How to Beat Jade Gear (Wizard101 PvP)


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Today, Duelist101 unveils a new series of PvP video guides: each installment will feature a Wizard101 PvP video… with commentary! This video will show you how to tackle a Jade Gear player in 1v1 PvP and beat it!How to Beat Jade Gear (Wizard101 PvP)

Wizard101 Commentaries will spotlight recent PvP matches and discuss what’s happening during the battle. We’ll also be tackling all of the big arena issues, discussing prevailing strategies, and providing tips both on gameplay and how to prepare for arena.

First up? Azoresgirl is on her 90 Death going second to big resist and constant heals. How does she deal with a Jadezilla? She tells you in the video below. Enjoy! And if you like to see her other PvP vids (without commentary), click here to visit my You Tube channel and have a look.

In future videos, Azoresgirl will be answering questions from readers. If you have any questions about her set up or about PvP issues in general, let us know in the comments and she will respond. Also, let us know if you would like to see more PvP vids with commentary.


Happy Dueling!



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  • Jose Breeze

    Great idea! Comms really give viewers insight on what’s going on and how they should adapt to something that they see the commenator doing well. I look forward to seeing more in the future. GJ, great step forward.

  • Jeremy Ravenhunter

    Great video and some good tips there

  • Anthony FireSword

    *sigh* Its really disgusting how much people care about resist these days over the other stats. What about damage boost? That’s what blade and trap stacking is for! What about accuracy? That’s what infallible is for! What about Critical and Block? No need! Buff enough to 1HKO without a crit, and as for block, resist, weaknesses and shields mean that a crit will make little difference! What about heal boo… oh wait, they already have like 100+ total heal, making tanking even easier. What I’m trying to say is that this has turned into who has the most resist, not battling prowess. They are not flexible in combat: they need as many buffs as they can get (which is why shields, enfeeble and juju/weakness slow them down that much) to even come CLOSE to KOing you, have a set path that must be followed to do anything, and excluding that big KOing move they try, if you survive with ample HP (say about 25%, maybe more), they do not have the damage boost (unless they double blade stack) to KO you, allowing you to undo ALL of their damage easily). Long story short, this just proves that jades, although intimidating, are not immortal, and can be brought down with, as she calls them, the 3 Ps. Nice job proving that Azerogirl, and this video makes me impatient to get my death wiz into the arena :).

    • Thx, I remembered that I wrote an article a few months ago with tips to counter Jade Gear users, so I just added a link in the article here. 🙂

    • Jose Breeze

      To be honest I don’t think jade is as “disgusting” as you may consider it. Anyone can choose what stat they buff up since it all comes with cons. I use jade on my life wizard and it’s a great asset for team matches considering hitters can get 400+ critical and 100+ damage. If you complain about resist, it makes just as much sense to complain about high crit and damage.

      Sure it may be looked down upon in 1v1 since it does make the match pretty boring but when it comes down to it, it is just as hard for them to defeat you as it is for you to defeat them. Other than that, jade is pretty easy to beat especially in 2v2+.

      • My position is that if you want to be successful against all types of strategies, then your PvP deck should be set up to counter all types of players. Right now, high resist is a prevailing strategy at top level. There are others that I hope to get to very soon. 🙂

      • Anthony FireSword

        Sorry for the confusion there. Disgusting actually has 2 definitions: 1 being the well known synonym for gross/repulsive, and 2 (which is how I used it), strong indignation (anger) towards them. But I do agree that in team matches, a jade wizard are pretty easy to take down, its in 1v1 that they are truly an annoyance. Once again, sorry for the confusion, just wanted to clear that up 🙂

        • it’s all good. both perspectives make sense. some people are frustrated to see resist go as far as it’s gone, and the impact it has on match length. but these are tools availabe in the game, so players will naturally use them. it’s like everyone is saying, it can be frustrating, but there are strategies to deal with it, so it makes sense that people will react different ways to the issue.

  • Tyler Moonblade

    Whenever someone tries to feint or hex me I immediately go for an empower. Just saying..

