Azteca crafting: vendors, transmutes and more!

This is just a quick post to offer additional info about crafting in Azteca, the next world for Wizard101 (currently in test realm). A new Agave Nectar transmute is now available and below you can see video of the crafted wands and decks. But first…vendors!

Where To Find Azteca Recipe Vendors

Azteca is a little different when it comes to crafting vendors, in that they are spread out in different areas and have to be unlocked by completing quests. The good news is that the main quest line unlocks each vendor, so you’ll have no trouble finding them. The bad news is that they only show up in the later stages of the world, so it will take a great deal of questing to unlock each person.

Here’s a list of where the vendors are located (including the one who sells the new Agave Nectar transmute recipe):


  • Robes– Maguey Century Cat in Floating Mountains
  • Hats, boots, Agave Nectar transmute– Popol Vuh Whitepaper in Alto Alto
  • Rings, athames, amulets– Yaxche in Cloudburst Forest
  • Wands, decks– Guaman Skyfall in Floating Mountains


Wand and Deck Recipes

Here’s a quick video of the new wand and deck recipes. In live game, I currently use a Wyrd Oak Staff for the block rating. Only the Ice School wand in the video seems to have similar numbers, with Life being a distant second.

The decks here provide a small amount of health (a different amount for each school). The dropped decks in Azteca seem to be the same size as the crafted decks; they provide slightly less health, but do provide a healing boost stat so you can either craft a deck, or just look for dropped ones that fit your school.

Azteca wand, deck recipes


To see recipes for the other crafted gear, click here. Additional info you can check out: our rank 10 spell guide, the new Sun, Moon and Star spells, and be sure to take our new poll about the Azteca spells.

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  • This is a pretty big shift for crafting. You actually have to complete the main questline with your crafting wizard in order to “see” the recipe vendors… so you can’t just port in to someone else and buy the recipe!

    • izabera

      to buy the recipes in zafaria and avalon you need to be legendary artisan, and to get that badge you have to complete a few storyline quests in zafaria

  • NicholasEmeraldDreamer

    Hi duelist101 nice site 🙂 one thing i noticed missing on recipes vendors is Cantares Five Flowers Furniture Recipe Trader at Salt Meadow Swamp

  • Zachary123

    This is especially hard to do it with everyone else doing it to. So i think its best you go level right when azteca came out then craft cause other people will be busy leveling. Or you could wait till everyone has gotten thr crafted robe they needed then usually some of the reagents you need r there.