Azteca: The New Crafted Gear (Wizard101)

With the upcoming release of Azteca, a huge variety of updated crafted gear is about to hit Wizard101. New crit and block ratings, new resist numbers, and all sorts of new cards attached to gear (even athames give powerful spells now): PvP will look very different once these recipes go live.

Check out the videos below to see the new gear you can create for your wizard. Azteca is currently in test realm, so all stats are subject to change, but sort through these videos and start planning your arena set-up.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll have more posts about these changes, recommending best crafted gear and analyzing how the new stats may impact arena. One thing is apparent: this is definitely an upgrade from Avalon; we’re finally seeing stats that may begin to rival Water Works gear.

(If you’re looking for other updates from Azteca, this post has our guide to the new rank 10 spells. Click here to see the Sun School upgrades, and here for the Astral School spells.)


The Recipes:


Crafted Robes


Crafted Hats, Boots


Crafted Athames, Amulets, Rings


Bonus Video: I blow around 10k crowns on an Aztecan boss chest!


Cipactli's Chest

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  • Scary how fast you can go through 10k crowns. lol

    • Lol, I confess I also spend all my crowns on second-chance chests when I’m on the Test Realm.

  • Jose Breeze

    Crafted gear didn’t improve much besides boots. Horrible for ice wizards considering they have to give away a chunk of universal resist in order to gain a few more points against fire and storm (as is they didnt have enough already).

    • theonlyone522

      Then it’s up to them to whether use the azteca or zafaria robe, they don’t really lose anything.

      • Hola Seniors!

        I am ice, i use a mix of av and ww gear depending on the boss. i <3 w101!

    • izabera

      lots of wizards in azteca will still be using ww gear 🙁

  • Dakota Icepetal

    only thing i will probably get from the crafted stuff here is the azteca world would be the ice boots

  • aww why does ice get the lamest stuff

  • for boots

  • Jakerunio

    fire robe and fire/ice combo boots are improved so i am getting them 🙂 Still dont like the lack of universal resist on hat though and the attack actually went DOWN, plus spear sucks compared to trap. I will stick with my firestarter’s hat for now (although knightly helm is always a good alternative option)

  • Jakerunio

    when i said alternative for knightly helm I meant to put offensive xD

  • Richard


  • wow no wand yet.

  • horned helmet i guess you get to stay another world.

  • John Chen

    If they ever put a 2nd chance chest in aquila in test realm i would spend all my test realm crowns to see if i could get amulet of divine influence and see how truly rare it is 🙂

  • Hunter Ice Mask

    i farmed cipactli for 8 hours no furnace tc

  • blaze dragonflame

    ill stick with WW gear thanks

  • Finnigan FairyMender Lvl 100

    If if I were ice… I would been so mad at AZ and KL for ripping me off.

  • Finnigan FairyMender

    Why is ice damage on all of the boots?

  • Critical block is essential to be. Actually it depends on what you chose to craft. Such as the critical block boot, plus the robe, these two already surpass the WW once. Although it diminished in uni resist but overall you will get good critical block and good attack. If you have wyrd wand or tiki they’ll offer you a nice block, this is an true Promethean form 🙂

    Instead of walking around with a lvl 60 gear and not knowing when to take it off! And in AZTECA. Some people have it til they start farming Darkmoor. This is why I love crafting, fun and lucrative.