Wizard101 – Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle

Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle

A brand new bundle has just surfaced in Wizard101, the Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle! Avalon themed items can be found within this bundle such as the Dashing Outlaw gear, the Fairyfly pet, and the panoramic Outlaw’s Refuge. This bundle hasn’t been officially announced by Kingsisle yet, but it is starting to appear in some stores. Big thanks to Destiny Rain for letting us view the bundle.

Overall the bundle provides you with:

  • Outlaw’s Refuge
  • Vulpine Avenger’s Mount
  • Fairyfly pet
  • Dashing Outlaw Gear
  • Ranger Marksman Bow
  • Additional Castle Elixir
  • 5000 crowns or 1 month membership

Fairyfly Pet

Avalon Outlaw's Bundle Pet

I dare you to say that it’s not fascinating! Additionally, it grants you the spell card ‘Fairy‘ at Baby. Information about the pet’s stats and talents will be happily accepted and credited.

Vulpine Avenger’s Mount

Avalon Outlaw's Bundle Mount

A brand new foxy mount that offers +2% universal pierce just like the Clockwork Courser from the Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle. This will surely grant us more variety for when we want to go for pierce on a mount.


Dashing Outlaw’s Gear

The gear comes from any level (0) to level 120. Additionally, the hat and boots have a couple of spells that are worthy of a mention, Double Steal Charm and Acuity, which are both brand new to the game.


Ranger Marksman Bow


Outlaw’s Refuge

Quite a unique house for Wizard101! The Outlaw’s Refuge has all sorts of fun contained within it, including an intractable catapult (that was hinted in May’s newsletter), a fishing area, ruins, a dueling arena, and best of all a magically huge tree house with a panoramic view of Avalon including Castle Avalon.

Avalon Outlaw's Bundle Preview 1

Avalon Outlaw's Bundle Preview 2

Are you looking forward to obtaining this brand new bundle?

Don’t wait any longer and head to Gamestop right now!

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  • balance mage

    fox mount x_x i want it so bad

    • mintquackers

      Hmm… you know how the other bundle castles have it so you can fish for the respective bundle mount there? Maybe the same will be for this one. I’d love to fish out a vulpine avenger!

  • uruwi

    The wand lacks block completely, but it has a lot of damage to make up for it, as well as a potentially game-breaking maycast.

  • coolguy01

    holy smokes a may cast mana burn that takes away pips from the most threatening opponent and gives those pips to the least threatening team mate thats op as heck. On the downside thou its probably not gonna be used often since the wand has a lack of stats being somewhat slightly sub par to the crafted wands although usage may be seen amongst the non crafters or other school’s crafted wands who would use it since they may have lower pierce on theirs. A nice alternative to the crafted wands is all it is and if someone is willing to spend a bundles worth of money then its probably worth using then

  • Travis Ghostwalker

    gear is not good wand has no block bad crit and terror’s hoard wands are just better house looks cool and mount is not bad but KI should make the gear better in packs not broken but i want something for than i house and i mount for $40 if KI made the gear or wand competitive with current gear they would see an increase in sales and a happier player base as long as bundle gear isn’t the only option

  • Tasha
    • Cody RavenTamer

      Thanks, Tasha 😀

    • Christopher

      is there a button you can click on to display all the hidden talents? I’m wondering how you did it.

      • Tasha

        I admin some FB groups. I just asked everyone to post their 1st gen Fairyfly screenshots(with stats showing so I could confirm 1st gen) until we found them all. Then I edited the pic to show them all on 1 pic

        • Christopher

          Awesome man, thanks!

    • flash33

      What about for Derby?

      • Tasha

        People actually care about derby talents?? 😛 I can put those together too, just didn’t figure many people cared, lol.

        • flash33

          Of course people care about Derby, myself being one of them. Most of the people who care about Derby from what I’ve seen though are on Wizard101 Central.

  • Nutik

    Do you only get the gear (wep + outfit) once, or do you get it every 10 levels? I was planning on getting this as my first hint of payment, as I am currently only level 10. However, it might not be the best deal if I can get better gear by level 40ish.

    • Cody RavenTamer

      You only get one set. The weapon and the gear don’t have to be the same lvl.

      • Nutik

        That’s too bad. I’ll have to plan out what I can grind out of that 1 month membership, then.

      • Nutik

        Or, better yet, do you have to redeem it as soon as you put it in, or can I wait until the membership expires before obtaining the gear?

        • Cody RavenTamer

          When you redeem the bundle, you can redeem the items out of the gift box WHENEVER you want, except for crowns / member.
          Note: You can’t choose the membership when you buy a bundle online. You only get an option when you buy the bundle from stores.

  • Shockblade

    Why do they always make any new robe from any pack or bundle high health, high block, medium resist, and no damage? Are they not creative enough?

    • Deathheart7

      could be because players could then mix and match different gear sets together which would make one OP? mebbe?