Pirate 101: New Talents and Powers Ideas

Pirate 101: New Powers 

Musketeer Powers

Pirate 101 had an exciting Producer’s letter for the month of August. The letter confirmed an episodic storyline update, Ship PvP and a bunch of other new features such as automated companions. One of the most intriguing parts of the letter concerns our next storyline update which centers around our diplomatic efforts to establish Skull Island as a legitimate republic. Thus, in keeping with the spirit of the update I will be designing 2 powers/talents for each class that match up with the theme of diplomatic exploration. Please note these powers were designed with a 5 lvl increase in mind.


Name: Magna Carta

Lvl Acquired: 72

Target: All players

Range: Infinite

Effect: No units may activate “chain” and “response” effects for 5 rounds.

Explanation: A powerful pacifying effect. This power prevents chain effects such as burst fire, double tap, relentless from activating. It also stops effects such as first strike or vengeance strike which wait for an opponents attack to activate. The only talents that are unaffected are approach talents such as repel boarders or cheap shot and passive talents such as hold the line or scent.


Name: Age of Exploration

Lvl Acquired: 74

Target: Self or One Friendly Companion

Range: Weapon Range(Minimum 3)

Effect: This unit is unaffected by all additional effects for 3 rounds

Explanation: A powerful tool- Age of Exploration turns your unit into an unstoppable force. It ignores any effects in play. Opponent has valor’s fortress? Doesn’t matter- your unit would deal damage as if it wasn’t there. Had your accuracy lowered? Doesn’t matter- your unit will ignore the accuracy debuff. It is balanced by the fact that it is a double edged sword since the unit also ignores all positive effects.(meaning you cannot shield the unit or buff it’s accuracy, crit chance etc)


Name: Demarcation Zone

Lvl Acquired: 72

Target: Self Only

Range:  Weapon range

Effect: All damage dealt to this unit is also dealt to every enemy unit within weapon range. Lasts 5 rounds.

Explanation: A powerful defensive ability, this allows a witchdoctor to relieve pressure at close range or to severely damage the enemy’s team if they decide to continue their offensive.


Name: Jobu’s Fanaticism

Lvl Acquired: 74

Target: One friendly unit(excluding self)

Range: Infinite

Effect: Sacrifice the selected unit to resurrect and control one random companion that has died this match with twice the health of the sacrificed unit(capped at full health)

Explanation: A powerful spell that allows a witchdoctor to quickly turn the tide of a match. Balanced by the fact that it revives a completely random companion(from either player’s pool), costs a unit and affords the opponent a chance to kill the resurrected unit before it comes into play.


Name: Manifest Destiny

Lvl Acquired: 72

Target: All Friendly Units

Range: Infinite

Effect: For the next 5 rounds- all friendly ranged companions can move and then shoot in the same round. -1 range for the duration of this effect

Explanation: A deceptively powerful buff- This allows ranged companions the ability to move and then shoot opening up a huge variety of options for both offensive and defensive plays. As this is a very powerful buff it reduces ranged companions range by 1 to compensate.


Name: Ceasefire

Lvl Acquired: 74

Target: All Units

Range: Infinite

Effect: All units cannot target adjacent enemy units. Lasts 3 rounds

Explanation: A powerful defensive spell that neuters melee units while allowing musketeers to retain offensive leverage(musketeers can aim at non-adjacent targets), Balanced by the fact that it doesn’t affect AoE damage and melee units can target non-adjacent units.


Name: Counterintelligence

Lvl Acquired: 72

Target: One Enemy Unit

Range: Infinite

Effect: Negate and discard the next power your opponent attempts to use, cancel any attempted opponent movement at time of cancellation.

Explanation: A spell that forces one of your opponent’s units to waste a power and a round. This power is useful because it will only activate when triggered by attempted power use, forcing your opponent to choose when and how the selected unit will be crippled for a round.


Name: Extradition

Lvl Acquired: 74

Target: One Friendly Unit + One Enemy Unit(Enemy Captain cannot be targeted)

Range: Infinite

Effect: Switch the locations of the targeted units

Explanation: A very powerful move that allows a swashbuckler to switch the positions of any 2 units on the board. It is balanced by the fact that you cannot target the enemy captain with this effect.


Name: Mutual Protection Pact

Lvl Acquired: 72

Target: Self and all adjacent companions

Range: All companions adjacent to self

Effect: If any unit is hit, all adjacent units will use a natural attack against the attacker, Lasts 5 rounds

Explanation: A powerful ability that is especially fearsome with some strenght buffs and the potential for chains. Balanced by the fact that ranged enemies can almost avoid the effect completely(unless the bucaneer is also using ranged companions)


Name: Carry a Big Stick

Lvl Acquired: 74

Target: All players

Range: Infinite

Effect: Players/Companions cannot use non-damaging or ranged powers from the power bar for the next 3 rounds. Melee damaging powers deal 25% more damage.

Explanation: A melee power up for the melee class, it allows them to run roughshod on ranged based units but as a consequence the player also cannot heal or shield their companions or themselves.

What Do You Think Of These Powers? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!


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  • Pedro Cortez

    I really like these powers! They add diversity to an otherwise stale meta that has had nothing new added to it for a while.

    In other news I’m gonna be refreshing the Test Realm notes for Pirate since the Test Realm is online atm :/

  • Mycin

    I think Magna Carta for 5 rounds is a little too OP. Three rounds seems a little more reasonable.

  • Alex Thunderstaff

    The buccaneer powers confuse me :/

    • Eric Stormbringer

      Mpp- If an enemy hits you, every companion next to you and that enemy will hit it.

      Big stick- ranged powers such as mojo storm and non damaging powers such as valors armor are disabled for 3 rounds, however melee powers deal more damage

      • Alex Thunderstaff

        So they wouldn’t be able to heal themselves,battle ,zeal etc

  • berkyo

    sounds good. I need to reread this later though.

  • Interesting, but I have a question about Jobu’s Fanaticism. Is it any friendly unit, or just ones you summon/your companions? It would be annoying if witchdoctors could kill another player on the same team’s unit.

    Also, Manifest Destiny seems really OP. It makes every ranged unit a nausica for 5 rounds? Make it 2 rounds.

    Very good ideas though!

  • cvesdvsd 3423

    Who still plays this game?

    • A good amount of people, especially since a new update is coming soon.

      • Alucard

        I wonder if this is even considered an update. lol

  • Carlos SeaSword

    I love this post!

  • Josh James

    they are all very good but a few of them need a turn or 2 reduce