item.

    • penrosecat1

      lol the place was in kevins home when he was flexing it in front of the mirror in episode 21, but at that point the place was empty, or it was another home

  • madisonstormrider

    I think it is the big picture of the ship with a fancy frame.

  • Mycin DarkHeart

    My guess is the Tower Shield wall hanging.

  • Ben Vo

    Is this a comedy answer or a real decoration?

    • the mystery item is described in the first rule of the contest as a “housing item”.

      • Ben Vo

        Ik just asking cause is Kevin we’re talking about .

  • nicholas082001

    a banner of some kind

  • anthony

    Merle Ambrose

  • Wolf

    Tapestry to wizard city

  • Irving Roman

    The old wizard portrait.

  • Firemagic

    I’m torn between the old wizard portrait and ruined painting but I think it’s the ruined painting

  • Jeremy Shadowraith

    Old wizard

  • prodigylegend4956

    Dragon clawblade

  • Seth LifeGem

    The Selena Gomez Portrait?

  • james shadowgem

    Hmmm, I think its the elephant queen painting

  • Erin

    My guess is the Dogfish Statue.

  • AllanRainbowHeart

    Marleybonian Pilot Painting

  • Lauren Sky

    It must be a party banner.

  • wolfspear

    realistic painting of trees

  • Max Zegers

    i think it is a painting master piece of some kind.
    like art! 😀

  • aralga

    a school banner. maybe myth 🙂

  • Jereomy

    Teleport tapestry

  • Aidan

    a painting of some sort maybe a banner or a plaque

  • Sasha Pavlov

    ravenwood banner

  • Kerfalla Dioubate


  • Justanordinarygirl

    Its the Old wizard painting

  • Jason Dragontamer

    Guessing that it is the ruined painting :p

  • Ty’Rick Lacroix

    grandpa froggy

    • randompersonwhoiscongrating-_-

      congratz -_-

  • Jamal alli

    a painting of a ravenwood teacher

  • Sophia Pixiebloom

    It’s a painting of professor greyrose

  • Ellie Firebloom

    Old wizard portrait maybe?

  • Faye Winter

    My guess would be the wizard101 sign

  • Ms.Emma 101

    Old wizard

  • alura the divine

    I think its the ruined painting with the torn canvas.

  • palacios.xavier13

    Old Wizard 🙂

  • Daniel Malta Vella

    I think that is the painting of the fox face which is looking at the sky.

  • Tasha Sparkleheart

    I think it’s a night painting 🙂

  • sandy

    a wand

  • sarau

    sarai deathcaster I think it picture of ambrose

  • talon shadowwalker

    It is a mirror

  • Kaitlyn

    A stained glass

  • Sandry

    It is an ice shield

  • Mark Icestone

    I know! It’s a clock!

  • Brandon OwlSword

    Mooshu Flag?

  • Jamal alli

    dog’s playdoll

  • anthonygem

    Grandpa froggy

  • Guest

    its a picture of ambrose.

  • CONGRATS to the 5 people who correctly guessed “Grandpa Froggy” for the wall hanging. Codes will be sent shortly.

    Remember you can enter the Raffle every day for more chances to win a Dragon’s Fjord house or a Teleport Tapestry!

    • Charles Dragon

      Thank you:D

    • anthonygem


  • Sophia EmeraldBlossom

    Woot, I won first place! 😀 Thanks for the contest, it was fun!

    • Seth LifeGem

      Congrats Sophia!

    • Tammy


    • Sparklerain1234

      Wow! Congratz Sophia!

  • Jonathan Lester

    its a picture of ambrose.

  • AbbyTheMonkey

    How about…. Hairdini Playbill. I like that one 😛



  • Calamity Fireblade

    Grandpa Froggy

  • aralga

    congrats winners

  • Andrew Angle Breaker

    grandpa froggy

  • bradleybattlesmith

    bradley battle smith
    either a wand of any kind .

  • dustin lifegiver

    Now that we all know it is Grandpa Froggy, is there something else we may do to try and win something? 🙂

  • Legendarycupcakes

    oh I wasn’t here when it started I didn’t get to guess 🙁

    well I hope I attend at the next contest! 🙂

    Good luck everyone and congrats to 1. Sophia Emeraldblossom
    2. Charles Dragon
    3. Dakota Waterdreamer
    4. Ty’Rick Lacroix
    5. anthonygem 😀

  • Seth LifeGem

    did they select the winners for the raffle?

  • Phoenix

    Thank-you to Duelist for the raffle! 😀

  • Phoenix

    I tried to redeem the code, but it says its already been used the maximum amount of times…?

    • That was a mistake on my part. I will get you sorted out.

      • Phoenix

        No worries and thanks again!

  • dylanze40

    I love the hose of plaza video above it is amazing
    1.sophia emerald blossom
    2.charles dragon
    3.dakota water dreamer
    4.ty’rick lacroix

  • Guest