    Anyways! YAY COMS! 😀 Been waiting a while for these, and yay! I thought you guys were gonna pass off text over the video instead of voice 😛 Pretty brave of you to actually go out of your way to speak to us… IDK about you but I would never in my whole life do that. I just hate the sound of my own voice. Props for you for actually being brave enough to do this. Thanks azores

    • Haha your comment made me LOL. It’s fun to challenge yourself. 😀

  • izabera

    can i just say i love your voice? ^^

    • x blushes x

    • ~ByzantineRhino~

      Your voice… lol. If I was to film a video people wouldn’t be surprised about my voice XD. I might have my voice in one of my Grubb Guardian videos but I tell people to mute it because there are other things going on. Anyway, I would love to hear more videos with you talking

  • DMT001

    Love the commentary. Very well played.

  • jewelshadowcaster

    OMG I love it, this vid, it’s simply stunning!! Great Job!!

    • Thx jewel! And ty everyone for the kind words, you guys are the bestest. 🙂

  • Charlie teh Unicorn :3

    2nd: very nice Commentary C:

  • Oh joy

    Love your guides and videos.

  • Psylent Night

    It’s funny because I’ve worked with Azores for over a full year now, and this is the first time i hear her actual voice. It makes me wonder what the rest of the duelist crew sounds like…

    I imagine Sparrow is something close to Morgan Freeman. Nick may be Sauron, who knows…

    • chamender3

      All you gotta do for mine is look at the Eli’s 1k match on my channel Psy 😛

    • Tyler Moonblade

      ROFL Morgan Freeman

    • Zubei

      Alright Iridian, let’s hear that voice of yours.

      I expect a Morgan Freeman cover to be up on here the next time I’m back, btw.

      • izabera

        i tried XD

        • This is fabulous! LOL Come on Mr. Freeman, we will even write a script for you to make it easy! 🙂

        • I would totally watch his commentary of a PvP match.

      • ivanna

        Morgan Freeman’s voice emanating from Kevin the Noob in a PvP commentary. Could anything be better?

        I’d love to hear a Dead Sparrow commentary as well. Azores threw it down. Was a great video.

  • Prince of Esprit

    Nice! And if I had known you were recording I wouldn’t have talked so much xD

  • ~ByzantineRhino~

    Lol I love facing Jadezillas, especially when I play doom up when they are at half their health XD. I have not lost control of doom ONCE yet.

    My way to kill them is to wittle them down to see how much resist they have, with infall up of course. Then start saving your buffs, particularly maybe 1 or 2 blades and a feint and then blast out a huge hit. After that I use doom and finish them off pretty easily. At the same time keep up infects and weaknesses and as well keep their minion down.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    I have three heals on my pets O i’m jade guys!!!!

    • It’s more and more common to see players with 3 or even 4 heals on their pet. This is about strategies to counter it. 🙂

      • Kerfalla Dioubate

        no i dont have jade gear, it was a joke i made :). i would never wear it especially on a storm.

  • chamender3

    Great Commentary/ Video Azores 😛 You’re always a very helpful guidesmith/pvpqueen

    • chamender3

      P.S. Do More commentaries Des!

  • jeff

    hello i was watching your old video i was wondering if you can help me get a doom pet thanks 😀

    • Sure! It does not cast very much but it’s a 75% Doom. The triggers are “negatives” on the opponent like traps, attacks, infection, and weakness. It seems to work well with my Balance deck where I tend to use more Hexes then blades.

      • jeff

        ok when d you think we can hatch?

        • I can hatch anytime in the next hour or later tonight. Send me a TFC.

          • jeff

            my TFC is (FDXESLH3) i will be ready to hatch in a few hours if thats fine

  • Dav-Gro

    I loved this video. I really love how humble you where at the end, ” I got Lucky”. 🙂 You are a much more gracious opponent than me. 🙂

    The video was a great way to showcase the thought process of a duel. It was essential to understand the math as well and it played a huge factor in the duel. You knew exactly how much resist he had and just how much you needed to blade up and when you can hit. These few calculations made a huge difference in this match.

    The force is strong in this one.

  • BurritoMan

    Thank you so much, now I can try to defeat my jade gear foes!

  • ChoGath

    A jade storm seemed really weird. Looks like he was really relying on his pet to bail him out.

  • Molly Daisyfountain

    Nice 😀

    • Thx Molly, I was wondering if you’d be able to see it while you are out of town. 🙂

      • Molly Daisyfountain

        I’m back, we arrived home a few hours ago 🙂

  • jordan g

    do you use the same plan if you are storm or fire going against an ice with 100% resist…ugh…so frustrating

  • chamender3

    So judging from the pic when do we get to hear Psy, Heather, Nick and Oran?

