Wizard101’s Birthday Tournament Event Recap

Wizard101’s Birthday Tournament:
Event Recap

Our tournament is over and now we’re left with nothing but memories! I hope they’re good memories for all of you! They are for me, though I did a lot of hard work behind the scenes. In addition to memories, some of the participants got something extra in the form of a code sent to their email. If you think you won something, be sure to check your email!


The Tournament

For the tournament, we had a lot of people sign up at the very last minute. The latest submission was half an hour before the event began! Please try to sign up a little earlier next time. I know it’s fashionable to be late, but it would make things easier for the crew if you did it on time. Still, better late than never.

I personally didn’t get to see much of the matches, sadly. I was too busy making sure everyone knew where they had to be and informing the participants of what they were supposed to do. There was some confusion as to why everyone couldn’t just watch the tournament, but I’m glad we made that decision. It reduced the lag in the tournament house dramatically and kept everyone off the battle circle. We let everyone port in to see the last match and I’m glad to say everyone behaved perfectly! I’m a worrywart: I always worry everything will go wrong. Thank you all for proving me wrong! Also: nobody broke the PvP rules, you guys are awesome.

All matches ended within the 20 minutes that we considered the maximum amount of time allowed. That made our job a little easier, because we didn’t have to play Diego and pick a winner. If you remember, we planned to count who did the most damage in total and let them win if the match wasn’t over by the 20 minute mark. So Angel Dawn did all that math for no reason at all!

Here’s an image of the participants of the tournament:

Wizard101's Birthday Tournament Event Recap

Our grand winner was Michael DragonRider, who received a code for 50k crowns for his efforts. Everyone that participated in the tourney did get a prize, so nobody went home empty handed. I hope you all had fun! Chris Moonhunter already told me he definitely wants to join again next time, haha.


The Live Stream

Our first live stream went well! Our very own Alex Thunderstaff did a great job of keeping everyone informed about the tournament. He was definitely entertaining to listen to! Cody Raventamer joined him for a little while as well. There was an average of 40 people watching the stream, which we think is pretty good for our first stream ever. Alex dropped some codes into the Twitch chat now and then, which were redeemed by faster-than-light code ninjas. Congratulations to those who managed to snag a code on Twitch!


The Fashion Contest

You guys have an awesome fashion sense! However, this contest caused some confusion for people not following the live stream. All participants seemed to feel a little bit awkward about standing on the giant chess board, waiting for our verdict. There was only one winner for this contest, which was kind of sad, as so many of you were dressed up uniquely! You really put some thought in your outfits!

Eventually, after some debating, we picked Paul Sunbright as the winner for the fashion contest. He was either the first or second choice for everyone who participated in voting for the winner. Some other names – including John Dragonrider, Vanessa and Madeline Rose – were mentioned as well, but sadly didn’t quite make it.

Wizard101's Birthday Tournament Event Recap



The Hide and Seek Contest

Surprisingly, not very many people went looking for the hidden items! Or maybe they were too well-hidden?

Four people emailed us a picture of the trophy. Madeline Rose was the first, with a 15 minute headstart on the second finder. The raven was also found by four people, with Andrea Drake being only four minutes faster than the second finder. Close call! The beach ball was apparently the hardest to find, because we only got two emails about that one. Blaze Fire Wizard won that price, well in advance of the second finder: 44 minutes faster!

All three winners got a code for 9k crowns emailed to them. Congratulations to you guys!


The Casting Symbol Screenshot Contest

This contest is still open, actually, as we have received only five submissions so far! The idea is that you take a screenshot of yourself casting a spell, with the casting symbol shown (see example here). We will pick two random winners from the submissions, who will get 2.5k crowns. So if you haven’t done this yet, please send us your screenshot as an email to duelist101.pvp@gmail.com. I’m hoping to make a new article, in which I would like to show off all your beautiful submissions.


