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Wizard101 team tournaments are back thanks to PvP Central! I am entered, are you?  The first tournament has begun. It is a 2v2 with 8 teams, leveled 80-90. Come cheer us on if you see us. The 2v2 Ultimate Minion Level 80-90 is open. Super fun! February team tournaments include a 3v3 Adept and a 3v3 No May Cast.

Team tournaments can be fun and competitive. Whether you win or lose, you could learn a new trick to boost your PvP skills. You will also get the chance to meet some of the most dedicated players in the game with a passion for PvP. The PvP Central staff is already hard at work so get ready for some fun.


I would like to see team PvP pick up right where it left off, now that team tournaments are back. We now offer a lot of features that many team players have been asking to have for years. Teams can be much better organized, communication is improved and we are weighting the matches just like in 1v1 PvP. This is just a few points, but I strongly believe the overall team PvP experience has much improved. We welcome all active team players to try a central tournament. ~Savannah Windweaver


Tournament Master Firestarter now moderates the Team Tourney Focus Group. The group is dedicated to the improvement and promotion of team tournaments and ladders. Members are asked to share thoughts and feedback regarding their team tournament experiences. Any dedicated and rule abiding team players are encouraged to join.

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Tournament Master Firestarter75 offers reminders when signing up for a tournament:

Oran SilverhornPlease make sure your team has enough members for the tournament you are joining. If you enter a 2v2 all by your lonesome, we will kick you out.  

Please make sure that all team members have valid Wizard101 Central Username and User ID listed on your PvP Central profile and that they are linked. Again, failure here will get you removed from the tournament.

Guide to linking your profiles:

Profile Help



Rules for team tournaments, includes rules for different levels.

General Rules



Team Tournaments Yippee!  




Have fun!







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  • I have been in 5 or 6 team tournaments in the last year and I have to say they were so much FUN. Sometimes we would strategize beforehand and other times we just showed up and “winged it”. Either way, it was a good time.

  • Cody DragonRider

    This gonna be fun!

  • Firestarter

    Thanks so much to the Duelist staff for helping bring attention to the return of team pvp to central. You guys do a wonderful job here, and you are all greatly appreciated by at least one huge noob.

  • savvy

    Cant wait to see you all compete 🙂

  • Teaming up with friends and applying your strategy… Can’t guess anything cooler than that in wizzy.

  • derek

    how do i get in this

  • Wolf Legendgiver


  • Wolf Legendgiver

    I think my life beat him in 1v1 idk