Community Spotlight: Wizard101 Community Group


This is the first article in our new “Community Spotlight” series, where we will be talking about several individuals and groups in the KingsIsle games community. Keep an eye out for other articles in this series! For the first article, who better to spotlight than our most recent partners, the Wizard101 Community Group! Before we begin the spotlight, please note that discord is a platform for ages 13+.

Hello, young wizards, I am Amber Ravynsong a staff member with the Wizard101 Community group, and I am here to tell you all about our group. First, our Discord is very active and full of caring staff that are willing to assist fellow wizards with anything they need in-game. When joining our server, you are always welcomed by several enthusiastic new friends who will be happy to show you around and welcome you to our family. We want our members to feel like they are part of a big happy family and we are always excited to meet new wizards!

Get Help or Help Others

You will meet our QuestHelpers and DungeonRunners who will gladly help you get through any part of the game. If you are already an expert at the game, you can join the ranks of the QuestHelpers or DungeonRunners and help guide newer players who are struggling to learn the ropes! Our Wizard community is passionate about meeting-up in-game to help each other with quests and bosses.

We Love Special Events

If you head over to our events channel, you will find out about our exciting events. The Events Team is lead by our Events Captain Stephen. Stephen and the rest of team work hard to make sure that every member of the community can have a fun time whether they have a membership or not. About twice a month, they organize unique events such as tournaments and house parties. If you need a break from questing or just want to meet other players, head over to the Events Announcements channel and join us for our next fantastic event.

Do You Need a New Pet?

Our Pet Hatchery could be the perfect place for you. We have an extensive array of amazing pets on display, courtesy of our Hatch Masters. All of their best pets are on display; maybe one of them is the pet of your dreams. After you decide which pet you want to hatch with, you can then head over to the Pets channel and ask the Hatch Master who owns it for a hatch. Some people charge elixirs or packs for hatching, but no one in our community will charge you those. The only cost involved are Empower treasure cards, which can be farmed from bosses or bought in the Bazaar.

Earn Roles & Show Off Your Skills

We assign unique roles to show the skills of our members and their expertise; this also ensures that information and guidance being given is accurate and helpful. Experts in gardening with a rank of 15 or higher are Garden Gnomes, experts in fishing with a rank of 10 or higher are Deep Sea Fishers, and maximum ranked crafters are Ph.D. Crafters. Additionally, there are roles for PvP pros; they are PvP Gladiator and PvP Overlord, and we have many unique roles for max wizards of every school, such as Wizard101 Excelsior for having one max wizard, and General of Light for seven max wizards. We have many other roles; there are too many to list here, though, so head over to the server and check it out for yourself!

Happy to Help

Our active and dedicated Staff comes from all over the world and every time zone, so someone is always online any time of the day or night to help keep the community safe and free of toxicity. Our rules are fair but firm, and they work to keep everyone safe and happy. Nathan Darkhorn is the man who made all of this possible. It was his vision to make a fun and friendly community where Wizards could come together and help each other. With over six years of community administration experience, he created this Discord server from nothing and has been here every step of the way.


That concludes our first community spotlight article! Remember to visit our friends over at the Wizard101 Community Group, and be on the lookout for more community spotlights right here on Duelist101!

Happy Dueling!

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  • UncouthFive
    Can someone tell me the name of the jewel used on the enchanted armament?

    • ADawny

      I’m not sure of the name, but it’s a jewel that comes with a Wizard101 gift card from Kroger’s.

    • Scarlet Deathweaver!!!

      It’s called “Undauntable opal”. From a Kroger’s gift card.

      • UncouthFive

        Thanks. I haven’t played the game in months so I didn’t know they had pet jewels like this. RIP me there’s no Kroger store in my area.

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