Best Looking Outfits in Wizard101

At least twice in my memory, different dedicated pvp guy friends have summoned me with, “Plz port!  I need your help”.  Thinking they needed help in battle, I quickly checked my deck to make sure I had decent spells  and ported to my friends in need.   Where were they???  In the dye shop, trying on different looks.

Has this ever happened to you?

Fun in the Dye Shop

Conversation in the Dye Shop


Why look like this?

Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Faux Pas


When you can look like this?

Designs by Crusher, Yakedo and Nekhbet

Designs by Crusher, Yakedo and Nekhbet


Today, we will look at styles for Myth gals.  I have no experience dressing guys, so we will need to find some guy fashionistas.


Myth rocks it out!  Our model is wearing:
Crusher’s Mysterious Cap   level 25,  no auction
Yakedo’s Hypothetical Robe   level 35, no trade, sells for around 9300 gold at the bazaar
Nekhbet’s Boots   level 15, no trade


Designs by Crusher, Yakedo and Nekhbet

Designs by Crusher, Yakedo and Nekhbet


The back looks as smashing as the front.


If you look good, you feel good.

Myth spell tip of the day:  When fighting Mavra Flamewing in Dragonspyre,  her balance minions shield like crazy.  All those shields will drive you nuts.  To defeat Ms. Mavra,   bring a myth friend with you who can earthquake or shatter those nasty shields away.  Or, put some shatter treasure cards in your side deck.


This is the beginning of a series devoted to fashion advice coupled with spell tips for each school.   If you have fashion tips, great looking outfits you like, suggestions… we need your help.   Post your ideas.  Dare to be fashionable.   To be continued…

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  • i’m still waiting for scary masks to become popular, so that i’ll finally be stylish.

    • It’s the feminine “Jason” look that is “hot”.

      • I’m definitely working it. Surprised it hasn’t caught on yet.

  • chamender3

    Well my Death(High Level) wears the Brady’s Something Cap that looks like a whimsical cap with death symbol jester’s motley and elegant boots dyed to Black with Red Trim

  • TabithaLegendRider

    Pointy hats are the rage

  • The picture here, is my best attempt at current spiral fashion. I call it my “face punch helmet”.

  • Firestarter

    If you need some sharp looking male wizards Ivanna, why didn’t you just ask? Oran is always dressed to kill, all the Pads are no slouches either. Except for the myth baby, he hasn’t discovered his identity yet. Running around in unstitched arena gear like a noob.

    • ivanna

      I will definitely give you a chance to strut your stuff.

      “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top

      Clean shirt, new shoes
      and I don’t know where I am goin’ to.
      Silk suit, black tie,
      I don’t need a reason why.
      They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
      coz every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.

  • I look way better than firestarter. XD

    He doesn’t even have an avatar!

    • Firestarter

      That’s because I am mysterious. Mysterious is smexy.

      • Heather

        You? Mysterious? Ok, maybe; but, I think that may be Lulu with the dress thing going on. Storysmith I agree is certainly in high fashion. A few of mine are fairly decent.

        I will be happy when we get new gear. It’s hard to consider stitching the ever popular crafted boots when surely there will be decent 80 gear just around the corner.

        • Firestarter

          Lulu can rock a dress better than most men, I won’t argue that.

          • ivanna

            I need to see Lulu and put him on my short list for runway.

      • I’m too smexy for my bat.

  • FaclonerET

    I say that the pointy hats with a feather in them make you look snazzy

  • Monarch

    I like to have nice clothing and am proud of my fires school boy look with storm design.

  • Vigilant Seraph

    snazzy oh yeah lol

  • Heather

    Lulu has asked me to add a pic of him, “Paris just around the corner, the world should see!” he says… I can’t figure out how to add it. Nick help me.


  • Vijeyta Revankar

    I am wearing that hat on the first picture 🙁 I guess i look ridiculous

  • Ethan Shaw

    Could you make one for ice?

  • Billy Garvey

    Hi, I’m here from the future after yet again looking for something to stitch. Do more of these please!!

  • nicole

    who got your hair to stay so still? kelvin?

  • nicole

    sorry i had to lol 😛 one reason i will never use that hair. it doesnt work when theirs no wind

  • nicole

    just buy angel wings makes anyone look good 😛