  • Jeremy ShadowWraith

    Amazing video!

  • theonlyone522

    What software do you guys recommend to record a pvp match…something that is free…

    • I tried some of the free software but didn’t have much luck with it, so I bought the full version of Fraps. The free version only records 30-second clips. I’ve heard that the free version of Bandicam is a little lower quality than Fraps but does not limit the recording time, however I never tried it.

    • Anonymous
      • Is this legit?

        • Anonymous

          Yes, it has been working fine for me. Although, admittedly, its legality is questionable.

          • Takiza

            HyperCam 2????

  • penrosecat1

    I think that guy didnt know that enfeeble tc doesnt exist LOL

  • Evony Thunder

    Nice game, I bet, that the storm dude gave up when he lost his supercharge, so he started wanding the minion lol

  • Katherine ThunderBreaker

    Morgan Freeman?! LOL! 😀

  • 778girl

    He is getting frustrated you can tell when he says “nice tc, to bad I got the real one”

  • Luke

    Um how did you do this?

    • Luke

      I meant for izabera oops.

  • Madeline Sandstone

    Personally, I think jade gear is really bad. Even though you can have a lot of resist, you have not a lot of damage. I think pairing up the boots with other gear is ok.

    • Luke

      Sounds like someone prefers offensive. And also, this article was published before jade gear got a major counter to it.

  • Exabytes

    And this, my friends, is why I don’t max level PVP anymore.

    • Michael Hammer

      Ah yes the infamous immunity to storm. When KI first allowed ice to have a gear combination without any jade, that gave them immunity to storm, i was sick. I always wondered why KI would do something like that? It seemed that someone who worked for KI had kids who were being dominated by storms. They came to the rescue with immunity to storm and very high resist to fire also for ice wizards. Looking at ice wizards crafted gear, that had that ” extra ” storm and fire resist was a joke to me.It made no sense. Where was my storm gear with ” extra ” ice resist? It didn’t exist. That made me feel that the integrity of the game was finished. Add ice super high HP, and i knew what was going on. It was all about giving ice shool a unfair advantage in pvp. That all started back in avalon i believe. From there the game went down hill with so many what i deem to be ” dirty ” spells. On the list would be how ice somehow managed to be given most all of my storm spells. lol. Ice zilla etc. Then Ki went crazy with the poor under powered balance school. Gave them many advantages with mana burn etc. They say the game is all about Crown sales now, so i like calling KI Crowns Isle now. I get a kick out of the players that have to have all of the trendy pack gear items. So many adult players strutting around in their trendy gear with a “attitude ” that they are something special. lol. Good thing you can’t see what these cute trendy adult wiz really look like IRL!!!! You would run away screaming instead of saying, ” O your so cute ” to these wizards! These people are sitting there playing with a cigarette hanging out their toothless mouths!!! On the game almost 24-7 i swear! I get on before work there they are. I try to get on in the evening there they are!! I’m glad i do other things, and take the game for what it is. It’s just a game. I quickly delete anyone who is obsessed with this game. Take a good look in your mirror. There is help for OCD disorder. Don’t get taken out of your home kicking and screaming because you went crazy over w101.

      • Michael Hammer

        Btw. I had a insane battle today 1vs1 against a max balance that had immunity to storm. He was not jade, just had 107 resist to storm with certain gear. I managed to get a prism on him, and land a Wrath spell that did over 2k damage. Yes i had made my own tc, using 15 pierce on the Wrath. I have 52 pierce so that helps against these high resist players. Almost impossible to use the new 20 accuracy spell with the 15 pierce on it that i trained recently after the last update. can’t use it against a balance or you’ll take wack with super nova! lol. Anyways i killed the balance with a Insane bolt. Yes a insane bolt won for me! Sure i get killed with it sometimes, but i just laugh. Was a great win against a player that was in shock cause his immunity failed him. That made my day. Thank you. Michael.

  • Michael Hammer

    Very nice Destiny. These Jades other than life are really annoying. I have a max storm among my 3 wiz. I would never use jade with him. I don’t think jade should be allowed in rank pvp. It takes away from the integrity of the game. What would ” Rocky ” say. ” Hey this guys a cheap shot artist ” lol. These jades are scared players looking for a crutch. It’s great to beat them. Those funny little green jades running around make me laugh. Thanks.