The Organizers

So what did the rest of the organizers think? Here are some of their thoughts:

Jeremy Ravenhunter
I really enjoyed the event. It’s nice to see so many people at one place. Seeing them hanging out, playing mini games and searching for items we’ve hidden. Seeing fans and players happy is something I value the most and the event provided that to us. It was also a nice learning experience for myself and I’m sure that the next event will be even better!

Cody Raventamer
The event had a really great turnout of people from the very beginning. I loved people wondering around my house and having a good time, especially when everyone started playing wildfire tag. The PvP was superb! The fact that everyone was friendly to each other demonstrates how Wizard101 has some of the best players and best online communities. To top it all off was the amazing fashion contest which to be completely honest was really tough to judge since there were so many great outfits. Kudos for originality guys!

Angel Dawn
It was fun! I’m not usually into fashion, but seeing everyone in all their unique dress-up was interesting. I enjoyed the PvP matches as well, they were a good example of how RNG dominates PvP -especially at max level- and how the participants handled it. All in all, I had a great time collaborating with the Duelist101 team and can’t wait until the next event.

Alex Thunderstaff
I loved being able to stream and interact with everyone who joined me via Twitch. I believe the quality of the stream was perfectly acceptable and was at loss of words when at one point of the day we had 60 viewers! Watching everyone PvP and participate in our fashion contest went pretty well.


The Next Event?

Alex said it best: “I know we can improve and it is possible to throw even more tournaments in the future. First off we need to poll players and learn whether the majority of our audience prefers YouTube or Twitch and if our audience wants to PvP at some later time in time. For the matches itself, we need more people willing to sign up before the event starts, I had some people who looked interested to join during the tour. Besides our little bumps, I do want to see Duelist101 PvP some more and next time hand out even MORE codes! Thank You KI, you guys are the best!”


Thanks to everyone who was involved!

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  • The Balance Wizard Soloer

    Guys, plz do updated pvp or soloing guides I’m telling you its gonna revitalize duelist101 again

    • Alex Thunderstaff

      A lot of old guides don’t have to be updated they still work and with a new world coming, it’s too late to do a guide now. We got to look at how drastically the meta is going to change, either max pvp is going to have more “skill” involved or it’s going to revolve around even more rng

      • The Balance Wizard Soloer

        there’s also a lot of guides that could be updated, duelist101 has been dry asf lately and I’ve always been their fan since 2014

        • Eric Stormbringer

          As a guidewriter I can answer this:

          First- The simple fact is that wiz pvp is nowhere near the population it once was. A whole lot of players have quit playing and that includes a lot of our guide writers. You’ll see it here, you’ll see it on central, you’ll see it on the main boards- KI’s long time neglect of the arena has caught up to them. They are making concerted efforts to fix pvp now but it just might be too little too late.

          Second- For max PvP in the current meta it’s really hard to make guides because of how stratified the meta is. For example- Whats the point of making an Ice guide when a monkey trained to use tower, ice bird and weaver can get to warlord? On the other hand how do I make a beginners guide to Death PvP when the class is so difficult to pvp with it requires an experienced player and/or an exploitative strategy to be successful ?

          Hopefully with Empyrea on the horizon we’ll see some real changes. Like Alex says we won’t be making guides till then as they will be obsolete in 2 months, However, we most definitely will be making guides for lvl 130 PvP when the time comes.

          • Sierra

            lol @ the ice monkey!! We need someone to do a graphic of that.

          • The Balance Wizard Soloer

            Understandable I guess, thank youuuu

  • therealmvp

    What happened to Duelist? I use to to play the game a lot a while back and checked this site frequently, there was always a ton of action going on and now it seems like barely anyone plays the game anymore.

  • Mycin

    I’m pretty sure there is software that allows you to stream YouTube and Twitch at the same time, so you don’t have to choose one or the other. (plus you may run into issues contacting players with codes without a DM option if you choose only YouTube)

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